10 Best Nightclubs in Cologne, Germany

Blue Shell

Great Music, great ambiance, great service, great drinks; these are the ingredients for a perfect night club. The sort that you will always want to go back to. This list is for the best night clubs in Cologne, Germany.

1. Gebaude 9

Gebaude 9

It is located on the right banks of the Rhine. Previously its site was a former warehouse. It has 2 sections: a bar room and a concert hall. It can accommodate 500 people comfortably. One can expect global acts majoring in indie-pop, urban and dance music.
(Adress: Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 127 – 129 ) ( Website: )

2. Barracuda bar

Barracunda Bar

It is situated on a small space. There is not a lot of room for dancing. The DJs mostly play house music. It is a great place for relaxing. Despite its size it is very popular. It can be a great place to make friends. (Address: Bismarckstraße 44, 50672 Köln, Germany )

3. Blue shell

Blue Shell

The club is quite large. Therefore a lot of dancing space. It occasionally hosts an international music act. On other nights, patrons are treated to loud house and dance music. It has a large variety of drinks and great service delivery. (Address: Luxemburger Str. 32, 50674 Köln, Germany) ( Website:

4. Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

This club is known for hosting weekly events, for example, 80’s hits weekend. It has a large hall suitable for dancing. It offers a wide variety of drinks. It offers outdoor seating. The lounge offers a great ambiance.
(Address: Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 67, 50825 Köln, Germany ) ( Website:

5. MTC


This club offers very loud music. The music is mostly rock, ranging from alternative to hardcore. It has a big dance floor. It offers no outdoor seating. It offers a wide variety of drinks and has great service. (Address: Zülpicher Str. 10, 50674 Köln, Germany) ( Website:

6. Live music hall.

Live Dance Hall

This club has a very nice ambiance. One can expect loud music. The club offers outdoor seating. It hosts a lot of live acts performing a wide range of music. It is open only on Friday and Saturday.
(Address: Lichtstraße 30, 50825 Köln, Germany) ( Website:

7. Luxor.

Luxor Nightclub

This club has a large air-conditioned space. It offers a wide variety of drinks. It does not have outdoor seating. Expect loud dance music.
(Address: Luxemburger Str. 40, 50674 Köln, Germany) ( Website:

8. Arkadia.

This club offers great drinks but is limited to beer and wine only. There is cool music that is not very loud. Best club for a date scenario. It offers no outdoor seating. The inside though is well aerated. It is open from Thursday through to Saturday.
(Address: Friesenstr. 52 50670 Cologne Germany)

9. Einundfünfzig

This clubs party piece is loud dance music. It has a large space for dancing. It offers a wide variety of drinks. It offers outdoor seating.
(Address: Hohenzollernring 51, 50672 Köln, Germany ) ( Website:

10. Studio 672

Studio 672

This club has a fairly small space compared to the others. It can still host a live act however. It has a well styled bar. It has great aeration and very good service delivery.
(Address: Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln, Germany)

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