Top 5 Cities with the Most Beautiful Afro-Colombian Women

Afro-Colombian Women

Are you wondering which is the best city to find beautiful Afro-colombian women?

Black Colombian women are sprinkled all over Colombia but there are certain cities with you will find a much better selection in one place. Most Afro-Colombians live along the Pacific and Caribbean coast within the country. So stick to border cities to make your search much easier.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Colombian Cities to find black Colombian women

1. Cartagena

This Caribbean coastal city is one of Colombia’s most beautiful cities and stands as the #1 tourist destination in the entire country. A large majority of the population is Afro-Colombian and Cartagena is a great place to find beautiful black Colombian girls

2. Quibdó

El Choco region is a prime hunting ground for finding Afro-Colombian women, especially in the capital of Quibdo. The region doesn’t receive nearly as much tourism as Cartagena so that’s why we ranked it #2. Still, you will find a lot of beauties here if you travel a bit off the beaten track.

3. Buenaventura

Located along the Pacific coast of the country, Buenaventura is a smaller city with a huge afro-Colombian population. Although the region doesn’t receive nearly as much tourism due to potential safety issues, you’ll find a lot of beautiful women coming from this city.

4. Cali

Located within the valley near the center of the country, Cali is another less traveled but hidden gem for finding Afro-Colombian women. The women of Cali are more on the “morena” side but you will find some cute Afro-Colombian girls walking around if you keep your eyes peeled.

5. Barranquilla

A 2nd tier city located on the Caribbean coast about 1 hour from Cartagena, Barranquilla doesn’t get the same attention and reputation as Cartagena but you will find plenty of cute black Colombian girls here. I didn’t see nearly as many as Cartagena so don’t get your hopes up too much. Nonetheless, this city ranks in at #5 and is just a short ride away from Cartagena by bus.

What to Do Next? Start Chatting with Afro-Colombian Women Online

Before you book your trip, it’s a good idea to start testing the waters and making a few connections online. I also consider this a “research phase” where you search for Afro-Colombian girls by city and see which city offers the most attractive girls based on your preferences.

Using a Colombian online dating site is the easiest way to get the ball rolling, talk to some Colombianas, and get some motivation for your upcoming trip.

I personally recommend ColombianCupid as the best Colombian site for finding your Afro-Colombian beauty. It’s free to join and browse through tons of girls photos and see who you connect with. If you want to unlock the full site features, upgrade your account for only $24.95 per month.

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  1. Great post brother. This came in at a great time. I was just on RVF and asked about a city or state in Colombia where I could find darker or afro Latinas. As to be expected I didn’t find the answer there because everyone is stuck on the “Medellin” ZOMG paisas beauty cool-aid.

    Don’t get me wrong they are good looking, but the sheer rarity and raw beauty of an Afro-Latina are hard to match. Black beauty/soul don’t crack alongside the fiery spirit of a Latina and you got your self one heck of a match. I can only imagine ^_^

    Glad I found this article.

    I did some looking on tinder gold, but I let the gold go for now, but didn’t really venture out too much. Yesterday I signed up for colombiacupid, so now I have some cities to explore. Thanks again brother