The Single Black Man’s Guide to Brazilian Women

Brazilian women are known as some of the most beautiful women on the planet and everybody seems to be asking me “What is so special about Brazil? Is it really worth visiting?” After visiting over a dozens countries over the past few years, I still believe Brazil hands the best looking women on the planet … Read more

How to Marry a Brazilian Woman

Brazilian women are considered to be among the most gorgeous women in the world. It is therefore no surprise that a lot of men secretly or openly fantasize about having one as a wife. Besides their beauty, Brazilian women are known to be free-spirited and easygoing. You will therefore enjoy their company if you happen … Read more

How to Impress a Brazilian Girl

It feels so nice to dream about how to become a man that girls dream about. And not just think but pump yourself up and reach the level when the girls around you begin wondering how to pick you up and what to do make you notice them. You can keep dreaming, and I, meanwhile, … Read more

35 Sexy Pictures of Absolutely Beautiful Brazilian Women

Brazilian women are known for their beauty and charm. It’s no surprise that black men are traveling to Brazil and reporting back with amazing stories to share. There’s a reason why Brazil  is well known for being a supermodel factory. Here’s 35 why it may be time for you to book a trip to Brazil:

The Beautiful Black Women of Brazil (25 Photos)

Afro-Brazilian Women, aka black Brazilian women, are women of African descent who live in South American’s largest country, Brazil. You can find these women all over Brazil with a large concentration of them living in Salvador, Bahia.

It’s no secret that Afro-Brazilian women are one of the many reasons why Black men travel to Brazil so often. Brazilian women love black men and you can easily meet Afro-Brazilian women in places like coffee shops, shopping malls, nightclubs or using online dating sites like BrazilCupid (Read my honest review).

10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Are you thinking about traveling to Brazil? One of the most popular articles on this website is my post: 10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Brazil. That article has received dozens of comments so I want to create a more specific piece about why brothas should focus on Rio de Janeiro first. 1. Most … Read more

3 Best Brazilian Dating Sites & Apps of 2019

Brazilian women are known worldwide for their beauty and grace and many men are interested in meeting a Brazil woman for dating and/or marriage.  The best way to meet Brazilian women online is to join several online dating sites and connect with single Brazilian ladies. We’ve tested and tried several Brazilian dating sites and listed … Read more

BrazilCupid Review: How to Meet Brazilian Girls Homepage

Brazilian women are well known across the world as some of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. If you are interested in meeting & connecting with Brazilian women, then consider using online dating to increase your chances of success. BrazilCupid Overview BrazilCupid was founded in 2004 and is one of the oldest and largest … Read more

What Brazilian Women Really Think about Black American Men

Brazilian Women

I can still remember the day my black Brazilian girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro asked me to marry her. “Let’s get married!” She said with such excitement. I was only 25 years old at the time and never thought about getting married to a black Brazilian woman, but her was this young, beautiful Afro-Brazilian woman … Read more

How to Rent an Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest city and definitely the most popular tourist attraction site in Brazil. The real estates found in Rio de Janeiro are many but highly competitive to find best apartment simply because many tourists from different countries across the world visits the city. This does not mean there are … Read more

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