10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to France

Are you looking for an amazing trip to a historic country that’s filled with wonder, delicious food, beautiful women, and some of the world’s most iconic landmarks?

I spent 1 month in France several years ago and it was one of the most eyeopening trips on my life. I experienced everything from delicious French food to spending the evening playing basketball under the Eiffel Tower.

France has a lot of wonderful things to offer black men if you are willing to take the plunge and get that passport ready.

1. France is Filled With Beautiful, Historic Landmarks

If you are into cultural experiences, then France offers some of the most historic landmarks you may ever find in a European country. You have tons of different things to do and seen in cities like Paris including:

  • The Eiffel Tower – One of the wonders of the world.
  • The Louvre Museum – Home of the historic Mona Lisa painting
  • Champs Elysee – A famous street in Paris filled with world class shopping malls, dining and monuments

It’s no surprise that France, especially Paris, is one of the most visited cities in the world. You will find yourself on a cultural journey that will take weeks to complete. If you are into historical findings, then France is definitely a country to add to your list.

2. Many Black People Have Successfully Transitioned into French Culture

France is historically known as a safe haven for black men ever since the 1950’s. Black people have found a new home in France and contributed to the society in many ways.

Nowadays, you will find most of the black immigrants are West Africans from francophone countries. Many black people have found jobs, schooling and a new outlook on life by moving to France.

Now that France is a top 5 economy, there is even greater opportunity for black men who are tired of the West and need a fresh start. If you are ready to tackle French and have a sparkle in your eye, then try traveling to Paris and see what’s in store for you.

3. The Food in France is Delicious and Healthy

France is well known for its cuisine and the country sports a wide variety of delicious snacks, appetizers and main courses to pique your appetite.

Take a stroll down the street and grab a coffee at one of France’s many street cafes. Afterwards, head to a local restaurant and try a delicious slice of French-style pizza with no cheese. For dinner, dine at one of France’s many buzzing restaurants and enjoy the mouth warming food before heading out to for the night.

The downside is that food in France is slightly expensive and even more so than food prices in America. Here’s a quick rundown of food prices to give you some examples (Note: Prices are in euros):

  • Lunch in Paris usually costs 18,5 – 30,8 USD = 15 – 25 EUR
  • For example, salad, mussels, dessert and drink 22,1 USD = 18 EUR
  • Dinner with wine in a restaurant 55,4 – 67,7 USD = 45 – 55 EUR for two
  • Cup of coffee in a cafe 4,9 – 8,6 USD = 4 – 7 EUR
  • Piece of cake 3,7 – 7,4 USD = 3 – 6 EUR
  • Big sandwich 3,7 – 6,2 USD = 3 – 5 EUR
  • Glass of red wine from 4,9 USD = 4 EUR

If you are into cooking, then you can head to any of France’s supermarkets and buy your own food. This is what I did during the 2nd half of my trip to save money. If you’re spending a lot on your AirBNB or hotel room, then you’ll need to find somewhere to cut costs.

4. Learning French Will Open a Lot of Doors to Francophone Countries and West Africa

When I had a choice between French and Spanish in high school, I chose Spanish without thinking about the long term. Learning Spanish helped me immensely in Latin America but when I started traveling to West Africa, Europe and Asia I realized how important French is.

French is a must learn language if you plan on traveling to West Africa and Europe. So many people use French to communicate with people from different countries and you will open so many doors if you learn it now.

Learning basic French will make your trip so much easier because I really struggled to find English speakers during my stay in Paris. Pick up a French pocket dictionary and download a few language learning apps before your trip to practice French.

Not only will your trip be much more interesting, but you will gain access to a ton of French women who speak little to no English.

5. French Women are Stylish, Sexy and in Great Shape

French women are some of the most stylish and in shape women on the planet. You will be shocked at how many lean, tight bodied women there are in France. Not only do French women have great bodies, but they eat healthy food and take good care of themselves.

Western women are notorious for being overweight and out of shape (possibly due to poor food choices and the hoards of desperate men on dating/social media apps). Whatever the reason, they seem less interested in maintaining a normal weight and becoming attractive to men.

On the other hand, French women walk a lot everyday, eat lots of healthy foods, and dress very well to show off their sexy bodies. You will see so many gorgeous women in just one day of walking around the city. The best part is many of these women are from other parts of the world like West Africa, North Africa, Southern Europe and Asia.

These women are hot and they know it. However, I never felt like French women were overconfident or stuck up. They know how to be feminine without acting like a complete idiot (Sorry, western ladies).

If you are looking for in-shape black ladies who are fine and stylish, then France is definitely a country that will open your eyes.

6. Getting Around France is Easy and Affordable

France is a country where few people drive cars because public transportation is easy, affordable and practical. You have many options to choose from including subway, bikes trains, taxis, ride sharing apps and buses. The metro system in Paris runs extremely smoothly and it’s very easy to get around the city without any hassles.

If you are sick and tired of sitting in traffic for hours just to get around town, then France will be a breathe of fresh air. Not needing a car is liberating and you will lose weight due to all the extra walking.

Public transportation is also a great place to meet women because French women are very friendly and you can easily strike up a conversion on the metro. Start with a simple “Bonjour (Hello)” and see where things go.

7. Dangerous Weapons and Guns are illegal in France

One of the many complains I hear from brothas is the rise in gun and police violence. This is a legitimate concern because you want to feel safe during your trip. It’s good to know that guns are illegal in France and you don’t have to worry about violent crimes as much as you do in America. In fact, France is one of the safest countries in the world when it comes to gun violence.

I walked around Paris many times at night and had zero problems. It is an extremely safe city and you won’t find any trouble unless you are looking for it. The only thing you may have to worry about is pickpockets at many of the crowded markets.

I recommend carrying a waist fanny pack or ID holder to secure your belongings while walking around. Not only do you need to worry about pickpockets, but you may accidentally drop something out of your pocket. This happens very often while getting in and out of taxis and the metro. Be sure to check that you didn’t let anything fall out of your pockets.

8. French Culture Embraces Black People

I was expecting a lot of racism before my trip to France, but I was really shocked at how the people treated me. French culture really embraces black people more so than most people think.

Yes, there is racism everywhere but you will find it much worse in America and other parts of the world than in France.

I had zero problems with the police.

Nobody stared me down or tried to get confrontational with me.

French women allowed me to approach and I didn’t feel rejected because I was black.

You will really surprised at how French cultures treats you so I suggest you leave all your preconceived notions at the airport and come to France with an open mind.

9. The Weather is Excellent During the Spring and Summer

Summer in France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because you will love this country during its warmer months. When I visited Paris in August, I loved every moment of the beautiful weather, cool nights and gorgeous French women walking around in their sun dresses.

Now, I warn you because France gets Really cold in the fall and the winter. I don’t recommend visiting then unless you don’t mind cold weather.

The best months to visit France are April to August if you want to experience the best weather.

10. You Will Have the Experience of a Lifetime

My trip to France taught me a lot  and really changed my perspection of being black in Europe. I met so many cool people and really enjoyed living in a clean, forward thinking, productive country.

Of course, I also spent a lot of money in France during my 1 month stay. It cost me over $3,000 including everything from food, hotels and nightlife. If you really budget your money, then you can spend around $1,300 to $2,000 per month living in France.

Remember: France uses the Euro so everything seems much more expensive for Americans. France isn’t the place to visit if you are more of a budget traveler. You will have more fun in places like Eastern Europe or Asia.

My advice is to really save up enough money so you can spend freely and not worry about the frustrating exchange rate.

Some of my most fond memories are from my trip to France and I plan on spending a lot more time in Europe in the near future.


France is a wonderful country for black men to visit and I hope this article inspires you to do research and learn more about the country. If you need help planning a trip, then you can contact me and let me know how I can help you.

What was your experience in France like? Did you enjoy your trip? Please share your personal thoughts & experiences in the comment section below.

What do you think?

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  1. This blog post does motivate a person like myself to go to France.

    I may think that I am going to be racially discriminated in a fancy country like France or Italy or even Ukraine.

    But, I am treated much better than I am in United States.

    Now, I want to go back to Paradise.

  2. I would love to visit Paris, France!!! Sites like the Eiffel Tower would make a great photo op!!! Tarik Pierce I would also like to add that France is also home to the world famous “Paris Airshow” and the “LeMans 24 Hour” Gt racing if you happen to be a fan. Not to mention the southern part of France has some world famous beaches as well (such as Cannes)!!!