10 Cheapest European Cities for Expats

Thinking about moving to Europe as an expat? Want to plan a cheap vacation?

Europe is known for being an expensive destination, but we’ve found the cheapest European cities for expats that won’t cost you a fortune to live in.

Listed below in no particular order are the ten most affordable cities to live in for expats.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Known for being Portugal’s largest city, as well as its wealth of culture, Lisbon is the perfect choice for expats looking to live in a warm, European climate on a budget.

With rent for an average sized, furnished apartment costing €477($533) per month, the city is extremely affordable.

2. Barcelona, Spain

With a plethora of delicious food and a long rich heritage, Barcelona is the ideal city for expats looking to explore and experience Western Europe on a budget. Rent for a normal, furnished apartment is about €640 ($715).

Although rent is slightly more expensive than other cities listed here, for expats looking to live in a world renowned city, Barcelona is ideal, as it is much cheaper in comparison with other world centres.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

This central European city is known for its wild party scene, accessible location and alcoholic beverages. The Czech Republic drinks the most beer out of any country worldwide, making Prague ideal for beer enthusiasts.

With one beer in a local bar costing about $1.40, and average monthly rent in a regular, furnished apartment being about $488, Prague is perfect for expats looking to travel around both Eastern and Western Europe, while using this lively, budget friendly city as a home base.

4. Riga, Latvia

Latvia’s capital is a stunning city, with a charming old town and amazing nightlife.  In this northern city, the average cost for a mid range, furnished apartment is €334($375).

Normally expensive activities such as an expensive three course meal for 2, can be enjoyed for a small cost, in this case around $60. Riga’s cheap prices and rowdy nightlife make it perfect for the expat looking to let loose.

5. Krakow, Poland

With a plethora of green spaces, concerts, theatres and museums, Krakow is an excellent choice for expats looking to experience Polish culture at its finest.

Rent in a regular sized apartment costs approximately $440, which make it the perfect city for those interested in live music performances, art and drama productions while living on a budget.

6. Thessaloniki, Greece

The second largest Greek city, and known for its large concentration of youth, as well as its broad range of outdoor activities, Thessaloniki is ideal for expats looking for an active, festive lifestyle.

Rent for a mid sized, furnished apartment costs approximately €260 ($290). This city is still recovering from the financial crisis, so it’s difficult to find a job, but if you do have employment, the cheap prices available make it the ideal European city to reside in.

7. Tallinn, Estonia

This Baltic country is known for its tech scene(Skype originated here), so if you are looking for a job in technology, it’s the perfect choice.

Almost every Estonian is fluent in English, which makes it easy to get around. Rent costs about €370 ($415) for a mid sized apartment including furniture.

8. Graz, Austria

The second largest city in Austria, and known for its large concentration of students and delicious coffee culture, Graz is the perfect choice for those looking to live in the German speaking sector of Europe on a budget.

Here an average, furnished apartment costs approximately €470 ($525) per month, which is incredibly cheap compared to most other cities in the German speaking world.

9. Naples, Italy

Known for being one of the oldest cities in the world, Naples has an incredibly high concentration of culture and history, from delicious wine to ancient Greek and Roman ruins.

These factors make Naples the perfect choice for history fanatics and wine lovers alike. Rent in an average sized, furnished apartment costs about €495 ($555).

10. Valletta, Malta

This island city is renowned for its scenic architecture and proximity to the ocean. English is an official language of the small island country, which makes it the perfect choice for expats who would like to work and go about life in the English language. A normal sized, furnished apartment costs about €440 ($490).

Note: Apartment prices come from this site (https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living) and consist of a 45m2 furnished studio apartment in a semi expensive area.

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  1. I have not had many problems in Europe. Germany, and especially eastern Germany, is a problem with racism against black men. I suspect the problems in Germany are associated with the recent influx of migrants from Africa and the middle east.

  2. I agree with Gil.

    As a black man, I was worried about traveling to Odessa, Ukraine (which is located in eastern side of Europe). I thought that the people there were going to discriminate against me. But, they did not care. I had no problems with dating 9 amazing women there too.

    If a black man or any man of any race ever goes to somewhere like Ukraine, he would have the best time of his life. He would not want to leave there. Once he returns home, he would want to go back there as quick as possible as I do.

    Europe is amazing.

    You do not have to worry about many problems as you do in United States.

  3. @ Michael Jones..I would feel safer “running” around those European cities than I would here in the US..hell a black man or pregnant woman can’t even call the cops without getting shot these days. We’ve had black people in America for centuries and they still stare at us. What’s the difference? Of course, you have to be vigilant no matter where you go, but if you are respectful, mind your own business and are there to have a good time, you shouldn’t have problems. Seriously..get rid of the martix and plantation mindset and go travel.

  4. Of course you can. I’ve been all over Europe.

    Why are you concerned over attracting attention when you don’t know why and you simple minded ass just think it’s because you are Black.

    Well get over yourself that is not the ONLY reason people notice you.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, buy I cannot see a Black man runnig around Malta, Estonia, or any of these cities that you list. I may try a few of these cities, God willing, but it would be a daring venture to say the least. I mean a Black dude running around Poland or Latvia would likely attract a lot of attention. All the stares!!!