Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time (You’ll Never Guess Who is #1)

10. Ice Cube

He is a pioneer in the game of rapping, has a successful career in both rapping and acting. He was a ghostwriter for Easy E, the father of gangster rap.

Ice Cube

9. Andre 3000

He is known for his cool and lazy mode of delivering his lines which transformed the game from the popular party mix. He and his crew bagged a total of 6 Grammy awards.

Andre 3000

8. 50-Cent

He is loved by many people. A good rapper and businessman. His album “get rich or die to try” had over 15 million copies sold. He has a place in the hall of great rappers.


7. Snoop Dogg

He is widely recognized as the father of funky rap. His unique style of rapping has given him great respect in the rapping world. He has had six Grammy nominations.

Snoop Dogg

6. Eminem

He is widely enjoyed by fans for his incredible way of rapping. He brought the rapping industry to a standstill with his album and collected some Grammy nominations and awards for it.


5. Nas

Nas 1994 album “Nasty” got a wide acceptance for him from fans and that immediately placed him in place with Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z. He had a little struggle but came back after some rappers try to take advantage of his struggle. He declared himself as the one true king of New York.


4. Jay-Z

Jay-Z is known for his authoritative style of delivering and intellectual lyric that engages the audience. He is a good business man and an excellent executive. He is personally responsible for many artists in the limelight now. He has won 19 Grammies.


3. Notorious B.I.G

Had a spectacular voice and face deliverance. His style was flamboyant and elegant and his rivalry with Tupac made him an icon in the industry even after his death in 1997.

Notorious B.I.G

2. Tupac Shakur

Known for his complexity in deliverance, he was like a chameleon that changed with his audience. A bold rapper that made treats to anyone who he felt was against. He was a very controversial rapper but his music was mind blowing.

Tupac Shakur

1. Rakim

Rakim is known to be the father of modern rap, he uses his lyrics to talk about his wealth and achievements. He doesn’t swear or use words like “bitches” in his rap.

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