Thinking about visiting the Philippines? Considering moving there permanently?

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific, comprising more than 7,000 islands. The population is 102 million, making it the 12th most populated country in the world according to United Nations estimates.

It’s a very popular place for tourists, especially western men looking for wives. I heard about a few stories about black men marrying Filipino women with great success, but that’s about all I knew. I joined a few asian dating websites and was surprised with my results! I was getting way more responses in Philippines than any other country in the world ūüôā

One of our readers asked about the Philippines so I’m introducing you to a black American expat named Bobby Noren.

Meet Bobby Noren: Black Expat Living in the Philippines

I emailed Bobby a while ago and he seemed like a very passionate man who is serious about brothas finding happiness in the Philippines.

Black American Man in Philippines
Bobby Noren and his wife

Bobby Noren is a 48 year old Black American man who decided to leave in the matrix USA in 2012 and move to the Philippines. Not only did Bobby find freedom and peace, but ended up marrying a Filipino woman 18 years younger than he is. His website, Blackapina, explains his mission to educate brothas on the benefits of living in the Philippines. Bobby also runs a Youtube Channel (Check out his Youtube Channel).

Bobby explains Why he left America and Moved to the Philippines

Personal Message from Bobby

If you plan to move to the Philippines, then I bet you’ll be glad and happy you did.

It’s best to visit the Philippines first so that you’ll know what it’s like and how to better prepare yourself to have a great life abroad in this wonderful island paradise.

The Philippines is a very peaceful and tranquil country and makes you feel like you’re FREE.

The United States is supposed to be the only true free country in the world, but many of us don’t necessarily feel so free. However, you feel a greater sense of freedom in the Philippines.

I urge you to go there and see the Philippines for yourself.

Everywhere I went in the Philippines, almost all of the local men kept calling me Kobe Bryant.

The reason why Filipinos stare at Black american people so much is because they hardly ever get to actually see any black people from the USA, except on TV.

They are used to seeing White people because white people have always been coming to their country. It’s very rare to see genuine Black Americans there at anytime.¬†

That’s why they treated me like a celebrity.

Here are several reasons why Black Men should consider escaping the Matrix USA to live in the Philippines.

1. More Freedom

Philippines woman running near the coast

The Philippines is a wonderful place to live because you get a great sense of freedom. You feel so much better in the Philippines than you do in the United States.

The racial tension and prejudice in places like America is so great that you can feel it in all settings like at your job or school.

Coming to the Philippines is a chance for a fresh start and break from the brutal American lifestyle.

2. Less Prejudice

Bohol Island in Philippines

America is guilty of some of the worst human rights violations in the world. If you live in the USA, then you already know what’s going on there.

In the Philippines, you are treated so much better. It’s like day and night.

Everyone’s experience will be different but keep in mind when you go to anybody’s country, you must carry yourself properly and adjust to their customs.

It’s important to readjust your behavior before moving to the Philippines. Western culture is a lot different than Filipino culture. As long as you are respectful and positive, you will have a wonderful experience.

Some people say great things and some people have bad things to say. Everybody will have a different experience but the key is to be humble and understand you are living in a different country with various customs, practices and beliefs.

3. Fewer Laws

US Capitol in Washington DC
US Capitol Building in Washington, DC

Western societies like America have thousands of laws on the city, state and federal level. It’s no surprise that America has the most prisoners on the planet.

Not only that, but black men in America make up the majority of prisoners and receive the longest sentences!

That doesn’t sound like freedom to me. However, the Philippines has fewer laws and fewer crimes.

There is no crazy child support system or racist judicial system that targets Black men with lengthy sentences for often harmless offenses.

4. Less Stress


America has some of the best infrastructure and technological advances in the world, but all of this “progress” comes at a cost.

People living in western societies suffer from stress, mental anguish and frustration due to the competitive, dog-eat-dog lifestyle.

It’s gotten so bad that fast food restaurants feed American families because they have no time to cook healthy food. Making money and paying bills takes away precious time and leaves you drained all the time.

This lifestyle affects your health as well, especially if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder and reach the western definition of success.

In order to reach the top, you must compete brutally against other people and fight your way to the top. Everything in America is a battle.

Educated men fight each other in the boardroom while thugs fight each other in the streets.

You are always fighting for success.

Once you become successful, then you have to work even harder to maintain your success. Many people refer to it as the “rat race” where you constantly work to keep your stuff.

It wreaks havoc on your soul and keeps you from finding true spiritual happiness in a more simplistic, down to earth society.

The Philippines is a great way to escape the rat race and live in paradise without breaking the bank!

5. Lower Cost of Living

Philippine Peso

Cost of living in the Philippines is 51% lower than living in the United States! Rent is 80% lower!

The official currency of the Philippines is the Philippines Peso.

Manila is the most expensive city (it’s the capital) but there are other cheaper places like Boracay and Cebu.

USD to Philippine Peso Exchange Rate

1 USD = 46 Pesos

The problem most foreigners make is they think in terms of US dollars. Remember to think of everything in pesos.

Otherwise, you will continue to spend and spend like water then everything will seem expensive. Be careful about what you buy and always think in terms of pesos not dollars.

6. Get the Respect You Deserve

Black Men Get Respect

The Philippines culture is all about respect and people are treated with kindness first unless they do something wrong.

If you’re a black man, you may feel like a rockstar or celebrity because you are treated with such kindness.¬†It’s just unbelievable how nice they treat you.

Filipino women are very kind and treat men with respect. There are exceptions but I’ve never heard men complaining about how disrespectful Filipino women are.

Come with an open mind, leave the baggage back home in the matrix, and you may be surprised.

7. More Peaceful

The Philippines is Peaceful

If you live in western countries like America, then you will really appreciate the more friendly, gentle nature of the Philippines.

Things move slower. Everyone relaxes and takes their time. There is no rat race. No 9 to 5 hustle. You can take your time and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Since everyone around you is much more relaxed, you feel like you can truly be yourself and let go. This brings more inner peace and satisfication than any job or sports car could ever provide.

8. Fewer Crimes

Colon Street, Cebu City, Philippines
Colon Street, Cebu City, Philippines

Many cities in Philippines are relatively safe and you don’t hear about violent crime all the time.

Let’s face it: America is a slaughter house. Just turn on the news and it’s nothing but murder, murder and more murders.

The average American watches 40,000 murders on TV by age 18.

That’s disgusting. Another reason to escape the MATRIX USA, especially if you have/want children.

Crazy psychopaths shoot up entire schools, drug addicts go on killing sprees, and people drive so fast in their cars that they split the entire car in half.

You won’t hear about people getting killed everyday in the Philippines. In the Philippines, people drive slow and take their time so there are fewer car accidents.

9. English is Widely Spoken

Philippines ranks #1 in Business English Profiency

The official language of the Philippines is Tagalog but English is widely spoken by locals.

Philippines used to be an American colony so there is a great deal of familiarity with the English language.

If you’re a black man who wants to live in a country with few language barriers, then the Philippines is one of your best options.

10. Find Love

Beautiful Philippines Woman

Bobby left the matrix in 2012 and found the love of his life in the Philippines. If you’re looking for love, then the Philippines is a great place to find a wife or a few dates if you want to sample the menu.

Read some of the many testimonials from black men who found love in the Philippines.

Check out Bobby’s article about Filipino women to learn why he recommends finding a Filipino wife.

Testimonials from Black Men who Visited the Philippines

Want to hear more opinions on the Philippines? Here’s a few real testimonials from Black American men who visited and loved it.

“I miss the Philippines Every Day”

I grew up around Filipinos, as a black man, I was only going to stay there for a day or two. I ended up staying for a year.  It is a wonderful place, as long as you are respectful to the locals.  The only bad advice you will receive is from those rednecks, yes they are there, but they are bitches.  There were people who invited me to their home and fed me.  I had no problem helping people buy groceries, but if your over there looking to save a buck go somewhere else.  You will have an awesome time.  I am sick of living in this racist country [United States], I miss the Phils everyday.

“It’s Amazing and Fantastic”

spend 6 month in the philippines its amazing and fantastic to me and also even the education in the philippines is so great and more realistic than any other international place the country full of advantages i was in cebu so i recommend it for every student who want to finish his study and earn his degree plus u will enjoy the fantastic weather and all the beautiful beaches

“It was a very nice feeling”

I been in Cebu for one month. And I have been in Manila and also Mindoro. And it was awesome. I didn’t have racism hit me in the face like in the US. People was kind. I didn’t hear about killings on the news when I was there. It was a very nice feeling. And I we would like to make Cebu My home one day.

“I feel more safer there than here in America”

Everything you is right 100$%. I’ve been married for 7yrs and I meet my wife in Cebu but she’s from Ozamis Mindanao. We have 2 daughters 5 and 3. Forgot to say and I travel to meet her in a wheelchair and the people was excellent, they really took care of me. I feel more safer there then here in America.

My Thoughts about Bobby’s Video

I know there is a lot of truth to Bobby’s video because I met a few filipino woman in America.

I remember one situation a few years ago when I was traveling through Atlanta and stopped at the airport deli market to pick up a magazine and some snacks.

When I went to the checkout counter, I spoke with two women working there: a Black Americanized woman from Ethiopia and a Filipino American woman.

The Ethiopian woman wore one of those hair weaves and had a nasty attitude as well. She was also overweight.

The Filipino woman was curvy but had a small waist. She smiled at me as she scanned my items and asked me where I was going. It was like night and day!

I know this isn’t enough to draw a conclusion about the Philippines but it sure made me curious.

In a country where women have become extremely rude and demanding, I found hope that at least some women in America are still sweet and feminine.

Let’s face it: A lot of Bobby’s comments about American society rings true. It’s a slaughterhouse full of murder, lies, violence, evil and all things against God.

I’m happy that Bobby escaped the MATRIX USA and found happiness in the Philippines. I will definitely visit in the near future and share my experiences.

Hope you enjoyed this article and please leave your comments below.

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  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting for info on the Philippines. There is a lot of information on the web about the country, but there are few sources that give a black American man’s perspective. It’s definitely on my bucket list of countries to visit. I may even consider living there. My only problem with the Philippines is the health care system. I’ve read from other sources that health care in the Philippines is sub-par. That doesn’t bode well for someone who wants to retire there, as we know our health declines as we get older. Although I’ve not read of any complaints from expats who have retired there. Maybe they’re all relatively healthy.

  2. Somethings are probably true, however; guns are rampant in the Phillipines because people who used to farm has now turn to making guns cause it much more profitable. And then the political scene is equivalent to Ronald McDonald Thump. Most of the president candidate have faced assination attempts constantly. Just say not disputing but know, there are good and bad EVER place you go, including paradise.

  3. This is my problem: the kind of woman I’m looking for cannot be a “mudshark”. Every time I have dated a “mudshark”, she cheated on me for a Black man because she thought I wasn’t Black enough (and I’m not. I happen to be attracted to curvy types that Black men go gaga over).

    I’m tired of being looked at as Black when I have so much more individuality. I speak three different languages that most Black American men cannot barely speak one or two; yet I’m put into the Black American caricature.

    I want a woman, that if she has dated a Black guy, that he was non-thug and dated him because he was a man, not because he was a Black [American] man, yet has nice curvature.

    I am tired of dating “mudsharks” especially dark-skinned Black women that only want me for reproduction purposes of having a baby with non-coarse hair. It’s frustrating.

    • Your attitude is what is messing you up. First of all referring to people as “mudsharks”. Maybe people think you are a “oreo” or vanilla wafer”. Get over yourself. Have a better attitude and you will find that pleasant people will be attracted to your life.

  4. @ Manny E. Irizarry @eirizarryRNB Any woman can cheat on you with any man requardless of their dating history. You notice there is no derogatory term for women who exclusively date clones of the Charleston shooter. Notice the nuance? We shouldn’t use dork supremacist terminology and shaming tactics.

    Before traveling it might be a great idea to invest in suitcase/bag that has a “TSA lock”. The have them on ebay. Airport officials in the Philippines have been caught planting things in travelers bags. I locking bag would prevent this. Also pants with zipper pockets to prevent pick pockets.

    Manny E. Irizarry @eirizarryRNB I see you on HappierAbroad also.

  5. I was in the navy, but I never made it to the Philippines. Naval ships just stopped going there when I was stationed in japan. However, I have been everywhere else the navy was going in southeast asian. Everything he says is correct about every other country I have ever visited. I was treated better there than I get treated here.

  6. Iam a black man from US.I have been living in Roxas City,Capiz,Philippines since Nov 4 2015.Married a native.Live on Baybay beach.Retired.Iam totally 100% satisfied.It is a different world.Where I live.Motor tricycles are the main public transportation.No traffic lights.No road rage.Everyone is extremely patience and kind.Ive seen one other black American from US visiting.Iam it?Dosent matter.Iam treated better than Ive ever have.People are very curious.Iam 63 but very active.Still can run a full court in basketball.On the beach every morning at sunrise.No racism here or disrepect that Ive seen.Iam at a wonderful peace.I love hot weather..I wore suits my whole career in NYC and now just shorts and polo’s..Swim trunks..The dollar right now is 47.2 pesos to a dollar.We have a 3 bedroom apt.on the beach.2baths and great neighbors.Oh yes for only $138 US…6500 pesos..I get a modest 75000 pesos per.month early retirement SSI.Everything is so inexpensive.Hong Kong and Singapore are just a couple hours plane ride…There is so much to do and so many beautiful places to visit.I dont have not one regret for making my decision.Sure I will visit family friends back home in the states but this is home now.Peace!

    • Hi am in the valley in the decision. My fiance is in Quezon city , I want to live in the province near Davao city. I’ve been to the Philippines twice already. I have experienced the peaceful living, there too. I don’t feel home anywhere except when I’m there. I must create streams of income once I arrive. Thank you for your blog.

  7. Low crime… What the hell part of the phillipines is he at… Look it is a great place to visit and even live if that’s what you want but yeah be prepared to see a lot of poverty.. Ummmmmmm security guards at local stores with guns … And feeling free means you can’t have a flashy appearance then yeah it’s a chill place… But yeah there is a skin issue in that country because the aboriginal people get treated kinda shitty out out there.. Negrito mean anything to this guy….

  8. Hi my name is jerry and I have never been to the philippines, but I met my wife when I was in the army in 1990. we were pen pals and shared letters for 2 years and I asked her to be my wife , I tried to visit her there but at that time the volcano erupted and the army would not let me travel there . So I sent for her to come here it took a year for her to get here so much red tape , but she arrived here in 1992 and we got married and have been married for 24 years and have 2 daughters grown . I will retire from american and move there with my wife , me and my wife are both 50 years old we met each other when we were 29 yrs old .

  9. Hey

    I’m in school now to become a physical therapist assistant and I was wondering (I’m black btw) if I would be able to work as a physical therapist over in the Philippines? Is there anyway I could find out.. What site would I have to look up in order to find this information.. Any advice would be helpful thanks people bless!!

  10. be wary of the filipino ladies, many will scam you out of your money, i am a retired u.s. army veteran found a filipino on the web site, later married, and found out she steals money from me, she scams me also, when i went home for surgery, she invited a filipino man to my house, he slept there 3 days, i was told this by a filipino friend, yes i left her but i lost the house, a car, furniture, too much of a loss, i’m still living here but i will not fall in love with any filipina, i’m just afraid to get burnt again, good luck

  11. Wow, you guys are sad. You destroy everything that you touch in America and then come over here to do the same. I retired over here to get away from all the black trash that was living off welfare and food stamps and then had the balls to complain about not getting their “fair share”. Filipinos are nice people, and every person that I know who took the time to get to know any black people over here stopped talking to them as soon as they realized how toxic they are. The behavior of the black people playing basketball is only one example. If I saw one of you walking down the street, i would spit on you! Go home and quit stinking up this nice country.

    • Clint..more white people are on welfare than Blacks in the US you idiot. And what about pedophellia in the US and the Philippines..which are mainly committed by Whites. You are the scumbag that is stinking up the country! Im a black man married to a filipina and my wife’s family have a lot of Black Americans in their family. I showed them your comment and they were shocked about how ignorant you are! You are a dumbass!

    • Knowing good and damn well if you spit on a black man you would have your body shattered and you’d be able to tell us how good or bad the medical care is in the Philippines.

  12. @Clint Digger, I would piss on you if ever I had the chance. White people have brought nothing but death, destruction and change for the worse wherever they have been! You’ve got a lot of nerve!

  13. my name is ej i live in washington dc i have a small hvac business ,i will also move to the philippines very soon the people the woman are so dam nice that will be my home very soon ,also hoping to find a wife there also

    • I have small HVAC business here in NY. I will be closing up my business at the end of the year. I am actually moving to the Philippines in 2018.

  14. Hi. Excuse me but Iam Japhet from Libreville/Gabon/ Center Africa. I don’t speak english very well. I find u’re article very interessant for any traveler, black people first. French version: la culture en Asie du sud-ouest n’est pas tr√®s loin de la n√ītre.En effet, nous avons en commun le m√™me climat, la m√™me v√©g√©tation, donc les m√™mes aliments, m√™me s’il faut reconna√ģtre que la leur fait plus dans le raffinement, mais nous aussi on s’y emploi. Et au fond d’eux, ils savent pour une large frange, que les premiers habitants de cet archipel et de ce sous continent sont des N√©gro-Africains, venus du continent Africains. Au fil du temps, les asiatiques(chinois particuli√®rement) ont envahi et colonis√© ces contr√©es, poussant les peaux noirs √† s’isoler dans les for√™ts, dans de petites √ģles et en montagnes, ou √† se soumettre au m√©tissage.

  15. I am a Filipina and I’m proud to say that Philippines is the best country to live. People are very warm. Yummy foods, nice beaches and nice weather. Thank you for this blog.
    Proud Filipina here. God bless everyone

  16. Filipinos do not like black people. you only get respected as a black person if you have money and from America other than that they prefer whites. They have temper and their cheating rate is very high. When you are dating or is married to a filipina, you will be marrying all her family including the extended. They do not trust any other nationality except their own, even if you marry her and send her in any part of the world, her heart will still be at her place and she will want her children to be trained in Philippine.
    They appear respectful, caring and have a can do anything attitude but majority of them are actually wolves in sheep clothing. They are territorial, possessive and can go to any length to get a man. If you found one and are actually happy with her (fooling you) go ahead, be happy.

  17. If you are a black man thinking of moving to Philippines ask your partner of the Aeta/ Ati tribe of the Philippines without googling it and listen to her. These are the Negros of Philippines. At times I wonder what is wrong with the black men, you need to fix your tribe and stop running around the whole world trying to fix other tribes and culture that will throw you out the moment you are no more useful to them. There is definitely something wrong with the black race.

  18. most of what joory said is true filipinos do like white men more ,cause few reason most of them wants to have half white half filipinos babies ,,most of the actors and actress are half white half philipinos .most go to the malls to get out the sun ,most bleach their skin to get white,,some believe having half white half philipinos babies thats their way out of their current situation.when u marry a philipino lady u also marry into the family ,NOT MARRY THE FAMILY.fellows am a BLACK MAN ,i am going to marry a philipino lady i am 50 she is 38 years old.MEN OF ALL RACES , having a philipino wife ,you must set ur agenda how u would want it weathers u live here in america or in others parts of the world or in the philippines . YOU ARE THE MAN THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE LIKE GOD THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH.i was also there in the military i was a marine now after 27 years i am back there again to find my wife which i found her. men try to chose or try to find the right lady for you , forget about who dont like who just find the correct one for you.thanks fellows

    • You idiots need to stop with this “Phillipinas like white men better” Shit… Only a black man with a low sense of self worth would think that.

  19. Everton you are right.You find who is right for you and forget about what color a person is! You love whoever makes you feel happy! Im married to a ilocona and im black and we have a 2 year old daughter together. My wife has a lot of half black and filipino Americans on her side of the family. And we did not meet in a bar… I have been all throughout the Philippines and they love Black men there and they treated me like a celebrity. .. JOORY does not know what he is talking about and his comment was ignorant…But they do marry fat old white man who give them money.but they rather have sex with a black…im 37 yrs old and im at 19 yrs in the Air Force. I experienced it all in the Philippines in the past..joory is an idiot and he is wrong!

  20. Lived there for 13 consecutive years and loved every minute of it. I agree wholeheartedly with this article, it is an accurate assessment of how and what to expect. Like they say, “you don’t know what the sweetest is unless you had tasted the bitterest.”

  21. I think this is a great forum. I’m a 51 year old black man been looking at going to the Philippines for years now (gotta pay Uncle Sam some back money before I can get a passport). Any suggestions on the best places to visit as my first trip? Which places to stay away from? Does anyone suggest finding a lady on one of the dating websites first (if so, which one)? Finally, what are good sources of income there if someone doesn’t have big dollars from a retirement and SSI might not be around when I’m ready to retire…thanks

  22. Hi @Scovens, for your trip I would look around suitable communities areas where you would like to live. I like the Lipa Batangas area, its close enough to the city and to the beach for a bit of diving on the weekends. A typical new 3 or 4 bedroom is around 3 or 4 million peso (You just need to find a loving woman to share it with). I dont like the built up areas plus the pricing is prohibitive, places like Makati and around the metro. I have a long table and short wall philosophy and am happy to help out locally where I can but dont lend anyone any money. I would advise caution with websites, maybe check out your local Philippino scene where you are. They are all over the world as amazing OFW’s. These are ladies who have chosen to leave behind everything and start again in a new country. Most will be supporting family, kids and relatives and have a fantastic mind set. Take your time. Running a business in the Philippines is a hit and miss affair. Generally the bigger it is the better the chance it will be profitable, otherwise you should research more here. You dont want to run out of money. I lived in Thailand for 10 years before moving to the Philippines. I spend my time now between Singapore and Lipa and am very happy. I have loving wife who is 33, I’m 50 this year and we have a beautiful daughter. We both also have kids from our previous relationships.. This country has its faults but its fun loving people and ways make me very happy to be here. Compared to my old life in the UK it amazing. For people of colour, Philippineos dont hold race against anyone or alternatively elevate them. They are a very trusting people who will treat you with grace, humor and respect unless you give them reason not to. My final advice is stay away from the bar and sex scene. I’ve never heard of a story that works out and have sadly heard so many that dont and worse. Life is to short for too much heartache. Best you relax with people you love and whom love you, and enjoy the things that make you happy.


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