How to Make Money and Travel to Brazil For Your 1st Trip

Welcome to class, fellas. My previous article about 10 reasons why Black men need to visit Brazil got lots of traffic so I’m writing another article in my Brazil series. In this article, we are going to cover the following important topics: Financial Intelligence Buy Assets Passive Income United States Dollar to Brazilian Realis Exchange … Read more

The Truth about Black American Men & Brazilian Women Relationships

Any attempt to understand black American men and their relationships with Brazilian women must first consider cultural characteristics and the significance of social values. Now, we are not talking about any form of sexual voyeurism. Instead, this article focuses on those relationships that seek serious involvement, commitment or union. Further, the dynamics of these relationships … Read more

10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Brazil

Brazilian Women

In this article, you will discover 10 reasons why Black men should travel to Brazil and experience this magical country. For black men, Brazil is a hidden kept secret that is only experienced by a few adventurous travellers.¬†Frustrated: The Movie does a great job of showing what Brazil has to offer black men. I have … Read more

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