Buying a SIM Card in the Philippines

When you first arrive in the Philippines, one of the smartest things to do is purchase a local SIM card.

Owning a Philippines SIM card allows you to make local phone calls, meet women, make friends and stay in touch with the people you meet.

There are two major cell phone companies in the Philippines: Smart and Globe.

Most people have a Globe number so I recommend purchasing a Globe SIM card at any 7-Eleven for around 40 PHP (80 cents).

Once you receive your SIM card, you can add load to your phone at any Ministop, 7-Eleven or local street shop.

It’s really cheap to send text messages and you can use WIFI to stay in touch with friends via WhatsAPP.

WhatsAPP is a free messaging app for any cell phone that allows you to text and make calls for free.

Using your local Philippines number

Your local number will start with the country code +63 and consist of 9 numbers. Whenever you meet someone, simply give them the 9-digit number and add them to your WhatsApp. Now you can make free phone calls or just buy load if you want to make a direct call.

If you have an international Dual SIM Card, you can place your local SIM inside your phone and use it whenever you need to text or make a call.

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