10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Live In the Nordic Countries

For years we have been bamboozled on the notion of the “American dream.” Well brothas we have woken up from this dream and realized it’s actually a nightmare. In reality, you’ll have a better chance of living that dream if you move to the Nordic countries.

The Nordic countries consists of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

Norid Countries

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should live in the Nordics:

1) Quality of life

In the 2019 USNews.com’s Quality of Life rankings list, there is no other region that could top the Nordic countries. Out of 80 countries on this list, each country (excluding Iceland) is ranked in the top 10. Sweden ranks 2nd behind Canada, Denmark and Norway are at the 3rd and 4th spots, and Finland comes at the 6th spot. Unfortunately, the U.S. has some catching up to do at the 17th spot. Taxes are high in the Nordics but at least you can see where your tax money is going.

2) Good education (and even free in some countries)

I have to admit that the U.S. is doing really well in the education department. Many of our colleges are some of the best in the world but unfortunately, they will cost you an arm and a leg in tuition fees. Good luck with the admissions too because these colleges aren’t easy to get enrolled in. If you’re just looking for a good education without the hassle then the Nordic countries could be your answer.

3) Work/life balance

If you search the term “rat race” in the dictionary, you should see a big picture of the US flag next to it. In the US, your average American works 44 hours a week and employers don’t guarantee paid vacation time. The average work week in the Nordic countries are less with Denmark at 32, Finland at 36, Iceland at 39, Norway at 34, and Sweden at 36. Also, each country gives workers 25 vacation days with the exception of Iceland at 24.

4) Healthcare

Citizens receive free healthcare and as an expat you can take advantage of the healthcare benefits too. Enough said!

5) Safety

The Nordic countries are some of the safest in the world. On Safearound.com, Iceland ranks 1st, Denmark is 2nd, Finland is 6th, Norway is 9th, and Sweden is 17th. The U.S. is ranked at 49th. We have to admit that for a first world country and global economic powerhouse, America is a violent country. Religious terrorists, street gangs, police brutality, white supremacists, gun violence etc. are all big problems in the US. These things can happen anywhere in the world but in America it happens a lot.

6) Great for raising children

If you’re a parent or want to start a family then the Nordic countries are perfect. According to USNews.com, four of the Nordic countries are ranked in the top 5. Sweden is ranked 1st, Denmark ranks 2nd, Norway ranks 3rd, and Finland ranks 5th.

7) Great Air and Water Quality

The most populated U.S. cities are polluted with smoggy air (pointing at you Los Angeles) and some cities have contaminated water (what’s up Flint). Lately there has been a water crisis in my hometown Newark, NJ and even our nation’s capital Washington D.C. has water contamination issues. The Nordics don’t have these problems at all. According to Numbeo.com, the Nordic countries are ranked the least air polluted countries. Finland is ranked 1st, Iceland is 2nd, Sweden is 3rd, Norway is 5th, and Denmark is 6th. As for the water quality, all of the Nordic countries are ranked as some of the highest in the world. I don’t bother to purchase bottled water in Finland and my coffee has been tasting a lot better too.

8) Saunas

There is an abundance of saunas in the Nordics and in Finland it’s a big part of the culture. The first saunas were originated in Finland. Public saunas are everywhere and most people have a sauna in their homes and summer cabins. Even if you’re renting an apartment you will be blessed with a sauna. Most apartment complexes have saunas for residents and many people have personal saunas in the bathroom. In the states, this is a luxury but it’s a way of life here. There are many health benefits from consistently using saunas fellas.

9) Upward mobility

Income inequality is low and upward mobility is high in the Nordics. Everyone from locals to refugees will get an even playing field. Many refugees are getting asylum in the Nordics, getting educated, and pursuing careers while changing the lives of their families.

10) Eco-friendly

Residents in the Nordics are all about recycling and taking care of the environment. The streets are clean and there is hardly any trash on the ground.

These are all solid reasons why you should consider living in the Nordics. Life here is pretty good despite the high taxes and freezing winter weather. Also we can’t forget that the women are beautiful and they love Black Americans.

10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Live In the Nordic Countries”

  1. Thanks for the article…I just saw deals on Secret Flying for Oslo Norway and Stockholm Sweden for under $350. I’m considering a short trip.

  2. Q Wilson..I read your story and yes, things are tense here in the U.S. at the moment. Glad you made it out of that situation alive. I was actually in Houston this past labor day weekend and was amazed that you can be in a nice area one minute and a virtual warzone the next. I will visit Sweden, Finland and Norway at some point but living there permanently, man, that cold weather won’t work for me lol. If and when i do leave the US for most of the year if not for good, it will more than likely be the DR or Colombia, the latter of which I am visiting in November. Great article!

    • Thanks brotha, yeah Houston is strange like that man. Also, there are a lot of home burglaries going on in Houston and that’s because those nice neighborhoods are easily accessible. I grew up in NJ so I’ve been through the winter before but it’s been awhile! I’m mentally trying to prepare for this upcoming Finnish winter! Lol


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