10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Brazil

Brazilian Women
Brazilian Women

In this article, you will discover 10 reasons why Black men should travel to Brazil and experience this magical country.

For black men, Brazil is a hidden kept secret that is only experienced by a few adventurous travellers. Frustrated: The Movie does a great job of showing what Brazil has to offer black men.

I have been to Brazil twice and visited the following cities:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Salvador Bahia
  • Belo Horizonte

All of my reasons for visiting Brazil are based on personal experience having been there 2 times. Every Brazilian city has a different mix of people, different vibe, and a host of pros and cons.

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1. Black Men Have Options All Over the World

Brazilian Women

If you live in the United States, then you are probably familiar with the complete hatred and racism towards the black man in America. We are the target of hate crimes, discrimination, random killings, and a host of other awful problems. This is also followed by mistreatment via the black woman and her master, the elite rich white man (think Scandal the TV series).

It seems like ever since the 60’s, black women have abandoned the traditional black family to work for corporations and raise children without a father and a good home. The recent rise in thug culture also paints an ugly picture that acting thuggish is the key to a black woman’s heart.

Many good, hard working men go long periods without sex, love and companionship thus becoming a blunt end of the joke – “Nice guys finish last.”

BUT in countries like Brazil, Black men finish first and will have no shortage of attractive women who want to date, hook up or marry them.

I’m tired of hearing all the lies and BS about Brazilian women only wanting money or coming to the United States. I met dozens of women and can only remember 2 who wanted to live in the United States. It’s quite rare for a foreign woman to leave her family but men often travel to different countries in search of jobs, love, etc.

The point is Brazilian women dream of getting married and having children with a good man. Something that American women gave up almost 20 years ago.

The biggest problem in America is the disconnect between men who want families and women who want thugs aka human dildos. That’s why black men (and men of all colors) are finding it difficult to find the right woman in America.

Women no longer want families. They only want money and human dildos. If you want a traditional family structure, you need to go abroad for that.

2. You Gain All the Advantages that Local Brazilian Men Have

Let’s compare your options in America (aka the matrix) vs Abroad (places like Brazil):

American Man’s Options

  • Single and Celibate
  • Friends with Benefits (aka fuck buddies)
  • Stepfather of another man’s kids
  • Personal ATM to your Ex after divorce
  • Child support payments while your ex gets a new boyfriend
  • Happy marriage

As you can see, you are more likely to get screwed in the USA than end up in a happy marriage. There are too many negative variables here. It’s not the women’s fault. It’s the legal system that rewards stupid, short sighted behavior.

Brazilian Man’s Options

  • Single with casual hookups
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Married with a Girlfriend on the side
  • Married while visiting hookers on the side
  • Only visiting hookers
  • Divorce without paying alimony or child support
  • Happy Marriage

Clearly, Brazilian men have much more advantages than we will ever have. They can enter relationships without worrying about paying child support and alimony in case of divorce. I watched quite a few Brazilian men visit prostitutes while staying married with their wife. It is VERY common in their culture. A man doesn’t have to apologize for having a male sex drive.

Compare this to the epidemic of women cheating on their husbands, and I would say American women are very masculine compared to women in other countries. Brazilian women rarely get abortions and birth control is very uncommon. They are more feminine, unlike American women who have become baby killing, drugged up sluts.

3. More Black Women to Choose From

Another amazing benefit is the largest pool of Black women to choose from. Brazil is the 2nd largest population of African descent people on the planet behind Nigeria. 51% of all black people in the Americas live in Brazil while only 16% of black people live in the United States.

If you love black women, then you will love Brazil. The large number of African descendents means more lovely ladies to choose from. Unfortunately, America and other western nations have much fewer Afro ladies to pick. Chances are you will start going after Caucasian and Asian women if things don’t work out with the black girls.

You don’t have to date interracial. It’s completely unnecessary. I don’t believe in ignoring a complete group of women based on race. It’s silly. That’s why Brazil offers you more selection and more options.

You have black women that look like:

  • Rihanna
  • Serena Williams
  • Janet Jackson
  • Mariah Carey
  • Alicia Keys

Plus, you don’t need to be a millionaire or over 6 feet tall to hook up with them. I found myself staring at a different woman every 10 seconds on my first trip to Rio De Janeiro. The average woman looks SO attractive compared to the average American/Western female. It’s just crazy.

Want proof? Sign up for free on BrazilCupid, the largest dating site in Brazil, and take a look at how attractive these ladies are.

4. Lower Cost of Living

If you live in the USA, then you are very familiar with the crazy high cost of living. It’s insane. Although I’ve been to France and Japan, which felt even more expensive due to the exchange rate.


The Brazilian Realis is around 3.8 to 1 compared to the US Dollar ( USD/BSL exchange rate as of September 2015).

That’s means each US Dollar is worth around 4 Realis. You actually almost triple your income by visiting Brazil due to a favorable exchange rate.

This gives you an advantage against locals because you earn your money in a stronger currency. It also makes everything seem way cheaper as well. You can buy dinner for $4 USD. Rent a hotel room in a safe neighborhood for only $30. Hop in a taxi cab for only $7.

After a few days of spending less money, you will also notice how much more relaxed you feel knowing you aren’t burning up your credit card or savings account. Living in America is so stressful at times when you calculate how much money you spend each money. Sometimes, I find myself at a loss for words. You deserve to experience a low cost of living to see if you prefer the USA rat race or a cheaper, less stressful lifestyle.

5. Fewer Guns

Gun Ownership in USA vs Brazil

I personally understand that most Americans love their guns but this belief also increases stress levels for everyone living in the USA. Ever since 9/11, Americans in general have become well less trustful and more paranoid towards strangers.

What people don’t realize is that our high gun ownership contributes to lots of stress and anxiety in the United States. You don’t know when somebody is going to get upset and kill or just try to rob you.

More guns = More fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, most Brazilians don’t own a gun and the only mass shootings are between police and gang members. The worst thing a local Brazilian may do is pull a knife on you.

Your stress levels decrease because you don’t have to worry about thugs stealing your Jordan’s or random mass killings like Sandy Hook or George Sordini.

For me, Brazil overall was a HUGE stress reliever. I realized how scary the USA has become and it only got worse once I returned to ATL airport. America is full of gun touting thugs. It’s really sad.

6. More Sun Exposure

African-Americans aren’t really Americans in a traditional sense. Many of us had ancestors who were captured and brought to the Americas in slave ships. Not all of us have African descendents and some of us were never slaves.

Studies have shown there were already Black Americans living in the Americans before Christopher Colombus landed in America.

The point I’m trying to make is that our DNA comes from a much warmer part of the world, mostly the land mass referred to as Africa.

I’ve been to Ghana and Nigeria. Let me tell you this: it is VERY humid and hot in those countries. We were meant to live in a much warmer climate than the United States or parts of Northern Europe. We need lots of sunlight to product Vitamin D and keep our pineal glands in tact.

Lack of sun exposure is why we suffer from high rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many other ailments. Sunlight is so important to our health.

In Brazil, you get similar sun exposure to people living in central African countries like Angola. A lot of black people will experience feelings of euphoria and joy once landing in Brazil. This is mostly due to the increased sun exposure and your vitamin D levels soaring.

What naysayers don’t realize is that our bodies respond STRONGLY to light energy. Most Black Americans & Europeans don’t get enough sunlight. For a vitamin D deficient person, visiting Brazil for the first time will feel like you are being reborn. The sunlight rejuvenates your body and awakens your spirit.

Visiting Brazil is a spiritual awakening for most people that have never been. United States gets very little sun exposure compared to Brazil.

7. Legal Prostitution

Have you seen what happened to Greg Anthony and Warren Sapp when they tried to pay for sex?

America has problems with adult men paying adult women for sexual services and companionship. Men who visit hookers are treated like scumbags while women who get abortions are treated like queens. America is so misandric right now that it will make any advocate of equal rights truly disgusted.

However, prostitution is legal in Brazil (see this chart for proof). You won’t get arrested for paying for sex there. Brazilian men aren’t filling up the jails for wanting to meet and sex beautiful women. I’m 100% for adult prostitution. If it’s two adults, then I am for it. Why?

Because it’s the oldest profession in the world and many prostitutes use that money to take care of their children and sick, elderly family members.

The whole idea of women becoming slaves to corporations is a sick and twisted idea. Hookers operate similar to small business owners who serve a limited number of clients. I’ve been with Brazilian women in college and working girls. They were both very sweet, feminine, and knew how to have fun.

The problem with the United States is there is already tons of prostitution going on there – it’s called marriage.

Marriage is a joke in the USA and men have to continue financing women’s lives years after they had sex together. It’s like a sick dream where you pay your ex to sleep with her new boyfriend. That’s a prostitute I never want to visit nor see.

The Tiger Woods and Allen Iverson divorce stories explain clearly that most women in America marry for financial reasons and have an ulterior motive. You are basically buying an expensive hooker in America because there is no love involved in most relationships now. It’s just all lust and sex. Ya know, all the lower, animalistic stuff.

In Brazil, what you see is what you get. You don’t have to pay for other men’s kids. You don’t have to pay alimony. You just pay a lovely lady for her time and sometimes she will like you so much you don’t have to pay anymore!

Compare this with the hellish prostitution scene in America where working women get killed and men go to jail for having a libido. No thanks. I’ll stick to Brazil!

8. You are a citizen of the Planet

Most people have no dreams of travelling because they supposedly have everything they already need. These same people called themselves:

  • Americans
  • Mexicans
  • Irish
  • Nigerian
  • etc

It’s great to be patriotic but it’s foolish to ignore this great planet we live on. It’s VERY large and would take a lifetime to see everything.


There’s so many cultures, languages, monuments, buildings, rivers, animals, grasslands, mountains and other amazing things that make this planet special.

We cannot go to another planet so I believe in seeing everything there is here. Travel will change your life forever. You will think as a global citizen and make better decisions.

Lots of ignorant people make terrible decisions because they lack travel experience.

You see that thug willing to die over that girl? yep, there’s 3 billion ladies on the planet.

You see that guy ready to beat up his boss? Buddy, you can get a US salary with accommodations and free airfare working abroad.

Can’t find a decent wife in America? There are hundreds of millions of women looking for American husbands in South America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The point is that travel makes you think BIG. Thinking big leads to better decisions and a brighter future.

9. The Food in Brazil is Fresh and Healthy


When I returned from my 1st trip to Brazil, my parents kept talking about “how black my hair was.”

Americans waste billions on worthless hair care products when they should just go to Brazil and eat the natural foods there.

Brazilian food is organic, healthy and will help you lose weight and look younger. Everything from coconuts to Watermelon is available and cheap.

My favorite part about Rio de Janeiro is the fresh juice bars. Literally, you can buy fresh juice right next to the beach for as little as $1 USD.

The food in USA and most western countries tastes like crap. It’s heavily processed, lacks nutrients and will give you bad health or worse. American supermarkets import the majority of the produce because US farmers have destroyed the soils in this country. Worse of all, companies like Monsanto advocate through Congress to sell us GMO foods that give us cancer. US government is so corrupt and only cares about profits.

In Brazil, the government cares about health. There is no GMO foods or flouridated water. You will feel better and lose weight.

10. Black Brazilian Women are Waiting for Us

The fact is Black women in Brazil are waiting for us to visit them. They smile when they see you and want to get to know you.

In the United States, black women don’t care about us at all. When we tell them about Brazil, they say “good riddance” or wish hateful things happen to us.

How about Black women going to Jamaica to rent a dread? I’ve never heard a Black American man say anything bad about Black women having fun in the Caribbean. They even made a movie about it called “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.”

My only conclusion is that black American women are controlled by an evil spirit. She is literally a monster, not her true self. We cannot keep waiting for a monster that threatens us and wishes us evil.

Black women in Brazil are the complete opposite because they lack the evil spirit controlling their minds. They love to smile, giggle and dance samba. They like being women. It’s quite a breathe of fresh air.

I knew a smart, educated Black Brazilian girl who spoke perfect English. She wanted to get married but I was only 25 and wasn’t ready to start a family. Just 2 years later, she was pregnant and happily married to her longtime boyfriend. She looked so happy as a mother. I wish her the best.

In Brazil, black women are more pure. American women are toxic and poisonous. It’s not their fault. If they left the USA, then they would experience the same liberation you feel when coming to Brazil. I think Black women should leave America too. America means them nothing but harm and evil thoughts.

Black Americans should seriously consider visiting countries outside of the USA and Brazil is a great start. You’ll enjoy great weather, good food, sunshine and cheaper cost of living. There are some drawbacks, and I will cover them in another article. For now, I just wanted to share 10 reasons to visit and I hope you visit Brazil and see for yourself.

Are you planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro? Is it your first time visiting Brazil? Download a free chapter of Amazon Kindle Ebook “Rio de Janeiro for Beginners”. I’ll also show you how to earn passive income online while relax on the beach as a Free bonus.

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What do you think?

Written by TJ

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  1. The problem lies in the statement “Not all black women are like that” I have seen this statement here and elsewhere.

    Why shouldn’t all women be the same, I mean why shouldn’t they all be good and not
    abrasive and nasty?

    This way a man could for instance approach ANY woman, greet her in a civil way and get back a civil response.
    It is in a man’s nature to be able to do this, and if he can’t, He will go to where he can.

    The good Lord made women to be of a gentile and good nature, All exceptions can exist but will be labelled as complete undesirables by good men!

  2. YOUR BLACK A** LIED..Your ancestors were not captured..BLACK AFRICAN MEN SOLD OFF Black Slaves to whites so stop telling the lie.tell the whole truth !!!! And WOW HOW Great that you want to have your “perfect wife” yet f*ck around on her with a prostitute and risk her life with the high HIV RATE IN BRAZIL..Your just another looser who wants to f*ck a woman for free, get her pregnant, and if it doesn’t work out not pay child support for your own damm children.And I’m sure your not looking for the more black looking Brazilian women,yall don’t even like real black looking women in America..I know the type your going for..those Alicia keys ones.who do you think your fooling??? Another anti-bw asshole

  3. The US has 11 times more guns per capita than Brazil….Yet Brazil’s Murder Rate, per capita, is 3 times of the USA.
    SINCE YOUR POSTS DOES NOT ALLOW LINKS…Go to nationmaster and compare violent crime and gun ownership between USA and Brazil

    Haitian People in Brazil ARE DISCRIMINATED:
    check articles on huffington post, blackwomenofbrazil, telesurtv DOT NET and dadychery DOT ORG


  4. Lol, I tend to agree with the author. With the following exceptions. (1) Subitute the word ( BLACK ), with all men. All men are running into the same problem with American women of all nationalities. (2) If a man bust a nut inside a women and gets her pregnant there’s a responsibility of the man that helped take care of the child. That one can debate on how the money is spent which I agree but regardless the man is still responsible to help assist on paying expenses for the child. I personally travel to the Dominican Republic Ghana and Costa Rica. And most of the what the author is saying is true. However Costa Rican women ticas are getting more Americanized. The problem with women us is they have unrealistic expectations and they don’t allow to men to be men. They also appeared to be more bipolar than women of other countries.

  5. I’m sure it doesn’t matter where you travel, your american ignorance, racism and misogyny will follow you around and eventually come to the forefront of every relationship, but it will always be someone else’s evil and never your own because you haven’t got the integrity or wisdom to face up to it.

    Lauding that there are plenty of whores who don’t have the right to abortion or child support and men who freely cheat on their wives says more about who you are than what you have to say about black women in america.

    I’m sure if latinas and thai women were surrounded with men like you they would quickly learn to treat you the way black american women have learned to. With all the respect men like you really deserve.

  6. “The biggest problem in America is the disconnect between men who want families and women who want thugs aka human dildos.”

    Just so I’m clear: You’re claiming that MEN want families and it’s WOMEN that are trifling and narrow-minded? Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? Men – including (sadly) Black men – having multiple out-of-wedlock kids with multiple women without providing any support and you’re asserting that MEN are the ones who want families? Good grief, I can’t believe this – though I shouldn’t be surprised since you admire a court system that doesn’t hold men accountable for the children they create with their ex-wives. I’m completely flummoxed – and also disappointed, since I was hoping for more pics.

  7. I usually do not write many responses, but after reading through a ton of responses on this page 10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Brazil. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Could it be only me or does it look as if like some of these comments come across like they are coming from brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting on other sites, I would like to keep up with you. Would you make a list of all of your shared pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  8. I am very attracted to black foreign women…black American women, on the other hand, not so much.

    I would like to visit Brazil. But, I do not safe going there and not meeting someone from a good, legit company. I wish that “A Foreign Affair” dating agency has a romance tour in Brazil. But, it only has it in Colombia, Costa Rica, and some other particular foreign countries.

    Brazilian women including the dark-skinned ones are irresistible. There are plenty of good-looking women in the Dominican Republic too.

    If a man (black, white, whatever) wants to go somewhere and meet/date attractive dark-skinned ladies, he should travel to the following countries:

    1. Brazil (of course)
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. Colombia
    4. some African country (or countries)
    5. Venezuela (maybe)

  9. Some how it makes a lot of sense, because i love to travel just to appreciate the wonderful creation of God.

    You know when you critically analyze all this beautiful creation including the women; it was all wonderfully designed and created by our God Almighty through Jesus Christ!!.

    Yet as created beings we always want to take our God out of the equation. No human being can claim to have created all these wonderful creatures except God himself.

    So all Glory and Honor belongs to the creator!!, we are just consumers of that creative power!!

    We are all citizens of this World, we are all entitled to enjoy it and each other.

    I fail to understand how Racists reason, and they are the narrowest minded human beings!!. How can they fail to appreciate all the diverse beauty that creation has to offer and just narrow everything to just themselves?. I wonder!?

  10. I am a brazilian and I’ve got offended by a lot of things you said. You can’t just affirm that you know some country just because you went there twice, you are right about Brazil being an amazing country, and I share with you the passion in traveling, but have some respect, please.

    (i’m sorry if I had any grammar mistake)

  11. This was one of most misleading and racist articles I’ve ever seen.
    An arrogant African American shooting his opinions based on two trips to Copacabana, which is one of the largest whorehouses in the world 4.4 kilometres long.
    Such disrespect towards Brazilian women that I just wish that this mofo gets ripped off by them Copacabana whores. Sad sad figure.

  12. How come you only go to Brazil for Black women???? there are tons of other countries with black women. It seems like you hypersexualize Brazilian women. Brazilian women are not a monolith neither are African American women.

  13. Ignorance at its best….You visit a country twice on a budget and you think you have figured it out…..Playing tourists is a national sport over there. Good luck if you listen to any of that non sense…..

  14. I agree that women (not all but many) have become increasingly slutty, BUT in your article you are advicating for men to cheat on their wives and girlfriends!? So if a woman cheats= slut (which I agree with) but if a man cheats it should ALSO = slut! This article is so stupid. I’m a non-black woman, and I would not go even 10 metres near a man like this “author”.

  15. Honestly, with the state of Brazil, I would not advise anyone to visit or live in Brazil. Forget about dating either. The high inflation, corruption, crime, and aggressive racism is not a selling point for me. That alone make me cringe and not think of relocating to Brazil. And many of these women (not all) are looking for a green card from that cess pool. And knowing the culture and "Blanquemento", many Black Men are fooled by not knowing this and the "esperta" culture of dating. Dating "White" is dating up. You are only fooling yourselves thinking you can survive there on "I'm American" status. It's only a trump card…and not a good one to date a potential green card predator.

    • After 398 years of slavery and jim crow–black code rascism here in America you are trying to tell black men to not try to escape this cesspool of hate and evil? Black Men go goooooooo! 309 years of repression is enough! Goooooooo

      • And you think Brazil is any different?!? LMAO!!! I can tell you have never been there nor have a green card with those statements. Let me school YOU & those who are reading this comment. I’ve been to Sao Paulo (Jacerei to be exact), Bahia,Recife, & Rio De Janerio in Brazil. Many men (Especially the ones in this blog & James Tyler on YouTube) romantize Brazil.

        Brazil is facing extreme poverty and is not an easy place to live or survive. Many of you think there are Black/Bi-racial women that are waiting for you but it’s far from the truth. Many of them are interested usually in other Brazilians (usually White) and/or foreigners from Western cultures (and still many of them perfer a White Partner). Branqueamento and miscongenation is much more of the stronger dynamic in Brazil as it is a culture.

        As well, Racism is alive and well in Brazil. Institutional Racism is hyper-aggressive. Even beyond the US/UK standards. Take all the ills of racial problems in the United States and Brazil is that by double in many cases. The “Racial Democracy” and the mystic of Brazil as a whole will wear off once you really live there and soak up the culture there. You being an “American” will be your savior and target if you are not careful.

        Go to Panama,The Phillipines, Thailand, Austrailia, or Dominican Republic. Forget about Brazil until they a stable government & economy with lower poverty and crime rates.

    • I just ran across this thread, alot of so called black culture has become reactionary and a projectory type of animal. And sisters if you can call toxic people part of yoyr family sime are brainwashed but as within so is without and maybe you are attracting what you are. The first picture of your post showed two black bottoms hanging out of thongs. I cant imagine if the vein of what youre looking for to only be one of superficiality that you are surprised to only meet the toxic culture you are running from. I love to travel and as a pure black woman i have had so called brothers take advan
      Tage of my pureness that is so celebrated when black and woman is unattached to it. Vile is not what the rest of humanity needs in another country from people who havent dealt with the garbage in their own homes.
      God Bless
      You running man.

      • I agree. The problem with many men is that American black women do not fit their sexual fetishes. A lot of black men run to other nations, in search of inferior women. By “inferior”, I don’t intend to degrade those women. I only highlight the mentality men have whenever they encounter them. If at any point those women reject the men, the men become infuriated and the men’s true feelings show. Brazilian women are nothing but a novelty to these men. The traveling men care nothing of the culture, only having sex with attractive women.

        I get men asking me about Filipinas all the time. It’s rather rude, although the men mean no offense. I can feel them fetishing my wife.

        These men fool themselves, believing that they’re chasing love. In fact, they don’t go after potential lovers. They go after chicks that hang in tourist districts. We all know that most of these women are prostitutes. If sex is what a person wants, that’s cool. However, it’s annoying when guys downtalk American black women, when they know full well why they can’t get an American.

        American women make them feel inferior. That’s a fact. That’s also why Americans give them so much trouble. The brain tease is if those men acted as suave as they pretend to be around Brazilians, would they pull more American women??? Id say, yes.

  16. I encourage everyone to travel. Bravo for traveling! But…why must you generalize ALL black American women as being controlled by an evil spirit? This is where the encouragement to travel to Brazil makes a left turn. Enjoy Brazil, have a great time, but must you degrade black American women while you think about having fun? I hope you have a great time. Please treat our sisters in Brazil with respect.