Black Expat Gives Tour of His Manila Condo Apartment in the Philippines (Video)

MikeThePI Guide, a regular contributor to ExpatKings, gives a guided tour of his Manila condo apartment in the Philippines. It’s a big 4 bedroom condo with a gym, pool and gameroom in the building.

Getting a long term in Manila is fairly easy for expats/tourists. Most long term condos cost between $300 to $600 depending on where you stay in Manila.

Most agents require a 2 months deposit and 1 month advance before you move into your condo. If your rent costs $300 per month, then you need $900 upfront to finalize the deal.

You can find 6 month or 12 month leases as well as short term 1 month agreements. Usually, you will save a bit of money with longer lease.

Where to Find Manila Condos For Rent

  • AirBNB – Best for short term rentals
  • RentPad – Best for long term rentals
  • OLX – Lots of cheap condos but lower quality
  • Lamundi – Sometimes has cheap deals

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