The Single Black Man’s Guide to Brazilian Women

Brazilian women are known as some of the most beautiful women on the planet and everybody seems to be asking me “What is so special about Brazil? Is it really worth visiting?”

After visiting over a dozens countries over the past few years, I still believe Brazil hands the best looking women on the planet hands down. Nowhere else will you find such an exotic mix of gorgeous girls of all different shapes, sizes and skin tones.

The beauty of Brazilian women is breathtaking and it’s something every man must experience for himself.

If you’re curious about Brazilian ladies then hopefully this article will shed some more light on everything you need to know about Brazilian women.

What are Brazilian Women Like?

Brazilian Women
Brazilian Women

Brazilian girls are a complex mix of many different shades and looks wrapped up in one. You’ll encounter several different types of girls based on their look:

  • Rubias: These are white Brazilian girls that have blonde hair and look European. You’ll find most Rubias living in Southeastern cities like Sao Paulo and Florianopolis where the weather is much cooler
  • Morenas: These are brown skinned girls with straight hair. You’ll find these girls living in cities like Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.
  • Negras: These are dark skinned girls that look like African women. You’ll find these girls living in cities like Bahia.

Most girls have Portuguese first and last names due to the Portuguese colonization of Brazil many years ago. As a whole, Brazilian culture is made up of African, Portuguese and indigenous South American influence.

Brazilian Women Characteristics: How They Act and Behave

The women of Brazil can be explained as passionate, feminine, curvy and fun to be around.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about Brazilian girls during my travels:

  • They love to dance samba
  • They wear shorts and sandals everywhere like they live on the beach
  • They will cook and clean like no other girl to impress their man
  • They like American culture and the music
  • They will make strong eye contact if they like you
  • They aren’t shy about hooking up and express themselves sexually
  • They care more about being a good wife than making money in a corporate cubicle
  • They have some of the best asses you’ll ever see in any other country

Brazilian girls are a breathe of fresh air and love to have a good time while maintaining their femininity. I find their Portuguese accent very attractive and it’s nice to speak to a woman without using English all the time.

Differences between Brazilian Women and American Women

There are many differences between Brazilian and American women that I touched on in one of my recent Youtube videos. You can watch it below:

Basically, Brazilian and American girls are polar opposites although there is a tiny feminist movement in Brazil but nothing major to be worried about.

Most Brazilian girls are anti-feminist and don’t agree with women abandoning their traditional gender roles in favor of corporate jobs, single motherhood and cats.

Why Brazilian women date foreigners

A lot of Brazilian girls dream of marrying a foreigner and moving to a more prosperous country. Once a Brazilian girl reaches 21, she will live at home until she is married. It’s very rare for a woman to just leave her family and go off on her own. So many young beautiful Brazilian women will search desperately for a foreigner to start a family with.

You’ll see a lot of Brazilian girls with white foreigners because white guys are the ones who visit the city.

After speaking with a lot of girls during my 2 trips to Brazil, I am shocked at how badly they seek black men (especially Black American guy) to date and marry.

Fellas, they are literally begging us to come so don’t think you’ll have a problem meeting girls in Brazil.

If you are clean and have your finances together, you will be beating the girls off with a stick.

Did I mention the female to male ratio in Brazil is around 3 to 1? Nowhere else on the planet have I witnessed such an abundance of single beautiful women who have NO IDEA they are smoking hot.

Brazilian men are spoiled silly for living in such a warm, tropical country with model looking women everywhere. This is not an exaggertion. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about

Do Brazilian girls like black men?

Brazilian girls love black men. It helps that Brazil has the 2nd largest black population in the world behind Nigeria. Once you venture outside the more upscale tourist zone, you will witness a sea of black faces EVERYWHERE. It’s quite a shock at first because the media portrays Brazil as a stereotypical white country but nothing could be further from the truth.

Brazil is a black country and black men get a ton of love in Brazil.

At first, I was like a lot of brothas who didn’t beleive the hype about Brazil. I was skeptical and still stuck in the matrix USA dealing with BS lies and propoganda being shoved down my throat on a daily basis.

I was scared to visit Brazil until I watched the movie “Frustrated” by Al Greeze. This film opened my eyes and I was determined to experience Brazil and its women for myself.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Brazil but one of my most memorable romantic encounters ever was with a Brazilian woman. She did things that no American girl could match. Heh

Fact is brothas get treated like kings in Brazil by the women and I didn’t experience any of the feminist garbage brothas must endure in western countries just to get some play.

When it comes to western women, “Thanks but no thanks”. hahaha

Different Types of Brazilian Girls

The nice thing about Brazil is you have a wide menu of selection when it comes to girls. There is something for every man in Brazil.

Northeast Brazil

The Northeast region of Brazil is where Afro-Brazilian women reside in large numbers. The weather is extremely hot and the women are even hotter. Cities like Recipe and Bahia are filled with black and brown skinned babes who are just oozing with feminitiiy.

If you’re looking for a black Brazilian girl then focus your travel on the Northeastern region. It’s cheaper but the humid weather is a challenge. Bahia was great to visit but Rio de Janeiro was much easier to deal with.

Southeast Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is in SE Brazil and most guys start their Brazil experience here. The city is a great spot for meeting girls as well as relaxing on the beach, doing water sports, eating out and going to the clubs at night.

The weather is sunny but not nearly as hot as Bahia or Recife. You’ll find mostly white Brazilian girls in the upscale neighborhoods while Afro-Brazilian girls live in mostly lower class neighborhoods known as “favelas”. Favelas aren’t as dangerous as you may think. Most people who live their are regular hard working people who cannot afford the luxurious lifestyle of the rich white Brazilian upper class.

I visited Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil, and didn’t have any problems there.

Rocinha Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rocinha Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Of course, I hired a private driver to take me there so I wouldn’t necessarily go alone (especially if you don’t speak good Portuguese).

How to Meet Them

So now you’re ready to meet Brazilian girls?

Well, you’ve got two options: meet Brazilians girls in your country or simply fly to Brazil.

Traveling to Brazil is the best way to meet the highest quality Braziian girl you can find.

When is the best time to visit Brazil?

Brazil is in the Southern hemisphere so when it’s winter in America, Brazil is experiencing summer.

  • November to March: High Season when the temperatures are warmer and it’s more expensive
  • April to October: Low season when the temperatures are lower and it’s cheaper.

Yes, there are lots of Brazilians girls in western countries (America for example) but they are corrupted by feminism and don’t look as attractive as the girls in Brazil. Food in western countries is heavily processed so you’ll notice a big difference between the Americanized Brazilian girls vs organic Brazilian ladies.

If you’re in America (or any western country), search for Samba clubs and Brazilian grocery stores in your area. Brazilian girls are like sheep so if you see one, you’ll soon find dozens more nearby. Rioinaweek wrote a good article on meeting Brazilian women in America.

Meeting girls in Brazil is much better and should be your main goal.

First off, you’ll need a passport to visit Brazil. The Brazilian government is dropped the visa requirement for US citizens in June 2019, which is nice and saves you a bit of money.

If you live outside America, then you need to apply for a Brazil visa at your nearest Brazilian consulate. Search Google to find the embassy and schedule a visa appointment.

Once you get your papers right, then you can fly to Rio de Janeiro for your first trip.

Why Rio?

Because it’s the best spot for beginners and it’s extremely tourist friendly. Plus, the girls in Rio are super sexy and the weather is tolerable. It’s no accident Rio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Once you arrive in the airport, 80% of the hard work is done. You can even hook up with the girls working at the airport. Brazil is really a magical place and you can meet women anywhere: malls, beach, restaurant, etc.

There are no anti-feminist laws that deter men from approaching women in public.

No bogus sexual harassment lawsuits or manspreading signs anywhere in sight.

If a Brazilian girl likes you, you will know in 2 minutes or less. One of the nice things about the girls there is they don’t find pleasure in leading men on only to reject you later.

If she’s interested, then she’s all yours. If she’s not, she will tell you honestly without insulting you. It’s a much more natural dating scene in South America.

Meeting Online

Before you go, sign up for some Brazilian dating sites and build a few connections. This is a big tip for you guys who are visiting for 2 weeks or less. Every day counts and you can maximize your time if you have women waiting for you to arrive. Plus, you can meet Brazilian girls who speak decent English online without struggling to learn Portuguese.

BrazilCupid is the best Brazilian dating app online and it’s FREE to sign up and create account. Some other good apps are Badoo and (Portuguese dating app).

If you are looking to meet the most girls in the shortest period of time, go with BrazilCupid.

How to Greet Them

Portugese is the offical language of Brazil so here’s a few useful greetings to know:

Ola (Hello)

Tudo Bem? (How are You)

Bom Dia (Good Day)

Cual e su Nome? (What is your name?)

Meu nome e ____ (My name is )

Learning Portuguese is a must if you really want to crack the hottest Brazilian girls because most girls speak little to no English. Like seriously. English is a rare thing in Brazil. Only the upper class Brazilians speak it and most of them happen to be white.

Chances are your Afro-Brazilian queen speaks zero English so start practicing Portuguese now. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish so if you already know Spanish, you are at a big advantage.

Recommended Portuguese Language Resources

Hooking Up

Brazil is a socially open country so you have many differnet types of girls to hook up with:

  • Normal women – These are girls who have jobs during the week. They are usually exhausted from work during Monday through Friday but are available to meet on the weekends.
  • Terma Girls – These girls work in the “termas” (sex clubs) and you can either take them upstairs or back to your room.
  • Freelance girls – Many beautiful Brazilian girls hit the nightclubs or streets at night looking for foreigners. You’ll recognize one if she’s overdressed, standing still and looking around.
  • Tourist Girls – Lots of young tourist girls from all over visit Brazil every year and they are easy to hook up with. Hang out at the hostels to meet them.

Brazilian girls are quick to bed if they like you. The country is full of sexual energy like no other coutnry in the Americas.

It’s as simple as inviting your girl back to your hotel or condo room. Make sure you girlproof your place by locking up your valuables.


Want to meet Brazilian women and start chatting with them? Go to BrazilCupid and create a profile now.
Hope this helps and I’ll plan to add more to this guide in the future. This guide will over 2,000 words and should help answer a lot of your questions.

Still have a question about Brazilian Women? Leave a Comment Below

I’ll answer your question and update the guide if necessary.

Disclosure: I’ve been to Brazil twice and these are my personal opinions based on real life experience. Everyone is entilted to their opinion so please respect my point of view. You are welcome to disagree but do so with respect. Otherwise, I will ban you from commenting. Thanks.

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