Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Afro-Brazilian Women

Sheron Menezzes

Black is beautiful. There is no mistaking the stunning beauty of these Afro Brazilian Women who made a difference and changed the usual western standard of beauty effortlessly.

1. Camila Alves

A American-Brazilian model and designer born in Brazil, Camila is wife to Hollywood actor Matthew Mcconaughey

Camila Alves

2. Tais Araujo

Aa stunningly beautiful villain, Tais is a protagonist in most Brazilian drama shows.

Tais Araujo

3. Adriana Bombom

A Brazilian dancer, model, television host, and actress.

Adriana Bombom


4. Sheron Menezzes

A dashing Brazilian TV show and movie actress who starred in many different movies and telenovelas.

Sheron Menezzes

5. Fabiana Claudino

Bless with beauty and strength, Fabiana is a Brazilian volleyball player who made her debut for the Brazilian national team against Croatia.

6. Raquel Villar

A Brazilian movie star

Raquel Villar

7. Ana Bela Santos

A Brazilian model with pout lips like those of Angelina’s.

Ana Bela Santos

8. Rojane Fradique

A runway model who has also done print work for Yves Saint Laurent.

Rojane Fradique

9. Juliana Alves

Juliana Alves de Oliveira is a Brazilian actress and model, known to participate in the reality show Big Brother Brasil 3 in 2003

10. Quitéria Chagas

Brazilian actress, dancer and model

Quitéria Chagas

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Written by James Burdon

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  1. Funny how the title is “Black afro Brazilian”and the 2nd image is of a mestiza ( majoritarily Indian American and White mix) with straight hair. No wonder why Westerners don’t know what Black people look like. I have the same kind of mix and some Black and White people ask if I am part Black. Um no. There are more mixes than just Black and White. Mind you, Mexicans, Northern Indians, Mestizos, and any brown people think I am from their ethnicity which is closer as I consider.

    • Most Brazilians have some African ancestry (even if it’s less than 10%). Of course they ask because you probably have some African DNA that you haven’t traced. Even white Europeans have African genes. I don’t understand what you are talking about. Perhaps you should take a proper DNA test then share your results in the comments. Thanks for your opinion.

    • Her hair is straightened and while yes I’m sure she has lots of European /Indian blood that does take alway from the African genes. She identifies as Afro Brazilian so respect that. Stop comparing ppl to yourself and how you identify.

      • If that’s the case why not show Caucasian looking Brazilians then? I feel what you said/done contradicts the point of this article, which is to show us black men that there are an abundance of gorgeous women in Brazil with strong African genes.

  2. “BLACK”, “AFRO”. Last updated in August 2017. Update the list again and/or just drop the black and afro.

  3. These women are some of the most beautiful women in the modeling business today. Breath taking, intelligent truly remarkable.

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