30 Best Things to Do in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is a resort city on the eastern coast of Thailand just around 62 miles south of Bangkok. It’s known as the world’s largest redlight district, but also offers other attractions such as museums, temples, outdoor activities and prestine beaches.

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Pattaya, Thailand.

1. Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street

The Walking Street is the entertainment district of Pattaya and a view and experience you just can’t miss. It’s a great tourist attraction known for its nightlife. The area includes live music venues, beer bars, go-go bars, hotels, discos, nightclubs, sports bars and seafood restaurants. The Walking Street its worldwide known for the many neon signs of its establishments.

2. Coral Island Tour

Coral Island Tour

Coral Island it’s a great alternative to get away from the crowded places. The Islands feature 6 beaches, bays and a good number of restaurants to enjoy a full day relaxing on the shores of the beautiful island. It offers hotel pick up and plenty of beach activities to do once you get there.

3. NongNooch Tropical Garden Tour

This is a 6-hour tour in where you can explore 600 acres of botanic gardens. During the tour, you can enjoy a traditional Thai show where Thai performers reenact historical events, as well an Elephant show and a buffet lunch at the attraction. As an extra perk, you can visit mini zoo and aquariums and a collection of exotic cars by yourself. It includes hotel pick up and ride back to the hotel.

4. Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

Tiffany's Cabaret Show

In Pattaya, you can experience the first ever transvestite
show in South East Asia. It originally started back in 1974 and it now counts with millions of visitors. It’s a dazzling show with more of 100 professional performers in beautiful costumes, showing colorful presentations and telling stories of romance and adventures through songs and dances.

5. Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park

You can spend a day full of aquatic adventures in this huge water park that features 21 waterslides, 3 pools and plenty of activities suited for visitors of all ages. You can include a buffet style meal so you can have energy through the day and relax at the Lazy Wavy River if you want a more laid experience.

6. Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise Pattaya

This is an interactive art museum with mind-blowing optical illusions. The museum even features 3D paintings so you can take photos with them. It opened in 2013 and it’s the largest interactive art museum in the world with 10 unique and beautiful galleries you can immerse yourself in.

7. The Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya Sanctuary of Truth

Get a look at the rich culture of Thailand by visiting this grand temple that takes you on a journey through Buddhist and Hinduism and be amazed by the gigantic temple that showcases the four core elements of the earth.

8. Amphawa the evening Floating Market

Amphawa the evening Floating Market

You can enjoy an evening at this special market, shopping and taking a look at century-old Thai houses. It’s a unique
shopping experience and as one the most popular markets in Thailand you won’t want to miss it.

9. Treasures of Ancient Phetchaburi Tour

Treasures of Ancient Phetchaburi Tour

In this 5 hour tour, you will get to learn the history of the place and how it played a role in the development of Thailand as you visit cultural and religious attractions. A place full of magnificent architecture and nature, the tour makes you travel back in time when Thailand was known as Siam.

10. Khao Sam RoiYot National Park Tour

Khao Sam RoiYot National Park Tour

If you love nature you will enjoy this tour that takes you to visit the most wonderful nature splendors filled with breathtaking scenery. It’s a 5-hour tour and it includes lunch and hotel pick up.

11. Half Day Pattaya Discovery Tour

Half Day Pattaya Discovery Tour

You can discover the best of Pattaya in this
tour, from colorful markets to beautiful wildlife and aquariums, farms and villages, you are in for a ride of discovery that includes hotel pick and drops off.

12. Boat Trip to Monkey Island

Boat Trip to Monkey Island

You can visit and feed the friendly monkeys a Monkey Island in this fun trip that comes with lunch and you will be able to take plenty of pictures and learn more about this curious Island.

13. Day Trip to Koh Chang

Day Trip to Koh chang

Travel to a non-tourist Island called the Chinese Land of Thailand where you will be able to visit the Chinese temple
that hides the secrets of the FengShui and you can also stop by the Cave of 1000 wishes.

14. Moonlight Walk Night Squid Fishing

Moonlight Walk Night Squid Fishing

You can join in this night fishing tour where you will be able to enjoy the serene waves and air of the night time and be able to experience the sea life like you never did before in one of the best hot spots for squid fishing.

15. Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone

If you are a family looking for the best attractions for kids the Cartoon Network Amazone has it all to entertain your
kids with its multimedia entertainment, awesome rides, and fun activities.

16. Bangkok Tour

Bangkok Tour

Even if you are staying in Pattaya you can’t miss the chance of visiting Bangkog, the capital and one of the most
captivating places Thailand has to offer. In this one day tour, you can visit the Grand Palace, The Golden Buddha, and Wat Pot as well as a cruise through the Chao Phraya River and explore Chinatown.

17. KAAN Show

Kaan Show Pattaya

This show is a hybrid of live action and cinema performances that feature worth class technology, the show based on Thai classic literature puts together on the stage more than 600 professionals in a The 90-minute show that will for sure enchant you.

18. Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien Beach is a must to visit if you are staying in Pattaya, the beach counts with many restaurants, hotels, bars and activities on its ground and make for a wonderful day in the beach where you can relax or have plenty of fun.

19. Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

Like the name indicates this is a museum with a huge collection of teddy bears which makes it an interesting visit and adorable visit, it also counts with a gift shop so you can buy your own Teddy Bears.

20. The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

This beautiful tourist attraction located at just 15 minutes from PattayaIt’s a living museum that features the most
beautiful things from the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom and vegetal kingdom. Take a walk through the exotic zoo, the garden and stone park, the crocodile kingdom and enjoy exciting shows and plenty of fun activities.

21. Alcazar Cabaret Show

Alcazar Cabaret Show

A must see spectacle if you are visiting Pattaya, the Alcazar Cabaret Show entertains you with beautiful music, breathtaking backdrops and stunning drag queens in dazzling costumes. It’s an impressive show you can’t

22. Mini Siam Miniature World

Mini Siam Miniature World

You can explore Siam and some other parts of the worlds in this park that offers intricate miniature versions of the most beautiful places in Thailand and the rest of the world.

23. Discover Scuba Diver

Discover Scuba Diver

Since Pattaya is known for its beautiful beaches you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the sea life at a
more up close and personal level. You can go Scuba Diving through this program that allows both amateurs and professionals to explore the marina life and exotic flora of the Pattaya beaches.

24. Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi

Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi

This is an ideal zip line adventure for those seeking a more thrilling experience when visiting Pattaya. You can enjoy
amazing views from 24 platforms with the best care from professionals to guarantee your safety, after an adreline inducing experience you can unwind with a delicious Thai lunch and a visit to Khao Kheow Open Zoo.

25. Mimosa Pattaya

Mimosa Pattaya

This is a beautiful shopping and dining complex that offers colorful shopping experience and features a night cabaret show, a small zoo and plenty other attractions that will ensure you have a blast while visiting.

26. Wat Phra Yai

Wat Phra Yai

This a religious place known for its colossal Buddha statue and a huge staircase flanked by tremendous dragons, it’s an opportunity to relax, take in your surroundings and reflect on the beautiful scenery in front of you.

27. Sukhawadee


This enormous and beautiful palace owned by the
biggest agriculture product imported of Thailand. It has its own beach and a group of pink and blue building. It has a collection of Buddha and other religious images as well beautifully designed gardens and interiors and thousands of valuable pieces. This is one the best showings that represent the Thai harmony and dignity and its a breathtaking landscape you can’t miss.

28. WatYansangwararam


Take a look at this impressive wat that offers an insight at the society values of Thailand. It was built to commemorate King BhumibolAdulyadej in 1988 and it’s a beautiful temple with a path that leads to a lake with attractive Chinese pavilions and other buildings for you to enjoy.

29. Naklua BeachNaklua Beach

This is a great opportunity to stray away from the crowds in Pattaya and enjoy the local restaurant and experience the local life. You can also take advantage of the fish market.

30. Elephant Village

Elephant Village Pattaya

This unique experience with elephants is sanctuary for former working elephants, you can enjoy of cultural shows, ox riding around the village and an international buffet. You can ride on top of the Elephant and by purchasing the experience you are contributing to the survival of the elephants.

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