The Top 30 Best Things to Do in Cologne, Germany

Cologne Zoo

Cologne is Germany’s cultural and historical capital. While in the city, various activities, landmarks, and architectural buildings will make your visit a memorable one.

Below are the best things to do in Cologne. Visit the areas and enjoy your adventure.

1. Augustusburg Palace

Augustusburg Palace

Have a look at the 18th-century palace of the Cologne archbishop. Its magnificent staircase hall is appealing

2. Cologne cable car

Cologne Cable Car

The most adventurous thing to do. Cable car allows you to view Cologne from above.

3. CityLeaks Urban Festival

cityleaks urban festival cologne germany

Experience the art tour that involves more than 40 artists globally.

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4. Fernwärmetunnel: The District Heating Tunnell

District Heating Tunnell Cologne

View the breathtaking heating network of the city.

5. Falkenlust Palace

Falkenlust Castle

Visit an ancient palace and a global heritage site.

6. Farina Fragrance Museum

Farina Fragrance Museum

View all stages of perfume production and ancient distillation apparatus.

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7. Have a party experience at boot II

Boot II Party

A thrilling summer party that attracts international people and global techno DJs.

8. Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park

Behold the memorial park in the history of Germany.

9. Hohenzollern Bridge

Hohenzollern Bridge

A perfect place for you to visit with your partner. Literary, it is known as the love bridge.

10. KölnTriangle

Koln Triangle

The design is appealing and ground-breaking.

11. Lanxess Arena

Lanxess Arena

View the most visited arena in the world and its attractive external glassy design.

12. Lindenthaler Tierpark

View more than 500 animal species from all over the world

13. National Socialism Documentation Center

National Socialism Documentation Center

If you have interest in understanding the Nazi regime and its results, visit the memorial center that offers an account for the system.

14. Neptunbad


Experience fantastic spa and sauna in this place and feel rejuvenated.

15. Neumarkt Galerie

Neumarkt Galerie

Visit the busy shopping center and explore all shopping outlets.

16. Rheinpark Park

Rhephein Park

Participate in sporting and relaxation activities.

17. Schokoladen museum

Schokoladen Museum

Visit this place and have a taste of the Lindt desserts and view a display of chocolate art.

18. St Kunibert Basilica

St Kunibert Church

View the last Romanesque church that has eight appealing medieval glass windows.

19. St. Maria im Kapitol

St Maria Im Kapitol

The religious nature, design, and architecture make it a place worth visiting and view Christ-like images, tombs, and the cross.

20. Street food festival

Street Food Festival Cologne Germany

Experience the fresh ingredients, cultures, dazzling foods and smoothies and authentic kitchens.

21. Taste Kölsch beer

Experience unique beer specially brewed in the town. It is served with two tall and cylindrical cultural glasses

22. The botanical and flora garden

Botanical and Floral Garden

A perfect spot for those who love nature, to feel the scent of natural flowers and behold the beauty of the garden

23. Cologne cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

The place offers you more than its eerie nature and Gothic characteristics.

24. Ludwig museum

Ludwig Museum

View the most legendary and exquisite exhibitions.

25. Museum of Applied Art

Museum of Applied Art

Experience post-medieval decorative and applied art pieces.

26. Old town Cologne

Old Town Cologne

You need to see the unique and ancient architecture of the city, a rare experience.

27. Cologne Zoo

Cologne Zoo

Visit the Cologne zoo which has more than 10,000 animal species.

28. St. Gereon’s Church

St Gereon's Church

St. Gereon’s Church has an appealing structure with a strange long choir, ancient relics, medieval mosaics, and murals.

29. Beer Garden at Aachener Weiher

Beer Garden

Experience the stunning panorama of the relaxing green ground and enjoy delicious food.

30. Romano-Germanic Museum

Romano Germanic Museum

Have a look at beautiful Dionysus mosaic and displays artifacts found in Cologne.

Visiting the above places, participating in exciting activities and experiencing rare events will make your stay at Cologne, Germany exciting.

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