Brazil Visas

The Brazilian government has its visas categorized by purpose of visit. There are currently four categories of visas including: Temporary (VITEM), Tourist (VITUR), Diplomatic/ Official and Permanent.

From the categories, there are about 10 different types of visas available.

The visas currently available include:

1. Tourist Visa (VITUR); which is generally for tourists, visitors, and people participating in cultural, scientific or cultural seminars. It also includes people participating in sports and artistic competitions without expecting money in return.

2. Temporary Visa I (VITEM-I); this is a temporary visa suitable for professors, scientists, researchers and participants with a technical agenda or under an international cooperation program. It is also best for exchange students, interns and amateur athletes who are not involved in any paid activities.

3. Temporary Visa II / Business Visa (VITEM-II); this is recommended for travelers who are planning to adopt a child from Brazil. It is also good for business purposes where travelers are expected to sign import/ export contracts, look for business opportunities, make commercial contact and visit companies. This visa, however, does not involve the provision of any services from the Brazilian Government. It also covers travelers who are involved in filming and media coverage.

4. Temporary Visa III (VITEM-III); this type of visa is specifically for athletes and artists who are involved in events with paid participation.

5. Temporary Student Visa IV (VITEM-IV); this is for travelers who are pursuing their academic studies in as undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate program.

6. Temporary Visa V (VITEM-V); this type of visa is for travelers who are providing services to the Brazilian government under contract, employment, as trainees or interns, providing training and leasing.

7. Temporary Visa VI (VITEM-VI); this is only for media correspondents.

8. Temporary Visa VII (VITEM-VII); this visa is for travelers who are visiting for missionary/ religious reasons only.

9. Permanent Visas; this visa is sufficient for travelers who have a personal investment in Brazil or have been transferred to work as managers, directors or executives. It is also prefect for family reunions and transfer of residence after retirement or for a job offer.

10. Diplomatic and Official Visas; this visa is solely for Official or Diplomatic purposes.

Brazil’s Entry and Exit Requirements


Travelers are required to have a valid passport with them. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure or entry into Brazil.


Except for travelers from the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and Germany, travelers are required to present one. Visas defer in fee and processing time depending on your nationality. Travelers are required to present one passport photography, proof of travel and a valid passport.

Immigration Card

Travelers are issued with an exit/ entry card by immigration officials when entering Brazil which they must present to officials when exiting the country. Travelers who fail to produce this card will be fined and this might cause delays when leaving Brazil.

Dual Citizenship/ Nationality

Immigration authorities require that travelers have two passports, one for their country and another for Brazil and vice versa. Failure to do so may cause delays during boarding or even denied boarding.

Travelling with children

Children will need special documentation, like a letter of authorization, before they are allowed to travel without their parents or legal guardian.

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