The Cheapest Cities to Live in Europe for English Speakers

Europe no doubt is one of the most expensive continent in the entire world. The reason for it’s pricey nature is not far fetched; it is home to lots of exotic cities filled with rich and diverse culture along with beautiful European women.

Due to this, it might be a tad bit difficult for anyone, especially the native English speakers to relocate and start a new life there.

However, there are a couple of affordable European cities to live peacefully in the European continent. These cities come with an affordable lifestyle and cost of living. They include:

London, England

London England

London is known for its luxury and expensive taste, however, you can still live in the beautiful city without taking your finances to a plunge. There are museums, parks and other beautiful outdoor places to visit in London, where you can get to mix with the English natives. You’ll get a great insight of their pleasant and urban lifestyle when you begin to live with them. In no time, you will be super used to their way of life, especially if you are a job seeker.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

When it comes to understanding the perfect blend of the western and local culture, Istanbul is the place to be. This extremely affordable city has a whole lot of markets, resorts, and stores you can shop in, especially when you are intend to live on a specified budget. Most of its natives are friendly and are always ready to provide help to tourists from all around the world.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

One of the cheapest cities in Europe to enjoy a great urban life is Belgrade. This beautiful city remains one of the top cities in Europe that attracts tons of tourists all around the world on an annual basis. A typical day in Belgrade should cost you about $32, especially with the cheap dining options all around. However, as you spend more time in the city, you’ll get to buy foodstuff from the farmers market and prepare your own meals.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland

With $52, you can have a great day in city as there are a whole lot of places to sight-see, especially the building with a blend of modern and ancient architecture. Living in Gdansk comes quite cheap, especially in terms of accommodation. There are several house options to choose from which all depends on the family size. Irrespective of that, the choices available are still cost effective. The public transport system is also good enough as you do not necessarily need to own a car before you can get to your destination easily.

Living in Europe is a life changing experience for anyone, irrespective of the budget constraint. To know the perfect city for you to live in, make sure you conduct necessary investigations about the place.

This would prepare you for the kind of lifestyle to expect, and also help you figure out how quick you can blend into their culture. Either way, living in Europe is one of the best decisions you could make in your entire lifetime.

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