Colombia or Brazil: Which is Better for Black Men?

Two of the most popular destinations for brothas are Brazil and Colombia so we decided to compare them side by side based on cost of living, safety, women, food, etc.


US citizens don’t require a visa to enter Colombia, which makes it one of the easiest countries in South America to visit. You get up to 90 days visa free in Colombia.

Brazil requires a visa to enter the country and you have to apply for one at your nearest Brazilian consulate.

The process is simple and costs around $135 to complete. You need your passport, visa fee, and a few passport photos.

Winner: Colombia

Cost of Living

If you are looking for the cheapest trip, then Colombia is one of the cheapest countries in South America.

You will spend 86% less money for the exact same stuff when compared to America. Everything from hostels to food is extremely cheap and affordable.

Ever since hosting the World Cup and Olympics, Brazil has experienced a slight boom in their economy and prices are up higher than usual.

The Real is around 3 to 1 when compared to the US Dollar but it’s still much cheaper than living in the United States.

Winner: Colombia


Food in Colombia is delicious but the main cuisine focuses around rice which can sometimes make you constipated.

There are plenty of fresh vegetables, meats, drinks and other delicious goodies.

Brazilian food is not only healthy, but extremely cheap. You have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, smoothie bars, and world class restaurants.

Brazilians are obsessed with their appearance and they take healthy eating very seriously.

Winner: Brazil


Colombian nightlife revolves around dancing salsa and nightclubs. Many people head over to the salsa clubs and dance with each other.

It can be intimidating at first if you don’t know how to dance salsa. Other nightlife activities include nightclubs, bars and disco bars aka strip clubs.

Women dance for free while you sit back and watch. It’s a nice change from the “make it rain” crowd in US stripclubs.

Brazilian nightlife is wild and crazy because they love to party all night long. Most parties take place in the street and can go on for hours.

Brazilian dance samba and love to head to the samba clubs to dance and mingle. Brazilian women are eager to hook up with men, making it very easy to get some action on any night.

Winner: Brazil


Colombianas are beautiful and affectionate with their curvy bodies and big breasts. They are quite attractive yet give you space in the relationship.

You don’t need much “game” to meet them and hook up. Meeting women at salsa clubs and clubs is very easy to do.

They are also very approachable, especially if you speak a little Spanish.

ColombianCupid is the #1 dating site in Colombia and it’s easy to create a profile and start meeting women today.

Brazilian women are often known as the most beautiful women in the world. They have the biggest butts in South America and are incredible in bed.

Once a Brazilian girl likes you, it’s extremely hard to get rid of her. They fall in love fast and pursue men they find attractive with great passion.

Meeting them at night is super easy and there are many places to hook up with them. You can find them anywhere: supermarkets, samba clubs, beaches, in the street, etc.

BrazilCupid (Read the review) is the largest online dating site in Brazil and it’s easy to create a profile and start meeting women today.

Winner: Brazil


Colombia has a bad reputation for being dangerous but I found it to be one of the safest places I’ve ever visited. The locals were cool and friendly.

The police didn’t even look my way but were available if needed. A lot of the stories about Pablo Escobar and his cocaine gang are outdated and non-existent anymore.

Brazil is an awesome place but petty crime is a problem. I saw several white tourists being robbed while I lived in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has started occupying some of the black favelas to control the drug trafficking problem.

If you are a black man, then it’s less of an issue since you will look Brazilian. However, I still think it has a growing crime issue.

Winner: Colombia


Colombia has some really nice beaches in Cartagena on the Caribbean side. Most tourists head to places like Medellin and Bogota so it’s not really known for its beach scene.

Brazil offers world famous beaches like Copacabana, iPanema and Leblon. Millions of tourists flock to Brazil every years just to relax on the beach.

Winner: Brazil

The Winner is…Brazil

It’s a close competition because Colombia has a lot to offer Black men but I still had the time of my life in Brazil.

It’s a bit more rough around the edges but there are so many great cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Salvador that make Brazil irresistible.

I recommend visiting both Brazil and Colombia, but if I had a choice I’d pick Brazil over Colombia. The women, food and weather is absolutely intoxicating and you’ll definitely be coming back again and again.

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    • These colour-struck, black bucks, have no idea. How could they when they’re too dumb to be a proper husband. Much less choose the right kind of women to be a wife and life partner. They couldn’t do it in USA with black women, and they damn sure can’t now…Apparently, neither can you…

  2. Brotha wake up why do we have a tittle. About which is better for black men. Let’s keep our travels to our selves. When words get out they will not be given visas to brotha going to other countrys.