10 Best Luxury Eco Lodges in Costa Rica (Photos)

An eco-lodge is an environment-friendly tourist accommodation that is concerned about the wellbeing of nature in the way it is designed and built.

Therefore, to qualify the term an eco-loge, it’s location, and surroundings must be remote and in the wild respectively.

Costa Rica has some of the best eco-friendly lodges in the world. This article is a snippet look at the top 10 eco-lodges in Costa Rica.

1. El Silencio

Located a few minutes from San Jose, on the tranquil mountains along Pacific Coast, El Silencio’s fancy architecture and natural surrounding is really inviting. It is located in a remote area where tourists can find a mixture of getaway vacation and lots of activities. Here, guests are treated to exciting adventures, such as zip-lining in a remote jungle. Customer reviews have rated it with 5 leaves.

2. Lapa Rios

According to Costa Rica Tourism, Lapa Rios has been rated 5 leaves. It is located Puerto Jimenez in Central America’s rainforest. It offers visitors with best outdoor sight scenes of the ocean. As an eco-lodge, Lapa Rios helps to conserve Costa Rica’s deep rain forest.

3. Playa Nicuesa

According to Costa Rica’s Tourism, Playa Nicuesa is rated 5 leaves. Located in tropics of Golfo Dulce, this lodge offers the best views of the rainforest from hotel balconies. To qualify this great tourist destination as an eco-lodge, the cabins and all furniture in them in wooden.

4. Pacuare Lodge

This is one of the most preferred eco-lodges in the Central America, let alone Costa Rica. Tourists are treated to an exciting view of the jungle through a raft ride as it is the only means of getting to the lodge. As an eco-lodge, even transportation to the place is environment friendly. It is also rated as a 5 leaves hotels.

5. La Paloma

This is a truly eco-friendly lodge located inside the jungle of Osa Penisula, a very remote place. Tourists get to experience a boat ride to the lodge; if by road they get to cross a number of rivers. Visitors also get to see some of the most endangered vegetation where in Costa Rica.

6. Bosque del Cabo

No amount of pictorial presentation can help one to comprehend the beauty of this lodge and the environment. Marked with trails that wind in the forest, tourists get to enjoy the natural view. Located along the Pacific Ocean, the lodge offers the best ocean view to residents. This lodge has been rated 5 leaves.

7. Punta Islita

Punta Islita is one of the lodges located along the beaches of Nicoya. It offers tourists with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. There are lots of events that can be done here including, zip-lining, swimming, horse riding among other outdoor activities.

8. Tortuga Lodge

Located in Tortuguero area in Costa Rica, this lodge is exceptional for many reasons. Besides the beautiful vegetation and water surrounding it, customers talk about its outstanding hospitality. The rooms are exceptionally designed with wooden material to let in the beautiful Caribbean weather.

9. Luna Nueva Lodge

Luna Nueva Lodge is situated around the volcanic mountain of Arenal. To rank it among top 10 best eco-lodges, it is property lies on an herbal farm conversation. Its swimming pool is fed by a natural spring from the ground. residents are treated to a wonderful natural view of vegetation.

10. Cerro Escondido

Even though there are many ways of getting here, most residents prefer a horse ride. Located on Nicoya Peninsula, it provides a great experience for those who don’t like a very active vacation. Rather, as a guest here, you get to experience birdwatching in a serene environment. If you plan to go plan for an excursion that will culminate at watching a gorgeous waterfall. Truly the place to be!

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