10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Costa Rica

What’s up fellas!

I’ve shared a lot of stories and information on many beautiful countries lately but there is 1 country that I definitely want to share the goods with: Costa Rica.

If you read my background story, then you will know I didn’t always travel the world and have amazing adventures. Back in 2009, I was stuck in the Matrix USA working a job I absolutely hated around several racist coworkers.

I went home every night trying to figure out a way to get out of my job and my environment. It just so happened that God sent me a struck of luck when I needed it the most.

Jetblue was advertising an all-you-can-fly promotion for exactly 1 month. You only had to pay something like $400 and you could fly anywhere on JetBlue for 30 days.

I took a chance and bought the Jetblue pass. The next week at work, I quit my job, moved out of my fancy upscale apartment and sold my car. I heard some nice things about Costa Rica so I decided it would be my first trip as an adult overseas.

Costa Rica has a warm place in my heart because I then realized how much opportunity there was outside of America. People treated me with kindness and I didn’t get ostracized or persecuted like I do in America.

So without further ado, I want to share with you 10 reasons why Black men should travel to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Overview

Costa Rica is a smaller country in Central America that’s adjacent to Panama. The country has a relatively small population of around 4 million residents. The official language is Spanish and Costa Ricans refer to themselves as “ticos”.

1. Costa Rica is Rich in Black Culture

Although Costa Rica is mostly depicted as a “white” country, I am here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth. There are many natural Afro Costa Ricans who mainly live in a beautiful Caribbean coastal region called Limon.

In fact, Limon is my secret little Caribbean paradise when I want to enjoy some fun and sun without all the hassles of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

Limon is a predominantly black province, and I have met some of the FINEST black women on the planet during my travels there. It’s a hidden gem to most travelers, but I’m sharing it with you brothas because you deserve a quiet place to chill and have fun.

2. Costa Rica is Easily Accessible from the United States

I know the majority of you brothas live in the United States and cannot imagine flying over 3,000 miles to Thailand or somewhere far away.

One of the great things about Costa Rica is it is only a 3 hour flight away from the States. It’s close enough to take short trips (heck, even weekend trips), plus you can always come back to the Matrix USA to see family and friends.

You’ve got everything you need in Costa Rica from beautiful weather to world class health care as well. I guarantee many of you will consider staying there long term because it is one of the top destinations for American retirees.

3. Costa Rica has Warm Weather Year Round

This is a BIG plus on my list because sun and vitamin D is so important for human beings. Living in America (unless you are in Florida or California) or the UK does incredible damage to your health.

Vitamin D is crucial to managing your well being and is responsible for the relaxed, euphoric feeling you get on sunny vacations. Vitamin D tablets will help you maintain normal levels if you live in a less sunny climate.

With warmer weather, you will feel more outgoing and can enjoy several outdoor activities like:

  • Hiking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Natural Walks (with real animals like monkeys and birds)

There is so much natural beauty surrounding Costa Rica. It’s such a huge relief from the polluted mega cities in western countries filled with useless malls and stores selling you crap you don’t need. Try nature for a change and see how much better you feel!

Costa Rica has an amazing climate and you’ll really enjoy the beaches there as well. You can either chill on the Atlantic coast side (Limon) or head over to Jaco beach on the Pacific side. Both coasts offer incredible weather, amazing natural beauty, and a super cheap cost of living.

4. Visas on Arrival for US Citizens, Canada and most European Countries

One of the biggest hassles when traveling is dealing with visa situations. I would have never left Thailand if my visa didn’t run out! However, Costa Rica offers visas on arrival for most western countries including:

  • United States
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Many European Countries

You get a free 90 day visa upon arrival if you’re a US citizen. All you need is a valid passport and return ticket. Consider spending 3 months in Costa Rica and 3 months back home. If you want to stay there permanently, then they offer long term tourist and business visas for a decent fee.

5. Costa Rica is a great place to meet Women

Ticas, the name of local Costa Rican women, are some of the cutest and friendly women I’ve ever met. This is such a contrast from the aggressive, obnoxious wanna-be men females in the United States. You won’t be trapped in a sexless marriage or forced to pay 50% of your assets during divorce in Costa Rica.

I do not understand why western brothas put up with these disgraceful chicks.

I can’t help but shake my head when I hear the stories about women these days in America. I’ve detoxed myself from American women years ago but I talk with several friends in the states who are either players, married or in a long tern relationships.

It’s seems like American women are charging men money over Tinder to talk with them, marrying Arab billionaires then leaving them after 5 years(!) of marriage or causing brothas to turn their back on God and go on a shooting spree because she ended the relationship.

You deserve better. You can do whatever you put your mind to and I am here to help you achieve your goals.

You have so many better options in women overseas who actually like men and support them without putting themselves first.

Let me tell you a story…

I got my first experience of Tica women during my very first trip in 2009. I was wandering through the streets looking for hotels when I saw the most stunningly beautiful Black Costa Rican girl working at the hotel’s front desk.

I walked up to her and started flirting right away. Now remember: I grew up in the United States so I was being conditioned by the females and media during my youth. I thought most black women were phony, aggressive, loud talking and selfish.

This black Costa Rican girl was the complete opposite: slim, beautiful, and down to earth. I asked her for her phone number and she said no. But the way she said no taught me something that day.

She smiled at me and said “I just met you”. We started laughing and even though this woman rejected me, I really enjoyed talking to her. No game needed.

Why do guys like Tariq Nasheed talk about needing game so much? Because social relationships in America are a complete mess and unnatural.

Humans have been on earth for millions of years so why would you need game to talk to women? Is it because the women in America are unnatural that men need to play soul crushing games to get in their pants? Hmmm…

My entire life changed after I met this beautiful, sweet Black Costa Rican girl. You can find desirable black women outside of America. In fact, there is an abundance of them.

6. Costa Rican Food is Healthy and Delicious

The typical Costa Rican diet consists of vegetables, beans, rice, and assorted fruits. This is a huge constast from the disgusting food available for purchase in most western countries.

In Costa Rica, food is produced for people to stay healthy and happy.

In America, food is produced to boost the profits of corporations regardless of the severe effects on one’s health.

I always feel like a different person when I visit Costa Rica. There is something special about the food and climate.

7. Costa Rica is a Great Place for Retirement

I touched on this earlier because Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for US retirees. It offers several retirement benefits that you cannot ignore:

  • Low cost of living
  • High Quality of Life
  • Rich, natural beauty
  • World class health care and hospitals
  • Proximity to the USA and South America
  • Good reputation for safety and happiness
  • One of the fastest growing economies in Central America
  • Hot Young Women Available in Abundance

I met a young American guy during my first trip to Costa Rica in a hostel years back. He was from Florida and came to Costa Rica for excitement. After a few weeks at the hostel, I noticed he was working behind the desk. He told me he was just helping them out because they needed some extra work done. I thought it was pretty funny that this American gringo was working in a Tico hostel with his broken Spanish.

3 years later, I came back to Costa Rica again and discovered he bought the entire hostel! This guy left Florida and didn’t want to go back. LOL

I understand why: The hotel was FULL of young hot European, Costa Rican and Mexican chicks. He was making money and hooking up with young hot 20 something every day of the week.

It’s kind of funny because most people would consider he retired at 35. He’s living a nice, relaxed life in Costa Rica as the owner of a small hostel that attracts young coeds from all over the world. What a champ!

8. Costa Rica is One of the Safest Countries in Latin America

According to CINDE.org, Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America.

The Americas has a growing crime problem that’s been going on for decades. Many countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico are too dangerous for any sane person to visit.

However, I never had a problem with crime or thieves in Costa Rica. It is one of the safest countries in Costa Rica by far. While I cannot recommend Mexico (that’s another story for other time), I think Costa Rica offers the same benefits without crazy crime & drug problems.

9. The Costa Rican Economy is Poised for Massive Growth

If you are looking for business opportunities, then Costa Rica is a great place to start a business, work or invest. Popular Costa Rican Costa Rican growth sectors including:

  • Transportation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Ecommerce
  • English Teaching
  • Import/Export
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Unemployment is only around 8% and Costa Rica’s per capita income is over $15,000 and growing fast.

Ticos are earning more money, which means they want to buy more expensive products like iPhones and expensive condos. Almost every Costa Rican chick had an iPhone during my last trip. You can definitely make a lot of money importing goods or building apps in Central America.

One of my goals this year is to provide you with more international business opportunities so you can invest and grow along with these emerging markets.

10. Costa Rica Offers Black Men A High Quality of Live with a Low Cost of Living

Many of my most memorable travel experiences happened in Costa Rica. I met one of the nicest Caribbean girls that changed my perception of black women.

I came up with the idea for this website during a night out with 2 brothas from Atlanta, Georgia.

I almost fell in love and started a family with this adorable Costa Rican girl who had a super thick body.

Costa Rica was my first travel experience as a man and changed my value system from buying stuff I don’t need to buying experiences that make me a better person.

I decided to pursue travel to see the world and share with other people how they can too. We are born to live, play, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Earth is literally a spinning playground through space. Think about our planet for a second and let me ask you this:

Is life supposed to be spent sitting indoors all day, working for people you hate, and seeing life through your home and office windows?

Costa Rica is the perfect trip for beginners or anyone who wants to experience their first international vacation. Treat yourself to some fun. You deserve it.

Recommended Resources

Below is a list of products/services that I’ve either used or recommend for your trip to Costa Rica:


If you’re on a budget and want to stay around other travelers, I recommend Hostel Casa Yoses in the San Pedro neighborhood.


If you want to be around the nightlife, women and action, then I recommend staying at the Hotel Del Ray. It’s also a great casino and attracts many beautiful girls looking for men to hook up with. Some women are there for pay for play. Others are just enjoying the casino!

Spanish Language Book

Tu quieres aprender Espanol? (Do you want to learn Spanish) I recommend Easy Spanish Step by Step to help you learn faster. Check out my Spanish language article for more resources (both free and paid).

Travel Guides

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  1. I am a 60 year old Black American man. I will be retiring in about three years and looking to relocate outside of the U.S. I was thinking about Panama but have heard good things about Costa Rica as well. I am a three time divorcee and can’t stomach the thought of marrying another American woman of any race! My question is how do the younger (30 – 40 yr. old) women feel about hooking up with older men from the U.S.?

  2. I love this article. Especially as a white dude who loves women of all colors. I dont give an f about it, but I found that its something the majority of people in the US cant get past. I moved to Costa Rica, specifically Limon, years ago and one of the biggest incentives was the beautiful, friendly, non-race focused black women there who dont give a shit what color you are: if your down then your down, and I am down!

  3. Hello Brother, I came into some pension money and I’m looking for a place to make it stretch. Your article has piqued my interest and I’m interested in discussing some particulars about potentially relocating to Costa Rica. I’m also a “African American” male just turned 40.

  4. Great piece. How hard is it to get to Limon and around the country? I’m looking for a place to frequent upon retirement in the next few years. Anymore info would be much appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the information and Aloha from Hawaii where I live. I am tired of American women of all races. They want much for so little and to pay to talk to them. Hell no. I don’t pay for sex anymore and I dam sure aint paying to talk to any woman here or abroad.