Black Expat Gives Tour of His Manila Condo Apartment in the Philippines (Video)

MikeThePI Guide, a regular contributor to ExpatKings, gives a guided tour of his Manila condo apartment in the Philippines. It’s a big 4 bedroom condo with a gym, pool and gameroom in the building.

Getting a long term in Manila is fairly easy for expats/tourists. Most long term condos cost between $300 to $600 depending on where you stay in Manila.

Most agents require a 2 months deposit and 1 month advance before you move into your condo. If your rent costs $300 per month, then you need $900 upfront to finalize the deal.

You can find 6 month or 12 month leases as well as short term 1 month agreements. Usually, you will save a bit of money with longer lease.

Where to Find Manila Condos For Rent

  • AirBNB – Best for short term rentals
  • RentPad – Best for long term rentals
  • OLX – Lots of cheap condos but lower quality
  • Lamundi – Sometimes has cheap deals

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2 thoughts on “Black Expat Gives Tour of His Manila Condo Apartment in the Philippines (Video)”

  1. Nice Video, and good for us promoting the Philippines., Its seldom to see foreign individuals advertising Philippines., We advocate being a Filipino and proud of it., Please do, videos in provinces too like in Iloilo Negros, and Cebu., you’ll find our country amusing., Thanks for it.

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