When is the Best Time to Visit Medellin, Colombia?

Taking into account the changing temperatures and humidity conditions, the best time to take a trip to Medellin, Colombia is between December 10th and April 8th. There are several weather tips you should consider before taking a visit to Medellin.

  • Weather
  • Busiest months
  • When to save money
  • When to avoid the mass
  • Your safety
  • Weather
  • Temperatures

If you like warm temperatures, then the ideal time to travel to Medellin is July, June and August. These are the hottest months. Although temperatures vary a little,rains and snow as well as humidity are enjoyed in a year. More than 70% of Medellin weather pleases most tourist as the weather is temperate than other regions. Take your visit late at July to enjoy our warm weather where temperatures hike to 29.1 during the day and drop to 17.5 degrees at night.


Do you want to explore with a little but significant precipitation? Then January, February and March are the best months for you. During late Decembers we experience some little rain or snow. However,snow is likely to form early may followed by 3 days of precipitation during 30th April, So, when will you see great formation of snow in Medellin city? research from weather station reports that snow is likely to form around the month of November. if you want to enjoy you skiing games on winter, you can slide well around October 15th when the fresh powder is still deep. Nonetheless, snow can occur or snow reports failed to be displayed on weather stations. On average from march to august, heavy rains are experiences. This are the most wettest months in Medellin.

Humidity and wind

In Medellin, humid months are July and November. July experience around 43.3% of relative humidity while November has 56.4 of relative humidity. Do you want to enjoy a serene and calm season? Calm winds are experience on the month February and April with gentle breeze. In spite of this, windiest breezes are experienced in the months of July , August and January. In average, Medellin has light breeze accounting for 5.3 knots in terms of speed. Highest speed of wind reaches up to 12.4 knots during the day especially in the months of august and September. This is always the moderate breeze experienced.


Based on information collected, Medellin travelling safety is enhanced apart from a few regions since December 13, 2018, some warnings were passed as well as advise measures. Avoid exploring to dangerous areas as failure to adhere to this might cost you a lot. Just take precaution and avoid these areas completely. For more information about your safety check ”Travel Advice and Advisories” page.

Busiest months

Do you want to save your little money? The best and less busiest month is July. This is when most tourist take their way to Medellin. The months of April, January and May are the crowded months. At this season, you might find that flight transport costs have hiked as well as expensive hotels and restaurants. Unless you book a flight in advance, you will be charged highly.

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