5 Reasons You Got Blacklisted in the Philippines (And What to Do About It)

According to ManilaTimes.net, the Philippines Bureau of Immigration has already denied 1,500 foreigners at NAIA airport during the first 4 months of 2018.

Yes, this does happen to foreigners. You can get black listed in the Philippines and essentially be banned from entering the country.

Top 5 Reasons Why Philippine Immigration Banned You from Entering The Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte
  1. Commenting or getting involved in Philippines domestic issues. Filipinos do not tolerate foreigners getting involved in their politics. No offense to my white members, but this is always a white person doing social activism in the Philippines.
  2. Soliciting prostitutes – This is a complete joke. No one that I have heard of has ever been black listed in the Philippines for buying a trick. For one thing, Angeles City is the Red Light district of the Philippines with open solicitation day and night. This law/rule was something thrown in to look good, I guess. You would have a greater chance of being arrested for J-walking in the roughest ghetto of America than you would for soliciting a prostitute in the Philippines.
  3. Polygamy or having multiple wives – I don’t know who actually openly has multiple wives in the Philippines, but I guess they didn’t want to start a trend. Every Filipino man has a mistress there, so….another BS rule.
  4. Getting arrested – This is obvious. Keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble. Filipino men are highly friendly but there is always that one smart ass from time to time. Suck it up and avoid confrontations as much as possible. However, once again, I never had a problem with any Filipino man….except for a security guard who I had to talk to once in regards to his jokes about how many women I would bring to my place.
  5. Having an infectious disease – This should be obvious. No one wants a foreigner coming into their country spreading diseases.

These are the most common reasons for being denied entry. Lately, there have been reports of being turned away for “acting rude” towards Philippines immigration officers.

Don’t argue or create a scene at NAIA aiport. Please remember to be respectful and obey any and all orders from the BI.

For a complete list of objections, please refer to the Bureau of Immigration website to read all the listed reasons.

How to Check If Your Name is Still Currently on the Blacklist

Philippines Blacklist

There is no online database that keeps track of the names on the blacklist. The most common occurrence is finding out you’ve been banned when trying to enter Philippines soil.

If you would like to double check if you are on the list prior your trip to Philippines you can contact the Visa Division (Telephone numbers: 834-4854, 834-3707, and 834-4810), Department of Foreign Affairs, 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City or to any Philippine Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Getting blacklisted and banned from the country is an extremely frustrating event, but you’ll have to keep calm and take certain steps to correct your situation.

How to Remove Your Name From the Immigration Blacklist

There is a lengthy process you must undergo to remove your name from the ban list. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Write a Letter – Submit a Letter of request addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and a Photocopy of your passport. Indicate in the letter the nature of your request. The letter should be detailed where it indicates the reason why you were blacklisted and the reason why you need the blacklist be lifted.
  2. Seek Legal Advice – It would be best to seek professional advice with this, you can always consult a lawyer who can assist you all throughout the process. There are many Metro Manila lawyers that can help you with your problem. Search Google for “immigration attorneys” and contact them immediately.
  3. Be Prepared to Pay – Depending on why you were blacklisted, you may have to pay additional fees to the Bureau of Immigration to settle the matter. It’s a good idea to set aside some money for this very reason.

For clarification on their process, you can always contact BI Helpdesk Hotline at (632) 524-3824 or (632) 524-3769 or www.immigration.gov.ph/contact-us/main-office.

Still Need Help?

If you have been blacklisted and denied entry into the Philippines, we’d be happy to assist you with this matter.

Our services include:

  • Figuring out exactly WHY you got blacklisted
  • Helping you find a Metro Manila lawyer
  • Drafting a professional letter for submission to the Commissioner of Bureau of Immigration
  • Consulting you on what steps to take while you await the decision of your case.

Please contact us to discuss your situation in detail. Good luck and stay positive!

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  1. How to get rid of the blacklisted in the Philippine Immigration?
    My fiancé is a Chinese national and he work here before in the Philippines without a proper visa he is just a tourist before. The fact that it was his first time travelling abroad, the reason why he overstayed in the country is that he took the advantage to work in the country as utility staff/worker in a hydroelectric power plant at Ilocos Norte. Knowing that he only should have stayed here in the country as a tourist instead, he violated the law. Apparently, we met here in Ilocos Norte since April 2019 and we fell in love with each other and we are expecting a baby soon, he just sent back to China last June 2019 and he returned again here and we intend to married here but the immigration in Manila sent him back to his country. What are we going to do to make clear his name on the blacklist? Is he going to jail if he violate the rules in philippines?

  2. White men go to the phillippines and buy young boys and girls and hardly ever get arrested or banned from the country and they continue to do so. I made a mistake years ago involving my ex girlfriend and I get blacklisted. Donald Trump is an admitted rapist, child molester and he is our so called President. Is this fair Tarik?

  3. This may spund silly but could you talk little bit more on what Soliciting prostitutes, and Polygamy or having multiple wives means?

    I’m still not getting it and want to make sure I’m not doing it set for I go there to have fun with many woman both inside and outside the bedroom. Thanks in advance.

    • I’d say Clos it means what it says. But again the article points to the fact that women prostitute there all the time and the police does nothing about it. Plus Manilla, Cebu City, Angeles City, and Subic Bay are main places men go to mess around with Filipinas and nobody ever gets arrested. EVER.