27 Ways You Can Make Money While Traveling the World

Make Money and Travel the World

Out of all the questions I receive, not having enough money to travel is probably the most common complaint I hear. I remember how I felt back in 2006 when I was fresh out of college, broke and drowning in credit card and student loan debt. I had no money to travel and couldn’t figure … Read more

Here’s Why You Should be Using a Money Transfer Service as an Expat

Living as an expatriate is a lifestyle that is often envied by many others. Travelling outside of not only your home country, but your comfort zone means that life continues to be exciting and full of new experiences all the time. However, though the expat life is often romanticized — for good reason, I might … Read more

How to Quit Your Job and Become Self-Employed

Ever since quitting my corporate non-profit job back in 2008, I have been self employed for the last 10 years using the power of the internet and creating passive income generating internet websites. It’s just one of the many ways you can ditch your corporate job and become self employed. I recently received a question … Read more

5 Reasons to Get Out of Consumer Debt (And What To Do About It)

According to NerdWallet, the average American household carries over $15,000 in credit card debt. Modern society is drowning in debt. Don’t think I’m talking out of nowhere. I’m talking from personal experience back in 2009 when I finished college with over $17,000 in credit card debt. I was a poor college student living off of … Read more

3 Financial Difficulties Commonly Encountered by New Expats

The life of an Aussie expat knows many joys and struggles. There is all the excitement of living and working overseas. Yet there’s also the feeling of homesickness and missing family and friends, even as you form new relationships abroad. Beyond these issues, the world of global finance can produce a lot of challenges too. … Read more

10 Legit Ways to Make Your First $1,000 Online

If you’re interested in becoming an expat or just traveling more, then money is one of your biggest concerns. After meeting and talking to dozens of travelers over the past 3 months, I realized that most people choose to work for several months, save up then use their savings to travel. It’s a common strategy, … Read more

3 Most Effective Negotiation Secrets for Success in Business

Most Effective Negotiation Secrets

Do you ever wonder why more socially adroit individuals rise to a higher level in business than more intelligent people? The answer is negotiation skills.  Lee Lacocca, the former CEO of the Chrysler car company once remarked – “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you … Read more

How to Save An Extra 3% Off Your Agoda Bookings

Agoda Partners Program

Whenever you travel, one of the biggest challenges is finding a clean and safe place to stay. I recommend using Agoda for finding a good hotel room in a safe neighborhood. But did you know there’s an extra way to save even more money on your Agoda bookings? Agoda has a partner program where you … Read more

10 Best Jobs in Thailand for Expats

Looking to find a job in Thailand? Need a way to earn a living while living in Southeast Asia? Here’s a list of the 10 best jobs & careers in Thailand for Expats. 1. English Teacher Teaching English is one of the easiest ways to earn money in Thailand. Getting a TEFL degree is preferred, … Read more

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