10 Best Spanish Language School Programs & Courses in Spain

  1. Enforex The first place to check out in Spain is Enforex, this is one of the best spanish language schools with the most flexible options. The 20 different courses run on every Monday of the week, all year round- guaranteeing that the student gets the utmost experience while enjoying a schedule that runs … Read more

Barcelona Attack: Is It Safe to Visit Spain?

Spain is experiencing a backlash from the recent Barcelona attack where an islamic terrorist plowed a van into a crowd, killing 14 people and injuring hundreds more. If your dream was to visit Spain, then you are probably having second thoughts about your trip. I visited Madrid over a decade ago and really enjoyed the … Read more

Arona Silva Interview: Being a Black Man in Spain

If you are wondering what it is like to visit Spain, then keep reading because the truth about Spain will shock you. Spain is a country located in southern Europe surrounded by France and Portugal. I have heard many different accounts on what living in Spain is like. Some people say it is great while others … Read more

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