Brazil Weather

We all know that Brazil is a vast country and therefore there is every possibility for the climate to vary from region to region.

The average temperature in the country is generally above 20 degree Celsius except for the southern areas and the mountains. While the climate is usually humid in the Amazon rainforests, it is typically hot and dry in the interiors.

During summer, the Amazon regions experience very high temperatures sometimes reaching even 40 degree Celsius.

During the winter season, the southern part of the country, as well as the mountainous regions, usually experiences cold climate with temperatures often getting as low as 0 degree Celsius.

For the major part of the year, the coastal areas of Brazil are usually quite sticky and hot. The duration of the rainy season is from January to April in the northern areas, November to March in the São Paulo and Rio areas and April to July in the north-eastern regions.

The best time to visit the country will be from March to November when the Brazil weather is pleasant during the dry season.

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