5 Surprising Truths About Living in Mexico as a Black Man

Black Men are considering living in Mexico as an popular alternative to America. In this article, you will learn a couple reasons why more brothas are moving to Mexico and settling there.

Onipa, a black man from Ghana, moved to Mexico in 2016 and has been living in Mexico City, Veracruz and Playa Del Carmen. He shares his biggest tips for living in Mexico as a black expat.

Mexico Is Much Different Than You Would Expect

Once you arrive in Mexico, you may be shocked at first because Mexico is quite different from what you may expect.

There Are Several Black Settlements in Mexico

Places like Boca Chica and Guerreo are home to Afro-Mexicans who migrated to these locations. Many of these Afro-Mexicans have strong African descent and you will see time from time to time in Mexico City and other major cities around the country.

Learning Spanish is Very Important

Speaking Spanish is crucial to understanding Mexican culture and interacting with locals.

Mexicans are very curious about Black people

Mexicans are curious about black people and want to know more about why you come to Mexico and what you think about their country.

Mexico is a decent option for Black Expats

If you are looking for a decent place to settle outside of America, Mexico is a good option. Places like Mexico City and Playa del Carmen are modern, relatively safe and good locations for expats.




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