8 Best Places to Meet Costa Rican Women

Who else wants to know the best places in Costa Rica to meet women?

I was searching through my Analytics to see what you guys are looking for and I noticed this question getting a lot of searches:

Best places in Costa Rica to Meet Women

That’s a great question and I’d love to answer it for you. First off, I need to mention that many of these places will have both normal and working girls. In Costa Rica, it’s completely normal for men to have many girlfriends.

All of these places are relatively safe and cheap to access. Some of the nightclubs make you pay an entrance fee, but you usually get a free drink or two. It’s only a couple of dollars so no big deal.

1. Hotel Del Rey

In the capital of San Jose, Hotel Del Rey is the king of all places to meet Costa Rican women at night. The Hotel also acts as a bar/casino and attracts lots of Ticas, Colombianas and even a few Brazilian girls.

The action gets started late at night around 10pm and it can get really crazy. Many of the girls here are working girls, however you can find down to earth women here as well.

2. El Pueblo

El Pueblo is a collection of clubs located a few miles away by taxi from Hotel Del Rey. It’s popular with the teen and 20 something crowds.

If you are looking to meet college aged girls, then El Pueblo is packed with them. You pay an entrance fee then hop from club to club. It’s a lot of fun and the women are easy to pick up.

3. San Pedro Mall

The Mall is jam packed with hot Ticas during the day. I also ran into a few hot ladies from Nicaragua. You will find many beautiful women working at the kiosks in the mall, too.

They are young, flirtious, and easy on the eyes. If you make eye contact with a tica, go up and say “Hola”. The women are much more friender than their western counterparts. No game needed.

4. Downtown San Jose

Sometimes, I found the best places to meet women were little pockets of restaurants and stores in downtown San Jose. Hop on the bus for around 50 cents and take a stroll downtown.

There are many little shops with beautiful young women working in them. Practice your Spanish on these cuties and you may have some extra company later that night.

5. Puerto Viejo

Around 3 hours bus ride away from San Jose, Puerto Viejo is a small party town on the Caribbean coast in the Limon province. Many young European backpackers go there to party and let loose.

It’s REALLY easy to hook up there because everyone is on vacation. At night, they throw parties on the beach so book a cheap room in town and start meeting new people. Here’s a list of the best bars and nightlcubs in Puerto Viejo.

6. Puerto Limon

Limon is home to many Afro-Costa Ricans and the capital of the city is a great place to meet hot black Costa Rican girls.

Many of them work at the hotels, casinos, and restaurants. If you are looking for a little Caribbean vibe, then Limon is the place to be.

7. Jaco Beach

I’ve never been to Jaco but I heard many praises from fellow men about the relaxed lifestyle and easy going women.

Jaco beach sits on the opposite side of Costa Rica along the Pacific coast. It’s about 1 hours drive away from San Jose.

8. Supermarkets

Skip the street food and head to some of the local supermarkets for a little shopping and girl hunting. Let me say this with complete honesty:


LOL I wish western countries would take notice of this wonderful hiring practice lol. I found myself going to the supermarket just to talk to the hot Costa Rican girls.

Many of them laughed and knew I was up to something. Lucky me! (heh)

Now It’s Your Turn

Well, there you have it. I spilled the beans on my 10 favorite places to meet women. Have you tried any of these yourself? What goldmines did I miss?

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  1. My Number one vacation destination, I am trying to plan ahead, I am also a photographer single retired guy, wanting to come down for maybe a month and take pictures of the beaches, bikinis, girls, waterfalls, I am slightly handicapped and can’t walk too far looking for a reasonable place to stay, and relax, a simple cabana, room with a fan and small refrig, and bed and quiet, would love to write to someone, that will help out from that end or I could correspond to. And find the best time to come down.

    • Best time is November to January it’s hot and dry and beaches are full of ladies. I would love to know more about what you find. dragonfly12661@yahoo.com. I use a dating site that’s free to meet women . I usually have 3 or 4 waiting on me to come then I have to narrow that down to one before I get there. Had 1 6 months ago stayed every day and night with me and WOW is all I’ll say. I sent my email I sure would like if you keep my informed

  2. Hahaha…men are really dogs! Plus these tips are for low self esteem men who have a problem to meet a woman in normal way… Really? Do they have to go to CR to meet them? Women are everywhere!

    • Yeah! Ugly, fat, abrasive, begging ass women! The plurality of slim, beautiful, nice attitude, not begging for money for “90 days” for free while getting free monetary benefits/entertainment, feminine, sexy and natural women are not in all countries, but there are many in CR. I know, I am a PR of CR. Living for many years!