When is the Best Time to Visit Medellin, Colombia?

Taking into account the changing temperatures and humidity conditions, the best time to take a trip to Medellin, Colombia is between December 10th and April 8th. There are several weather tips you should consider before taking a visit to Medellin. Weather Busiest months When to save money When to avoid the mass Your safety Weather … Read more

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How to Marry a Brazilian Woman

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How to Impress a Brazilian Girl

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10 Best Latin American Countries for Black Men

In this article, you’ll discover the best Latin American countries for black men who want to experience Latin culture, food, lifestyle and of course meet a beautiful Latina lady. Latin America consists of 20 countries that span where French, Spanish and Portuguese are spoken. Latin culture is a mix of African, European and Indigenous cultures … Read more

10 Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Colombia

Colombia is one of the best countries in Latin America to visit because you’ll enjoy low prices, great weather, beautiful women, and a cool laid back vibe. The media has done a great job of misconstruing the true facts about Colombia. Yes, there were many problems involving drugs and corruption during the Pablo Escobar era, … Read more

35 Sexy Pictures of Absolutely Beautiful Brazilian Women

Brazilian women are known for their beauty and charm. It’s no surprise that black men are traveling to Brazil and reporting back with amazing stories to share. There’s a reason why Brazil¬† is well known for being a supermodel factory. Here’s 35 why it may be time for you to book a trip to Brazil:

Will Smith Enjoys The Caribbean Lifestyle in Cartagena, Colombia (Must See Video)

Will Smith traveled to Cartagena, Colombia to shoot footage for his new movie, Gemini Man. He recaps his journey to South America in vlogger style on his Official Youtube Channel.

Cartagena is a popular tourist destination on the Caribbean side of Colombia. It’s well known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, seafood cuisine, rich culture and beautiful Afro-Caribbean women.

The cost of living is very affordable and you can find cheap hotel rooms in Cartagena for as low as $10 per night using this link.

More and more black men are discovering the stunning beauty of Colombia and it’s nice to see a big celebrity like Will Smith share his legendary Colombia trip with his many fans.

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