Best Ways to Spend Your Time in Kho Phi Phi

The island archipelago of Ko Phi Phi within Thailand attracts thousands of tourists each year. That’s mainly because of the sheer natural beauty found on the islands and in the waters surrounding them. Just 43 km away from the coastline, each island has its own unique charm and reason that makes it worth visiting. While you’re likely to sleep and eat on the main island, don’t be afraid to venture out on one of the many boats to see everything hiding out in this fantastic locale.

Here are some of the most worthwhile stops:

Monkey Beach

Another stop found on most boat tours of the archipelago is none other than Monkey Beach. Aptly named, the beach is home to hundreds of long-tailed macaques who are very rambunctious and curious by nature. Care should be taken not to disturb the monkeys, as well as not to agitate them as they can be vicious if sufficiently provoked. After arriving, carefully look around the sheer rock faces for any monkeys that are hiding in plain sight. The pure athleticism and speed with which they can navigate this treacherous terrain is impressive, to say the least.

Snorkel/Scuba Diving

A diving expedition is just about the only way to check out all of the living creatures that make their homes in the depths around Ko Phi Phi. Snorkel trips require no specialized training, and all of the equipment is provided while diving trips require a bit more training, and possibly even certification if you plan on diving sufficiently deep. Everything, from eels to water snakes to large reef-dwelling fish, can be seen through the crystal clear water.

Ko Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay

The second largest island is known as Phi Phi Leh and is mostly uninhabited besides a few government employees ensuring the ecosystem stays in balance. Expect some of the clearest water you’ve ever seen in your life, as well as vibrant vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches. Also on Phi Phi Leh is Maya Bay, the beach within being featured in the film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The beach itself is now closed due to tourists overwhelming the area after the movie’s release, but most tours will still go right up to the barrier so you can take a good look at what the beach has to offer. Since the beach is closed, finding a full Phi Phi tour with enough stops such as the kind found at is your best bet for having a full day that will leave you satisfied with what you experienced.


Far too often, tourists will remain on the main island instead of venturing out to explore everything the islands have to offer. As great as the food can be, it tastes much better after a full day spent exploring the waterways and beaches when you’re at your most tired and yearning for a good meal. Because of this, the Phi Phi islands are one of the best vacation spots in Thailand simply because there are very few boxes that it doesn’t check for 90% of visitors.

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