Dating in Brazil

Dating in Brazil is much different from meeting women in anglo saxon countries like US or UK. First off, Brazilians are extremely social people so you can meet women anywhere once you step outside.

Brazil understands that men have needs so you won’t feel any social shaming or problems when approaching and talking to women. In this guide, you’ll learn tips on what to do before you go out, best places to meet women and the best online dating websites in Brazil.

Before You Go Out

Here’s a few tips to know before you start talking to Brazil women.

Start a simple workout routine

Brazilians care more about looking good than being rich. You will see lots of Brazilian guys with muscles so it’s time to start working out to look better. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gym membership.

Use this simple bodyweight workout routine to build the entire body from the comfort of your home.


Living in western countries destroys a man’s ability to smile at random people. In anglo saxon cultures, people tend to either frown a lot or look stoic. This won’t work in Brazil and you will scare many women away.

The key to getting her interest is to smile a lot and look approachable. Many Brazilian women will approach you if you look fun to hang around. Once she gets near you, then you’re set.

Learn Portuguese

Many Brazilian women speak English but you’ll lose access to the hot Brazilian girls who only speak Portuguese. If there’s one thing you take away from this article, then please learn some Portuguese.

Not only will it help you meet women, but you’ll pay less money for everything and make friends in Brazil much easier.

Best Places to Meet Brazilian Women

Brazil is an outgoing society so there are plenty of good spots to hunt for ladies.


One of the best spots for hunting is your everyday supermarket. You will attractive women shopping as well as the girls working at the store. Female supermarket employees are some of the easiest women to meet. They have to work all day and they’re usually bored. Now it’s your chance to introduce yourself and set up a date later.

Smoothie Bars

Brazilians are obsessed with healthy eating including shops like smoothie bars. You will find some of the hottest women who care about their health and have great bodies too. In Brazil, you can sit next to her and strike up a conversation. It’s completely normal in their culture.


Although a bit more difficult, Brazilian nightclubs are still in excellent spot to meet Brazilian women. The ratios are in your favor and the women are there to meet men, not attention whore like most western women.

Wear a nice dress shirt and pants. Put on some good looking casual shoes too. No sneakers at the club. Also, be ready to bounce to another spot because when a girl likes you, she really wants to hook up that night.


Brazil is well known for its beaches but they are also a great spot to meet women. The key here is eye contact. If you catch her looking at you, then interpret his interest as a signal for you to talk to you. Simply walk up and say “Ola”. The beach is full of beautiful women trying to look their best for you.