10 Cheapest Destinations in the World for Digital Nomads

‘Global travel prices in 2019 is going to see a steep rise’, say the experts from the Global Business Travel Association. While this may be true, here’s some good news for today’s digital Nomads of the World. Be it globalization and improvement in global connectivity, the general slowdown of the travel to some of the … Read more

5 Great Dishes for a First Date to Amaze Your Girl

1. CHICKEN BREASTS BAKED IN GARLIC OIL Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts salt and freshly ground pepper 200 g. of butter 6 garlic cloves 1 tbsp. of fresh rosemary leaves 1 lemon. Cooking: Preheat the oven to 190 ° C; Lightly grease the baking dish with butter; Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper; Melt the … Read more

10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Go Vegan

Venus Williams is doing it, Mike Tyson is also doing it and so is Russell Simmons. People from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of cultures and professionalism as well as different age groups are doing it. It seems like the world has woken up to exchanging chronic diseases for longevity and compassion. Some years … Read more

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