10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Panama

The idea for this article came to me when a male family member asked “What’s a good country to visit that’s close to the United States?”

I talk a lot about places like Brazil and Thailand, but those countries are 10+ hour flights and pretty far away from the USA.

If you’re looking for a fun, safe place to visit, then I recommend Panama.

Panama is a small landlocked country located between Costa Rica and Colombia. It’s a great place for brothas to visit and possibly even move permanently for many reasons.

For a small preview of what Panama offers you, check out this video by entrepreneur and travel expert, Jubril Agoro.

In this article, you will learn 10 reasons why black men should visit Panama and even consider living there.

#1 – Panamanians have deep African Roots

If you’re looking for a country with a majority black population like Brazil, then Panama is a great alternative that’s closer and easier to visit. The majority of Panama’s population has african blood and very dark skin.

Panama is the only country in Latin America where I experienced zero police brutality and racism. While I’m sure it exists there, I didn’t experience any on my 1 month trip.

Colon is a 45 minute drive from Panama’s capital, Panama city, and most of the town consists of black people. Some of the most beautiful Panamanian girls live in Colon and work in the restaurants and casinos. To learn more about Colon, check out my Colon Travel Guide for more in-depth information.

Miss Colon Panama Competition
Miss Colon Panama Competition

These women are some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life. They are also friendly and very down to earth. 

When you visit Colon, you realize something that nature intended women to be soft, warm and friendly. Take a look at those pictures and what you see are down to earth women looking for men to build something with.

Too many western women are mere opportunists looking to gain something that you worked for without giving anything in return.

These women will give you all they can offer and treat you like a king so keep that in mind when coming down to Panama, fellas!

#2 – Panama is a Warm Tropical Climate


Panama offers a warm tropical climate that’s beneficial for black people. We need sunlight year round to keep our vitamin D levels high and our spirits high.

If you live in a colder climate like North America or Europe, then chances are you are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to many diseases like cancer and depression.

It’s a hidden epidemic that needs to be addressed in our community. I’m all for brothas moving to warmer climates and getting our sun on!

Panama of course has many beautiful beach towns if you enjoy being near the ocean. Cities like Bocas del Toro get a lot of tourists, especially young European women looking for that black pipe.

#3 – The Official Panama Currency is the US Dollar

Another huge benefit is that Panama named the US dollar as their official currency. You don’t have to worry exchange rates or calculating the cost of a item/service in US dollars.

If you have a retirement income or pension of over $1,000, then you can live like a king. Panama offers retirees a Pensiando where you can live in Panama for very cheap and receive huge discounts on many services.

It’s one of the reasons why Panama is a popular retirement destination for US residents. It’s the easiest Latin American country to reside in if you’re a US citizen.

#4 – Panama is the Gateway to the Americas

Panama Canel
Panama Canal

Thinking about flying to Brazil? It’s only a 3 hour flight. Want to visit family in the States or book a Caribbean vacation? You are only a few hours away.

Panama is known as the “Gateway to the Americas” due to its unique proximity to many countries. If you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler, then Panama makes it easy to visit lots of different countries within a short distance.

The United States is so isolated from the rest of the world. Flying out of America is not only expensive, but takes a long time to get to your destination. Relocating to another country like Panama saves you money and reduces the amount of time spent in airports.

#5 – Panamanian Women Speak Good English

The Official language in Panama is Spanish but local women do speak English. Many American tourists visit Panama each year so many locals pick up English pretty easily.

If you meet a local woman, then there’s a good chance she speaks English.

Not only is English widely spoken, but Panamanian women are very curvy. Once you get to Panama, you will notice the women get much more curvy like Colombian and Brazilian women. There are tons of black Panamanian women with unbelievably sexy bodies.

Many Panamanian women have small waists, wide hips and a big round booty. Women compete heavily for male attention since there is an abundance of beautiful women to choose from.

You won’t see as many dimes as you would in Brazil, but you will find enough hotties to satisify your appetite.

#6 – United States and United Kingdom Residents Can Stay Visa Free for 180 Days


In my recent Thailand article, I talked about how you only get a 30 day tourist visa upfront. In Panama, you get 180 days upfront if you are a US or UK citizen.

This is a huge benefit because you can spend 6 months in Panama then travel elsewhere or simply take a short vacation to Costa Rica or Colombia then reenter Panama.

For you brothas that live in cold weather climates like North America or Europe, you should consider spending 6 months at home then 6 months in Panama.

Spend the spring and summer in a place like New York then fly down to Panama when it starts getting cold. Best of all, all you need is a passport!

#7 – Food in Panama is Healthy and Organic

One of my biggest requirements in a country is a healthy, organic diet. Panama offers a wide selection of healthy fruits, vegetables, and plants to keep you active and energized.

Poison “food” in western countries like USA, Canada and UK is mostly GMO processed and chemically altered crap. I’ll eventually write an entire article on this topic but you need to understand that the government is poisoning US citizens daily.

Many Panama locals only eat organic food although you will find fast food restaurants in the heart of Panama city.

Fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC are ruining the health of some local citizens, but it’s easy to avoid these restaurants in Panama.

You can easily eat at local restaurants and buy groceries from local markets for a very low price.

#8 – Prostitution is Legal in Panama and Sex is available 24/7 365

Prostitution in Panama is legal and regulated by the government to protect working girls and clients. I visited some brothels in Panama and they are setup like a bar scene where the ladies wait for you to talk to them.

Simply pay a small fee to enter the bar (usually includes 2 free drinks) and you can pick whoever you want to talk to. It’s very safe and easy to spend the night with a beautiful young woman.

If you live in a western country, then you are probably used to prostitution being shunned and vilified. Western nations like the United States are puritanical and evil. They only shun prostitution to fuel their divorce courts, crappy malls, and prisons.

There is already legal prostitution in the United States. It’s called marriage.

If you don’t understand this, then let me ask you this: Why is the US divorce rate so high?

Divorce stands at around 50% and that’s not including coupled who separated but didn’t file a divorce with the state.

How could this be unless marriages are arranged merely for financial reasons? Yes, it’s sad but true.

Because most American marriages are financial transactions just like prostitution. The women know this upfront, but western men are too delusional and spineless due to lack of sexual options.

Panama believes in giving men sexual options. You get a wide menu of selections and you can get some action whenever you want. That’s the way nature intended it to be.

#9 – Cost of Living in Panama is Cheap

apartment rentals in Panama
Rent an Apartment like this for only $500 per month

Panama’s cost of living is 27% cheaper than living in the United States. And remember: Panama uses the US dollar!

You can find affordable apartments in Panama for as little as $500 per month. Other things like gym, transportation, entertainment, women, and health insurance cost a small fraction of what you’ll pay in most western countries.

You can live very comfortably on less than $1,500 per month. Some of you reading this could take your rent/mortgage payments and live full time in Panama with plenty of cash to spare.

Your money goes a lot further in Panama, plus they offer everything from shopping malls to Casino to keep you busy.

#10 – Panama is a Safe Haven for Poker Players and Online Traders

If you earn your living through playing poker or trading things like binary options, then Panama is a much better place to live with much fewer government restrictions. It seems like the United States is pushing their feminist agenda by outlawing peaceful activities like binary options, poker, and other online endeavors.

Black Friday, the day when the US government banned online poker, put hundreds of thousands of men out of work overnight. Why live in crappy western countries that ban activities like a card game, but allow illegal immigrants to flood their cities and women to act like harlots in court rooms?

Panama is one of the most stable economies in the western hemisphere and allows you to engage in many activities that are illegal in the USA, UK and other puritanical countries.

You don’t have to fly to Vegas or Atlantic city to enjoy a good game of poker or blackjack. Panama offers many world class casinos that cater to English speaking tourists.

If you’re an online trader, you can establish your residence in Panama and continue using brokers that stopped accepting US residences. Instead of quitting your trading, I suggest you move to a friendlier country.

Panama is One of the Best Countries for Beginners

If you’ve never been outside your home country, then traveling to Brazil or Thailand may be too much at once.

Panama is a great start for beginners to get your passport stamped up. It’s politically stable, safe, tourist friendly, and the most popular retirement destination for US baby boomers.

You can enter without a visa (if you have a US or UK passport), use the US dollar, and get around the country without speaking much Spanish.

There are already tons of black expats living in Panama as well so you won’t have problems making friends or getting things done.

It’s also a family friendly trip as well. Panama is neutral enough that your family can come along and enjoy your trip too. Lots of outdoor activities, great weather, and enough beautiful women to make your 1st trip memorable.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Visit Panama

An Official Passport

You must obtain a US passport to visit Panama if you are a US resident. Most US and UK residents get a 180 day multiple entry visa. A popular choice is to spend 6 months at home and 6 months in Panama when the weather gets colder.

Health Insurance

Always purchase health insurance. Panama offers first class healthcare including hospitals, doctors, and dentists. If something goes wrong, you will be protected from a super expensive health care bill. I recommend buying Allianz Insurance before your trip.

Apartments vs Hotels

I recommend renting an apartment for more privacy, but you can find good hotel deals at They are my favorite booking site to use when I travel overseas. My 2nd favorite is Airbnb, but I use that for booking apartments only.

Meeting Women Online

Meeting Panamaian women online before your trip is a smart move if you want to maximize your results abroad. LatinAmericanCupid is the best online dating site for men in Panama. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful latinas to choose from without worrying about hassles or scams.

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  1. This Tarik is obviously a secular humanist that does not believe in the holy sanctity of marriage . Marriage is legalized prostitution ? That’s some BS he’s learned from a lecture hall in a college or university . Traditionally a couple bonded in marriage is for companionship , love , a confidant , friend often to raise a family . Tarik is a cynic , half of the couples who get married , marry for the wrong reasons The reason for the high divorce rate in the United States . As a Christian I object to him comparing marriage to prostitution . He just believes in sexual promiscuous behavior and that women are generally sex objects . A prime example of moral decay !

  2. You 100 percent correct about panama.I was stationed there 1984-1986 place called Ft.Kobbe.
    I said I wanted to go live there before my time up on earth.I would have married one but listening to this brother from the states(aint nothing like the real thing).Now Im with debt out the ass l should have married my baby name normal.

  3. So the men in America are spineless and clueless because they marry…however, men want to visit Panama for women who are the same. “Soft” = “Spineless” “loving/warm” = “financially unstable/needy”. What a hypocrite. Maybe this is good for cheap ass men who can’t please a woman sexually, nor meet and entertain a strong, intelligent, financially stable woman, so they travel to Panama for poor, poverty stricken, uneducated ProSTituTes!!! Get a clue guys, this is debasing. Please don’t throw all black men in this disgusting category, it’s not accurate or fair. This article should be entitled: “10 Reasons Why Weak, Cheap, Unattractive Men Should Visit Panama”.

    • Sounds like a hater. Your argument is only based on the false choice of 2 absolutes. Let people do whatever they want. Youre only reading this article because you yourself are curious, no? Or did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed today and google “how to be a dickless hater who spoils fun for others”?

  4. I enjoy reading this blog post about Panamanian women.

    One thing that I wish that many bloggers would do (as I do with my blog) is uploading photos of beautiful foreign ladies, foreign places, etc.

    I am crazy about foreign women.

    It would be great to see more pics and videos of them.

  5. You hit damn near every point on this post. I played college football for my school but was fortunate to be a part of a study abroad trip to Panama for a month. I was in Panama City, The minute I dropped my luggage off in my hotel room and stepped outside, it was a wrap. I walked to the nearest restaurant and damn near every girl’s eyes lit up in that place and I kid you not, one girl walked right past me and whisper “Mandingo” to me. In that same restaurant, I ran into two brothas, I think they were expats as well and they just pretty much put me up on game. The prostitution thing blew my mind because these girls look like whole video vixens and they out here selling sex. But aside from that gotta watch out for the taxis, they know when you not from the area so they will try and tax you. Traffic is beyond crazy. I’m from Miami so I already know how bad people can drive but Panama took it to a whole new level. I’m talking bumper to bumper an accident just waiting to happen. Beer is dirt cheap out there, I think it’s even cheaper than water. As far as seasons go you have wet season and dry season. The food is very healthy and organic. I stayed in a pretty decent hotel called Torres De Alba that faced a casino but I’m not a gambling man. The prostitutes were lined up down there. I got a great view of the skyline when I went touring, road the party bus, went to the archeological ruins, explored casco viejo…man, I can go on and on but I loved every part of being there. I need to make the trip there again and more frequently

  6. As a black Panamanian American reading this article, I am vexed and disgusted. Number 1 reason you guys push is the cheap booty, showing our Panamanian women very little respect. As blacks we need to think about who we want to be on the world stage. Our ancestors were human trafficking victims, so it is not a good look to participate in the global sex trade that preys upon women and girls in bad economic circumstances. Yes Panamanian women are beautiful and good natured, so at lease show them the dignity to consider them as potential wives. Get to know their language and culture, and their music. Don’t’ treat them like whores, and don’t go around the world acting like low rent gringos. Be honorable black men and treat the black Diaspora and all races with decency.

  7. Panama “is a land-locked country”?? Really?? Wowwwwwwwww…🙄🙄🙄
    Dude, you were IN Panama and didn’t even realize that not only is Panama not landlocked, but it’s straddled on two sides by TWO DIFFERENT OCEANS!!
    I won’t even comment on the rest of the idioc, simple-minded, and trite observations of this so-called author.
    Anyone who would bother giving any degree of legitimacy to an article written by someone with the hormones of an 8th grader, and Kindergarten-level travel analyses, who lacks knowledge of basic geography, deserves a first-class ticket on the “slow bus” right next to him.
    This article is just sad…and so is this website.

  8. Tarik. Thank you for such an informative article. I have been searching for a place to retire after a 30 year gig with the US government. After reading this article, I am seriously considering Panama as my final destination. Thanks for the heads up Bruh!

  9. You are an interesting young brotha Tarik. I’ve been in journalist in Chicago for 18 years. Recently relocated to Minnesota after getting married. We spent our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Your articles on that country have been very accurate. Wife and I definitely considering retiring there. We have not thought of Panama though. So we will be booking this trip later this year. Your articles are written for the single brothas, which I get. But I can extrapolate very well to see how to make it work for us brothas who already got a Black queen. Keep doing what you doing. I’m considering doing some travel writing after I finish this book I’m working on. I will be in touch with you. Getting our people to travel, especially internationally is one of the biggest keys in changing our colonial mindsets.

  10. Many Thanks Brudda!!!!
    Keep doing what you are doing—You are good at it!!!
    Keep Going!!!
    You are definitely shining LIGHT on OUR DIM American Situations with all of your WORK!!
    You speak the TRUTH
    YOu are the best Bro!!
    Best WIshes

  11. African american Air force vet stationed in panama from ’89 to ’90(howard afb). This article and some of the comments are just about spot on. Panama is very slept on as far as vaca destination. I never would have known either w/o being stationed there. Very little racial issues there, had many women tell me they never even discuss race until the soldiers from U.S. bring it up. Some of the MOST beautiful women you will ever see in your life. They love the brothas, but its true, many seek out my caucasian brothers expecting to get wined and dined or taken care of financially. Really no need for prostitution, so many beautiful women there, willing to date average joes, why pay for it?? After operation Just Cause, US has pumped millions into their economy, and its becoming a “little america” with latin flavor. Great shopping, free zone, great food! Best coffee i ever had…Cafe Duran. Nice beaches…island of toboga, san carlos black sand beach!, san blas islands…crystal clear waters! If you ever get the chance please go check it out!!

  12. (Sigh). Still not understanding the open idolatry of prostitution-friendly cultures. if the women are so much nicer, sweeter, friendlier, etc. than American women, then why the need to exploit them financially via prostitution? Why not simply wife one of these supposedly superior women? Are you guys looking for genuine companionship or low-cost @ss? I don’t get it…

    • Sorry no western-anto-african feminist white supremacist allowed to comment;

      A pig is an animal and Blacks are. It animals.

      If you disagree with our brothers outlook please leave the site or better yet do not comment at all. We do not want your kind here. Africans are the architects of math science and civilization. Respect or leave. Up to you.

  13. I believe that the visa requirements have recently changed. You can no longer go across the border for a short period of time, re-enter and start the 180 days all over. You may want to check out the specifics on this.

  14. I was born in Panama, with dual US and Panamanian citizenship. I am a Keller Williams realtor and our firm specializes in real estate and immigration law so feel free to contact us at if you need assistance relocating to Panama. You can visit our websites at or . You will find that Panama is the best place in the world to live no matter what race or color you are, here we welcome everyone.

  15. Good Article about Panama. I was looking for an "alternative" to the whoas of Brazil. Also a place that is peaceful in Latin America where I wouldn't have to worry about violence. Brazil and the DR are out for me. Panama seems like a great alternative.

  16. Never even gave Panama a second thought. Thanks for the article. Now I’m definitely gonna look into visiting there. Especially since it’s so much closer than Brazil or Thailand.