10 Cheapest Destinations in the World for Digital Nomads

Global travel prices in 2019 is going to see a steep rise, say the experts from the Global Business Travel Association. While this may be true, here’s some good news for today’s digital Nomads of the World. Be it globalization and improvement in global connectivity, the general slowdown of the travel to some of the countries, the drop in the currency value of some of these countries, and a mix of all these reasons; these destinations will give you the best value for your dollar and offer you a memorable holiday:

Indonesia: Courtesy it’s really weak Rupiah versus a Dollar and the somewhat active volcano threat (leading to earthquakes and Tsunami fear), Indonesia is one of the best value for money destinations in the world today. With abundant white sandy beaches around, the fields and Jungles to add the green around and destinations like Bali, Sumatra, Komodo National park, besides others, Indonesia offers plenty for a traveler. With easy and very economical accommodation, food and travel, there’s plenty to attract tourists there. A paradise for seafood lovers, you could easily hire cars / two-wheelers to make your travel economical.


India: Whether it is beaches that you are looking for or the world’s greatest Mountain ranges you would like to visit, the lazy backwaters or the heavily populated cities and temple districts, India offers it all, and offers them all at prices that can make your jaws drop. With the recent slide in the Rupee value against the Dollar, India also offers some of the best and most economical food and stay options. Travel within the country is also very good with Air, road or Rail connectivity, depending on your budget and time available.


Nicaragua: One of the largest city in Central America, Nicaragua offers a good mix of activities for the limited tourists visiting this country with a vast coastline. While the capital city is known for its art and architecture, the coastline offers you choices between calm beaches to high waves beaches for surfing. If the real adventurers, you could decide to hike up ‘the lady’s breasts’ (the twin volcanoes in Lake Cocibolca or go surfing with the hammerhead sharks.


Turkey: Known as much for its street food as it is for its history and architecture, turkey makes a great destination for travel this year, largely also due to the slip in Lira prices against the dollar and its hospitable people. With plenty of museums and monuments to keep the tourist busy, this country also boasts of some of the best beaches. Don’t miss on the Turkish hammam, while there.


Vietnam: This natural beauty is hands down one of the cheapest destinations in Asia. Known for its rustic beauty, you get to enjoy the village life of Vietnam in the true sense. A great destination for relaxation, the place houses some of the best locations to calm one’s mind. Don’t forget to visit one of the iconic Rice terraces, while here.


Columbia: The pristine beaches, friendly people and lush jungles makes Columbia one of the hot destinations for backpacking. With the continued slide in the value of Peso to Dollar, one can get more from their visit to Columbia. From Trekking to paragliding to watching soccer games to enjoying great seafood to enjoying the beaches, Columbia offers all.


Bulgaria: One of the cheapest European tourist destinations, Bulgaria offers great food and wine, historic towns and streets filled with very warm people. A great European destination without the European budget.



Albania: Along the Mediterranean coastline, Albania is a great alternative to expensive Italy or Greece, offering great architecture, influenced by the Romans. Do remember to try the Turkish coffee while here.


Thailand: Honeymoon destination for many Asian countries, Thailand offers great beaches and city life for tourists alike. Known for the great Asian food they serve, including raw papaya salad and rice and noodles, Thailand is also a known destination for massages. This land of the Sun, Sand and sea is well connected to the world and offers multiple options for tourists depending on the budget. House to some of the best jungles and cities alike, this land of the smiles offers everything a tourist wants.


Bolivia: With energy filled capital of La Paz, to places like Lake Titicaca and Salar De Uyuni, the world’s largest salt bed, also called the world’s largest Mirror, Bolivia makes it must visit for tourists. This South American country offers great value for money to stay, and you get packed lunches here as well.


Be it, families, backpackers or adventure lovers, these destinations offer choices to all at the budgets that suits them best. While these may not be the only destinations to visit, they definitely cannot be ignored either.

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