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Medellin: This Vibrant Colombian City is 86% Cheaper Than The United States

Who else wants to party like a rock star for a fraction of the cost when compared to New York City?

Medellin is located in Colombia, a medium sized country in South America. We already discussed 10 reason why black men should visit Colombia so check out that article if you’re new here.

You’re going to learn how Americans are living it up in Colombia for ridiculously low prices without dealing with haters and low quality American women.

Cost of Living in Medellin, Colombia

Jubril Agoro, founder of Passport Heavy, presents his recent journey to Medellin and how he saved a ton of money during his trip. Everything from apartments to maid service is up to 86% cheaper than the same services in the Matrix USA.

And Jubril travels with a team of people so your costs in Medellin will probably be much lower.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the cost of living in Medellin:

Colombia prices are listed first (USA prices are listed in brackets)

  • ATVing: $49 ($150)
  • Paintballing: $18 ($120)
  • Hotels: $80 ($350)
  • Fine Dining: $168 ($800)
  • Airbnb: $400 ($2,500)
  • 6 Month Lease: $3,800 ($30,000)
  • Flyboarding: $30 ($100)
  • Haircut: $5 ($35)
  • Massage: $30 ($120)
  • GYM: $70 ($140)
  • Uber: $4 ($18)
  • Chef: $350 ($4,500)
  • Nightclub table: $235 ($1,500)
  • Helicopter ride: $75 ($285)

Total Cost: $5,315 ($40,648)

What Makes the Cost of Living in Most Foreign Countries So Cheap?

Of course, the Colombian economy is much smaller than the United States economy. That’s a given, but there is another element at play here: less competition for females and a culture that restricts excessive female spending.

Western men spend a ton of money on cars, clothes, homes and other things to attract western women who have high demands due to all the horny men chasing them. This causes men to spend money carelessly, which increases the cost of living for everyone.

Sexually repressed, anglo saxon cultures create high prices and a brutal cost of living.

The second reason is western women are bankrupting western nations with their foolish spending habits. Many of them think a credit card is monopoly moned and they are a large contributing factor to America’s $20+ trillion dollar deficit.

Foreign women are much more careful with their money and men don’t have to compete so hard because there are sexy women everywhere.

Now’s It Your Turn

What do you think about Medellin? Have you been here before? Would you like to go?

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