10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to the Philippines

Want to know why black men are flocking to the Philippines recently? Thailand has always been a popular tourist destination for many reasons, but the Philippines is quietly emerging as a popular travel destination for brothas.

The Philippines is a country made up of over 7,000 islands in the Eastern Pacific Ocean near Malaysia and just off the coast of China. Many years ago, the Spanish came to the Philippines under the rule of King Philip II and colonized the country.

This influenced the culture of the Philippines and you will notice many similarities to Spain including their national language, Tagalog. After the Spanish came to the Philippines, America took over and introduced a lot of American culture that still exists in the country today.

For example, Filipinos speak very good English – arguably the best English in Asia. They also love basketball and enjoy American pop culture, music and style. This is one of the reasons why many black men make the successful transition to life in the Philippines.

In this article, you will learn 10 reasons why black men should travel to the Philippines and possibly consider living here and becoming a long term expat.

1. The Original Filipinos are Black

The Negritos

Before the Spanish colonists arrived in the Philippines, the original inhabitants of this island nation were black. The Negritos (aka the Aeta people) are the original people of the Philippines and migrated to the islands’ thousands of years before the Spanish arrived.

They still exist today in the mountainous regions of Luzon island but are unfortunately isolated from modern day society. They live in small villages using the same survival techniques they used thousands of years ago.

You will rarely see them in big cities but you can easily travel to their villages in Pampanga (around 45 minutes drive from the Philippines capital, Manila).

Still to this day, many Filipinos possess facial features and characteristics of the Negritos, which means black culture is forever embedded in Filipino society.

2. English is Widely Spoken

One of the nice things about the Philippines is that English is widely spoken throughout the country. Most Filipinos learn English in school and you can easily have conversations with them, even complete strangers. It’s important to learn Tagalog (the national language) but you can get very lazy and use English everywhere.

This is one of the reasons why many brothas move to the Philippines and date/marry Filipino women. The language barrier isn’t so great like Thailand, Colombia, or Brazil. If you are older, then you’ll probably want to communicate in English to save time and effort. This makes the Philippines one of the best travel destinations for men over 50.

3. The Weather is Warm All Year Round

I’m writing this article during the Philippines summer and the weather is absolutely excellent. It’s sunny and warm. No snowstorms or crazy cold weather. The Philippines has two distinct seasons: wet and dry season.

If you are sick and tired of dealing with hazardous weather, then the Philippines will be a breath of fresh air. Many travelers and locals walk around in t-shirts, shorts and sandals year round. The weather is excellent in the cities and even better at the local beaches.

4. Cost of Living is 75% Cheaper than Western Countries

After living in the Philippines for several months, I am shocked at how much cheaper everything is in the Philippines compared to the United States.

Everything from food to clothing is around 75 to 80% cheaper than most western countries.

Here’s a sample of a few items for sale in the Philippines:

  • Furnished Apartment in Safe Business District: $500
  • Designer T-shirt: $5
  • Large Domino’s Pizza: $5
  • 12 Foot Long Subway Sandwich: $4
  • Grab Taxi across the city: $5
  • Monthly Cable with 100+ Channels: $10
  • Unlimited Text & Calls for 1 month: $8

These prices are so cheap and affordable, especially if you earn a western salary. Your dollar/pound goes so much further in the Philippines.

My cost of living in the Philippines was easily under $1,000 per month and I went out partying almost every night. If you decide to stay in and save your money, you can live off of $500 or less.

5. Find Apartments for As Little as $200

Philippines Apartments

My friend and I tried to share an apartment in Washington, DC and the cheapest unfurnished apartment we could find was $1,200.

What about the Philippines?

I have a friend from San Diego, CA who pays just $200 per month for a big 1-bedroom apartment in a safe Manila neighborhood.

You can save even more money if you stay in a hostel. There are several Makati hostels that accept long term monthly guest for just $150 per month. You’ll share a bed with several people but your cost of living is rock bottom.

You can either go out every night or simply save your money and fund your retirement/start a business.

6. Nightlife is ridiculously Affordable

Manila Z Hostel Rooftop

When I lived in the United States, I have to avoid the nightlife because it runs me around $100+ per night out. Partying in cities like NYC or Miami can cost you a fortune if you buy everything from taxis, drinks, food and the nightcap.

How about in the Philippines? You can enter very high end upscale nightclubs for just $10 cover charge. Drinks cost only $4. There are rooftop bars that only require you start a tab of just $4. The best part is you’ll party with a mix of foreigners and locals so you can meet local Filipinos or hot foreign chicks for bargain prices.

After living in the Philippines, I began to enjoy going out again because I am not destroying my bank account.

7. Philippines Police is Friendly and Non-Confrontational

Philippines Police

After speaking with many brothas overseas, I understand the major concerns about police brutality in America. The police have the authority to brutalize and kill brothas for no apparent reason. It’s one of the major reasons why I started living overseas as an expat. I got sick and tired of hearing story after story on the news.

In the Philippines, the police do everything to deescalate a situation and make things right. They aren’t trigger friendly or carrying a white supremacist attitude on their sleeve.

This means you can walk around during the day and/or at night without a target on your back. You aren’t afraid of being stopped in your car or harassed on the streets.

As long as you respect the rules and culture, you should have zero problems in the Philippines.

8. Live in the Big City or Tropical Paradise…It’s Your Choice

Cebu Philippines

The Philippines offers the big city life in places such as Manila or you can live in a tropical beach paradise such as Palawan or Boracay. Depending on your tastes, you have plenty of travel options to choose from.

It makes sense to visit the Philippines and check out some of the best places to travel so you can figure out where you want to stay long term.

9. Filipinos Are Emotional but Extremely Friendly and Easygoing

Local Filipinos

One of the most difficult things I first deal with in the Philippines was the emotional attitude of the people. Filipinos are the most emotional people on the planet (in my opinion). They respond to emotions first then use logic later.

However, I also realized that most Filipinos are friendly, easy going and love to laugh. They can turn the worst situation in the world and make a joke about it. They walk around in shorts and sandals without a care in the world even if they have no money in their pocket.

It’s quite a culture shock at first, but I’ve gotten used to their antics and respect their hustle.

10. Women in the Philippines Are Easy to Meet and Date

Thick Filipina girl

Filipinas speak very good English so this makes it easy to communicate and meet them. In my opinion, Filipinas have some of the best bodies in Asia.

You’ll find all different types of girls:

  • Slim and sexy
  • Junk in the Trunk
  • Super Thick with extra assets
  • Skinny as a toothpick

Whatever your preference is, you can find it in the Philippines.  One of the easiest ways to meet women in the Phillippines is through Filipina online dating sites.

PinaLove and FilipinoCupid are the best websites to meet young Filipinas who are interested in foreigners.

For more in-depth information on Filipino women, check out article: Filipino Women: The Ultimate Guide for Single Men.

Got Any Questions? Post a Comment Below

That’s it! I’m turned up about the Philippines. I hope you enjoyed my 10 reasons why black men should travel to the Philippines. It’s definitely an interesting experience and you will appreciate the country if you’ve ever traveled to Asia.

I also highly recommended the Philippines to the mature brothas out there who are sick and tired of games and looking for a Filipina wife or girlfriend.

if you have any questions or comments about living in the Philippines, please leave a comment below.

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  1. You are so right. I married a woman from the Phillipines. I went several times, and I must tell you I saw some women that were stunning. I married one. They are loyal, and make great wives.

  2. Never understood videos entitled” living in asia-japan-etc. as a Blackman”…I’m black yet I find it strange how some waste time going out if their way to see how the world views them as if they need approval of others….. people overseas tend to treat you according to your character and not color…yes some think stereotypes about blacks are real so the last thing you want to do is prove them right….racism is global and goes back before and during religion and is not going away anytime soon.. If a black travels 10,000 miles from america on a 22 hour trip to the Philippines just to see how they would be treated by pinoys then they wasted their time and money by volunteering to be a test subject…..leave the race thing in America..I go every year and I notice people there are polite and at first off Standish to foreigners because many have come and have been arrogant and rude and I have witnessed that firsthand..but generally when they see that you are not a stuck up foreigner they treat you well regardless of color..you have those who prefer white over black but that’s personal preference not racism…what I admire most is their ingenuity in creating jobs for themselves…they are very merchant minded and hard working and I never hear them sit around groan and moan about things even though poverty overseas makes inner city poverty in America look like a vacation spot….their philosophy is work or starve and mind you they don’t have government resources like welfare and section 8 and despite being in an economically tight country they don’t sit around asking for handouts…the women are very family oriented as well as extremely feminine but of course like anywhere in the world you will have the counterpart to the American gold digger which is the bar girls…but in my experience the women are very dedicated and loyal…I hear some men complaining there are scamming women there but if you are looking for a fast fling and you are dumb enough to flash cash and get scammed then you found what you were looking for so deal with it…gold diggers can be found globally and any real lady will not sleep with you after a couple of drinks ..over there there are still plenty of what we Yankees refer to as ” old fashioned ladies” so if you are not a serious relationship minded suitor then stick with the gold digging scammers…the Philippines are a collection of 7,000 beautiful islands each with its own charm and I especially love the small island provinces because they remind me of southern hospitality here in the states…there are many languages and dialects there and the regional cuisine is to die for…so in my experience and personal opinion I have to say that when god placed a beauty mark on the female population of the planet his finger touched the Philippines.
    Mabuhay Ang Philippines!

  3. This is some good information especially about the police. I lived in the Philippines 🇵🇭 for 3 months and had no issues with the police at all. I felt comfortable wherever I went and was received with warm hospitality always. I loved every minute of it. Was very sad that I had to return to the US. But it’s ok I met my fiancé there and we are looking forward to our future together. I’m really thinking of moving back there permanently and I know she would love it too.

  4. Do the best you can and be yourself, I met my Filipina wife in the late 1980’s and we got married; 30 plus tears now and the best decision I’ve ever made. Consequently 8 of my friends also married Filipinas, only 1 had a bad one. Several of my co-workers (Black, white, spanish) also married to Filipinas, I would say about 85-90 percent are statisfied. Of course there are bad ones but we we’re fortunate. Give it a try and hopefully you succeed. Peace.

  5. need a little advice I am thinking about traveling to the Philippines in May of 2020 never been to the Philippines I am thinking about 3 weeks I would probably take 2500 American dollars to convert to pesos any advice for areas to check out traveling as a single man

  6. Reading this blog post makes me want to travel to the Philippines. Even I do not date or marry a filipino woman there, I would like to take my future wife (from Ukraine or Colombia) there. I am nervous but so eager to leave United States of BS.

  7. Yes, I am looking for a simple small apartment or house in loang. I do have some help from my business partner, By the way, I do say hi a lot and all I get are frowns and stuck up noses. Nevertheless, I dance in the streets, laugh and love life. I am truly grateful ad blessed for my life and no one will destroy me in the philippines or any other country. I got into a conversation with a lady and told her she should be wary of white men who molest boys and girls instead of being mad at a great black man. I will try the link, What have I got to lose? 4 years and no sex. Its ok, I will be true to myself always and dont need to pay for shit,

    • She’ll probably still go for the white guy. Asians see light skin and equate it with power. To them, a white boy can do no wrong, and in many cases, a Black man can do no right.

      Just how it is, sadly for us.

      I wouldn’t waste my time trying to speak truth to power to these people. Just try to capitalize off of what you can, and don’t get played yourself.

  8. Thanks Tarik! I am in Loang, Phillippines and loving it. I am treated with so much respect and love as a black man. I just joined a man in buying a cafe and restaurant. I am looking for a house and land. I still have noty found a girl yet. the girls here seem so scared and distant. Anyway, so happy to be in the Philippines. I am so blessed and grateful.

  9. Dear Tarik, thank you for this wonderful article.
    I really relate to:

    “7. Philippines Police is Friendly and Non-Confrontational
    After speaking with many brothas overseas, I understand the major concerns about police brutality and presence in western countries like America. The police have the authority to brutalize and kill brothas for no apparent reason. It’s one of the major reasons why I started living overseas as an expat. I got sick and tired of hearing story after story on the news. In the Philippines, the police do everything to deescalate a situation and make things right. They aren’t trigger friendly or carrying a white suprematist attitude on their sleeve. This means you can walk around during the day and/or at night without a target on your back. You aren’t afraid of being stopped in your car or harassed on the streets. As long as you respect the rules and culture, you should have zero problems in the Philippines.”

    I’d like the Philippines. The weather seems awesome.

    ~ Muammar “Teacher Mo” A.
    E.F.L. teacher
    Harbin, China