Black American vs Black Brazilian Women: Which is Better for Relationships?

It’s a common question among men and women in the black community:

Why do Black Men Travel to Brazil?

Seriously, what is exactly so special about it? I could go on and on about the many advantages of Brazil for men, but you can read about those in my previous post: 10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Brazil.

In this post, I’m going to SHOW you exactly why brothas run to the airport every chance they get.

Case Study Participants

In this case study, you will watch two groups of black women: American and Brazilian.

Exhibit A: The Black Brazilian Woman (Brazil)


Exhibit B: The Black American Woman (United States)


Our Experiment

Using real life video footage, I will attempt to explain the major differences between Black American women vs Black Brazilian women.

In order to conduct a fair experiment, I will show you 3rd party video footage that is not edited nor tampered with. The footage was taken by a friend of Charles Tyler, the leader in the Black man’s movement to Brazil.

Sit back and watch firsthand the key differences then you tell me: Are brothas crazy for leaving the matrix USA or should they put up with it?

Watch the Video

The video is 18 minutes long but I want to present this video to you in the middle of the action.

Starting at 11:00, you are listening to exhibit B arguing with Charles Tyler (the man in the Steelers jersey) and another escaped Matrix USA survivor about why Black men should put up with the hell in the United States.

Suddenly, you will see Exhibit A grab Charles Tyler’s attention and hand him what appears to be a caprihina. She is very slim and beautiful. Charles Tyler cannot help but interact with this beautiful Brazilian lady as she shows off her feminine energy while playing touching and flirting with Charles.

Meanwhile, you notice Exhibit B’s appearance. She is argumentative, dyes her hair red, and refuses to make peace with her Black American brother.

After a few magical moments, Charles Tyler and Exhibit A finish talking and she walks off gracefully to another part of the beach. You notice Charles Tyler’s demeanor change in an instant as he rejoins the energy draining argument about why black men should shut up and stay in the United States where Black American women want them to remain.

Case Study Results

Here’s a few takeaways from this experiment.

Black American Women are (not all but mostly):

  • Bossy
  • Argumentative
  • Controlling
  • Disrespectful
  • Loud
  • Angry
  • Wanna be men

Black Brazilian women are (not all but mostly):

  • Kind
  • Attentive
  • Submissive
  • Feminine
  • Peaceful
  • Happy
  • Women as God’s created them

There you have it folks!

What more do I need to say? Watch the video yourself and you know exactly why Black men travel to brazil. If it’s not clear, then I will spell it out for you.

Black Brazilian Women are REAL women who love being women!

Most Brazilian women love showing off their feminine nature and cater to black men like kings.

Meanwhile in the United States, I see black women treating black men like slaves, servants, sperm donors, human dildos, and a walking wallet.

The difference is like day and night.

If you are a black man and are sick and tired of the BS in Matrix USA, then come to Brazil brotha!

Here’s a few steps you can take:

  1. Get your passport!
  2. Join Charles Tyler’s Brazil Facebook Group to connect with your peers.
  3. Read my guide to making money and finances in Brazil
  4. Start with a 7 day trip. Get your feet wet first.
  5. Buy my Rio de Janeiro for Beginners guide at Amazon for only $3!
  6. Book your plane ticket and rent an apartment by the beach using Rio Rentals for Less.
  7. Enjoy your trip.

It’s that simple, brothas. I want to make things easy for you.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments or send an email to:

Your friend,


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  1. Black women in Brazil, rest of Latin America, and African countries are way easy to date, fall in love, have sex, befriend, marry, etc.

    Black American women (most of them) are pretty much the opposites.

    • As an expat who has lived in Brasil for more than ten years, and who happens to be back in the U.S. temporarily to take care of some family business, I am shocked at how the majority of the black women I see are fat, obese, or exceedingly overweight, wearing fake “Brasilian” hair, sickly, and in poor health. No one seems to exercise and many of them eat unhealthy fast foods. I am sorry to say they are in a bad state and there is just no real comparison. In general, they neither have the beauty or healthy bodies of Brasileiras…tchau.

      • Yes. Well, that is poverty for you in the USA. You know what? No matter how much we cry out, we need a black Bill Gates to help change all of that. Until then, enjoy your travels.

  2. There are all types of women in every culture. On the movie “The Brothers” Bill Belamy’s character thought he could escape negative black women by dating a white women. But he found that all women are women. Human. He didn’t have a loving mother, initially. Because she was hurting and embittered by his father. Experiences sometimes shape our behavior as people, men and women. But we have to fight to stay positive. Or else we will attract negativity to ourselves. Some of these posts tell me that some black men have negative experiences with American black ladies so they date other cultures expecting to find a more peaceful experience. And that maybe the case sometimes. That is great but you are still getting a human being. The expectation of perfection in other cultures is unrealistic. We are all human. That goes for women too.

  3. You speak the truth.

    I really believe that I can physically tell the difference between an American woman and a foreign woman.

    If a man wants a woman who allows him to be who he truly is and who he truly wants to be, he should go overseas. He would have no regrets.

    White American men are going to Ukraine and Russia because they want to meet/date/marry better white women; black American men are going to Latin America and others…I love it.

  4. The Black American women that are shown are fully clothed and married but the Black Brazilian women are single and wearing bikinis. The Black American women must be doing something right since they are married; although the American women featured aren’t the best examples to use.

    • Once again, a series of broad-sweeping, culturally intolerant generalizations. A comparison of “fully clothed” vs. “wearing bikinis,” as though that is some indication of moral status. What must be understood is that different cultures have different standards for dress. American women have been indoctrinated to accept and practice Victorian values handed down from Great Britain. On the other hand, Brasilian women have been socialized to accept and practice Portuguese values handed down from Europe. Another interesting difference that impacts this practice is the climate. For the most part, the climate in the U.S. is cold, wet, damp except for California (by the way, many women can been seen in Bikinis in Southern California in stores, malls, in just about all of the beach cities) and the climate in Portugal is warm and close to the sea, scenic, almost tropical. The same is true for Brasil (especially the beach cities). Further, you don’t see Brasilian women running around in Bikinis in places like São Paulo, Gramada, or cities in Southern Brasil where it is cold and where there is snow. In my opinion, this is not something that reflects a very good comparison.

    • The black American women you see are tense, unhappy and wearing weave. The Brazilian women are radiant and happy and no tattoos all over plus just downright beautiful. I dare anyone to say I hate black women. I just hate the traits that the American black women exhibit and the endless, relentless bullshit. If American black women were like these women outside the matrix we would not be having this conversation. Soon as I’m able to get away I’m there.

  5. woowww instead of uplifting us like we always do for yall this is what we get. black women in brazil and america are beautiful. they are both black, you will see black women who are bossy in brazil and women who are submissive in america. these were based off stereotypes and a few women you have met. smh. brazil is cool but the police brutality out there is wayyy worse than in America .

  6. I have never replied to anything before; however, this time is a must. Black women have to be strong and have to be in control. Unfortunately, Black women have to be this way because we (most) of the time…are the bread winners, the backbone, the foundation, the peace, the motivator. Why? It is because of our history, and what we have to do in the present. The lack of strong Black fathers, who have either left before the child was born or during. Those who have cheated, and decide to leave one family and start a new one. We have to endure for our families. I give credit for the beautiful, strong, Black family men out there, who are putting it down. Please, believe you need to check your facts a little more.

    • American black men are usually not in the picture because the government incentivized American black woman kicking the men out of the house in order to attain welfare benefits back in the early 70’s. Before then, most black people were married before age 25. Black women were used as pawns in the first and second waves of feminism, which largely benefited white women at the detriment of black families. Many black women who raise children in a single parent situation (like the one where I grew up in) claim to be independent yet rely on government, family, and child support to maintain their standard of living. Moreover, they use their children as ammunition against the fathers of those kids, often resulting in the children growing up hating their dad without ever hearing the other side of the story. Many black women are indoctrinated by feminism into believing that they are so strong and don’t need a man, when in all reality it is men who built the very civilization (roads, buildings, cars, machinery, and literally everything in the physical world); and though so many black women love to scream that they can do fine on their own, the children that they raise are subject to wind up in prison, have countless emotional issues, are disadvantaged since they grew up without strong male energy influencing their lives, and have to learn how to become men and women based on observation since there is no father in the picture. The same women who claim to be the backbone of the black community play the victim; they place all of the blame on black men failing to realize that they are often very bad at choosing suitable men to procreate with. You know, the level headed, reliable and responsible type of black men. Good black men are often ignored while black women get knocked up by thugs, d-boys, and dysfunctional males who will not marry them or take care of their children like real men. It is a two way street here, but black women love to throw all of the blame on black men and it is really obvious as to why we travel elsewhere to find wives/girlfriends to be in relationships with..I left the US in 2011 and met my wife 2 weeks after touching down in Germany..yet when I was stateside I couldn’t find 1 black woman that was above 22 without a child already. The pickings are slim and of course I am not speaking about all black women, but all of my homies who are in the states are either with a non black American woman or they are single and complain to me all the time about how most of them simply do not have the right qualities to be a wife or to be taken serious in a relationship.

      • Mike,

        Should we really believe that while Black women have been led astray by feminism, welfare, American culture, etc., Black MEN have remained staunch paragons of morality and family values? Should we really believe that although Black men can be neatly divided between “good Black men” and “thugs,” Black women are predominantly relying on government, getting knocked up, etc.? If you allow for a sizable number of good Black men, then how come you don’t allow for a sizable number of Good black women? I too was raised in a single-family home and my mother never said an ill word about my father – and he STILL stayed away.

        I’m not hear to proclaim that one side is good or bad – I just hate the constant harping on Black women’s inadequacies as if Black men have all their shit together. I don’t know any woman that prefers the meager offerings of welfare over the comfort associated with a good husband earning decent wages. i know MY WIFE doesn’t want to trade our lifestyle for public housing and food stamps. Many of the women I know in that situation are there because their child’s father does not adequately provide for them, NOT BECAUSE the woman doesn’t want the father’s involvement/assistance.

        Two themes that are common to many of these articles are the relatively lower cost of living in these countries and the low cost of @ss. Though I think American society IS warped in some aspects, I think you guys should be honest with yourselves and simply admit that you want an easier and cheaper road to kingship; an inexpensive wife whose economically disadvantaged background makes her appreciative of the life you can provide on a relatively meager budget (“$1,000/mo”). Not hating – just stating facts that I wish you’d state, too.

    • Good Afternoon Janesse , this is Ronald residing in Dallas , Tx. Your comment is very interesting and needs to be addressed . I can see you are a woman that has the ( Gift of Discernment ) that notice this type of situation that may seem crazy , misunderstood , or a double standard . Allow me to clear up the craziness . Certain American Women that have the same attributes of Brazilian Women is a positive thing . A Super Plus ! The problem is that she’s giving those attributes and characteristics to the WRONG MEN ! ! ! Therefore , these No Good Men call them whores and slut-shame them . ” Now on the other hand , if she’s giving these attributes , characteristics , and qualities to a Good Man that is Husband Material do you think he will call her those names ? ? ? Absolutely Not ! ! ! In his Eyes she’s Beautiful on the Outside , Beautiful on the Inside , and Sweet All the Way Through ! He can’t wait to put A Ring On It ! Have a Beautiful Day ! ! !

    • No Suri , First of all let me say that I reside in Dallas , Tx. and see this stuff all the time . A Good Black Man that is Husband Material needs , wants , and desires and a Good Black Woman that is Wifey Material . . . POINT BLANK ! ! ! Now Suri , I’m talking about the Good Black Men ONLY ! If this Black Man is a Gentle Man and treating you like a Queen then aren’t you suppose to treat him like A King ? ? ? That’s what us ( Good Black Men ) are talking about . I’m glad you notice the difference in Exhibit A as oppose to Exhibit B in the video starting @ ( 11:00 ) . Also to back up my point even further , open up your Bible to Proverbs 18:22 . ( Yes I Am A Man Of God ) ( Reading From The King James Version ) ” Whoso findeth a “Wife” findeth a good thing , and obtaineth favour of the Lord . ” Now did God say a ” female ” ? No ! Did God say a ” girl ” No ! Did God say a ” woman ” No ! You see where all of this is going . . . . God said a ” WIFE ” ! ! ! You have women then you have Wives . You have men then you have Husbands . Now you see the difference and understand what God is saying in Proverbs 18:22 . In conclusion , he has to be Husband Material and she has to be Wifey Material or else its not going to work .