The Best Travel Gadgets of 2020

Traveling is easier when you have light, easy to use devices. With technological advances, traveling is more enjoyable and efficient. Here are the best travel gadgets for 2017 that make this possible.

A good smartphone

The cost of a smartphone should not be your top priority, but quality. A good travel smartphone has fast processing speed, high-quality camera, good signal, among other features.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei P10 and iPhone 7 are among the best brands in the market. Remember to carry accessories such as power banks and USB cables when traveling.

Small laptops

There are small laptops that are as efficient as the large ones such as Lenovo LaVie Z550, Dell XPS 13 and Acer Swift 7. It is easier moving around with them. Large laptops are heavy and affect your movement. Use your tablet if you do not have a small laptop.

Clip on cameras

Phones come with inbuilt cameras. However, you can have camera lenses attached to your phone. Examples of such models include Olloclip iPhone 7 and DxO One. They take better photographs than your phone and have both front and back lenses. The screen of your phone acts as the LCD of the camera saving space.

Noise canceling headphones

Trips to the beach during vacation can be noisy. Get carried away with noise canceling, slim headphones. They will protect your ears from unwanted noises. Consider brands such as Logitech, Samsung Level Pro and Sony MDR-1000X.

Apple watch

Apple is known to produce amazing electronics. With the Apple watch, you do not have to carry your smartphone during walks, treks or runs. Apple watch series 2 has inbuilt GPS and a fast processor. It is also water resistant.

Small washing machine

Scrubba will keep your clothes smelling fresh all the time. It is good when you travel for adventure such as hiking. It helps you save on cash. It also comes with a 4-liter capacity and washing solution. Consider also Midea MAE70 and Panda washing machines.

Mini steam irons

Steamfast SF-717 runs on 420watts and takes up small space in your travel bag. It actually fits in your palm.

Portable speakers

Unless you are strictly traveling for business reasons, music adds fun to traveling. Wireless speakers that are portable are good for you. Consider Scosche’s Boom, Cambridge Angle 3 and Beats Pill 2.0 speakers.

Water purifiers

If there is a possibility that you are traveling to an area where water is not safe for drinking, this gadget will help you out. CamelBak All Clear is among the best purifiers. It is small sized with a sleek design and a carry bag. It uses ultra violet light to destroy harmful microorganisms in water. Its three quarter liter capacity is excellent for travels. Grayl and LifeStraw are also good purifiers.

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  1. Great list there. I have been wanting to buy a clip-on-camera for a while now always debating on how much
    I will end up using it. I do think it’s a pretty good especially for business travelers like myself who also
    enjoy photography. The small washing machine and steam iron are pretty cool and while I think the former
    is more of a luxury gadget, the iron can come in handy to anyone.