Bitcoin: An Easy Way for Black Men to Earn Money Abroad

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin?

I first heard about Bitcoin about 5 years ago and never paid much attention to it. Boy, was I wrong.

A $10,000 investment in Bitcoin in 2012 would be worth $200 million today. Yes, Bitcoin has appreciated that much in just 5 years.

In today’s video, Charles Tyler talks about how brothas can earn Bitcoin through mining and make money to live overseas.

4 thoughts on “Bitcoin: An Easy Way for Black Men to Earn Money Abroad”

  1. Wow I put together a demo account w/Zulu trade I think & bought n2 bitcoin for little to nothing & n a week’s time it grew to 1200$

  2. What the fuck? I’m sure the kids who read this site for game news will love having a link and tutorial to a place to anonymously buy illegal narcotics… Besides, you know games and drugs… same thing really, isn’t it! *nudge*

  3. I just invested 700 bucks into KickFurther (tax money) in order to get some profit out of then instead of the money simply sitting there. Maybe I should’ve invested in crypto! 😉
    Hope this works out for you; I’ll be following.


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