Brazil Apartments Guide

Brazil is a country found in South America. A number of its major cities include Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Manaus and Fortaleza. Portuguese is the country’s official language. This article, however, discusses how to find an apartment in Brazil.

In Brazil, rental properties are widely available. And prices normally vary throughout the country. For instance, you are going to pay higher rents in large cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Note also that long-term rental apartments or properties in Brazil and normally not furnished, and without white goods or even fitted shower heads. Electricity as well as other services are also disconnected. It’s also quite rare to find furnished apartments plus long-term houses for rent in Brazil, though these can be found if you know where to search. Vacation plus short-term let houses and apartments in Brazil are normally fully furnished as well as equipped.

Finding an Apartment in Brazil

Brazilian rental properties and apartments may be commonly found online, via rental department of estate agents, by word of mouth, or in the classified sections of the local papers. Even though there are various websites which are important to use, you will discover that apartments are still easiest to find through looking offline.

“ For Rent” signs in Brazil might be displayed on the vacant property itself. You may see the signs either attached to the front gate of a property, or hanging from the apartment window. Most commonly they bear the word “Alugo”. And when the apartment is available for short-term lease, commonly during the summer tourist season in cities and coastal towns, the sign usually will read “Alugo Temporado”.

Furthermore, when the words “tratar proprietario” is written on the sign, it means the owner should be contacted and personally dealt with. In these instances, the strictly enforced apartment rental requirements that are demanded by rental agencies might be by-passed, and rental price or/and deposit may be negotiated.

Property rental websites

There are several estate agents in Brazil with national coverage. And rental properties may be searched for by location, value or the kind or type on property websites. These are commonly written in Portuguese.

For instance, common websites include:

All the above mentioned websites are written in Portuguese.

They’re specifically significant for the sprawling big cities plus harder to access rural locations, since they may considerably cut down your search time.

Daily Newspapers

Daily papers also are particularly useful when you are looking for an apartment in Brazil. For instance, Folha de Sao Paulo circulated in the state of Sao Paulo together with the A Tarde newspaper found in the state of Bahia usually have regularly updated websites which you may search for rental properties.

It’s possible to either search for a rental (aluguel)or sale (venda) by the kind of property (tipo de imóvel), city (cidade) or district (bairro).

Finding a rental apartment in Brazil may be quite enormous challenge and may take time. Ensure you plan ahead, and be patient and persistent in your approach. It’s good to let everyone know you are looking for help when searching for an apartment. Ultimately, you are going to find exactly what you’re looking for.