Top 10 Hottest Costa Rican Models

Costa Rican Models are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Below is a list of the top 10 hottest Costa Rican models:

10. Karol Quesada

9. Karla Bermudez

8. Hazel Carvajal

7. Diana Salinas

6. Sharon Brenes

5. Jireh Vargas

4. Kathryn Arbenz

3. Pamela Alfaro

2. Julissa Castro

1. Nazareth Cascante

More Information about Costa Rican Models

While there have been a lot of misconceptions and arguments about women From the south and Costa Rican women in particular, this article aims at clarifying these misconceptions by revealing young, beautiful and hot Costa Rican models today!

From various studies and research works that have been going on over the years, one wouldn’t be wrong to draw out a conclusion about lower Americans, especially where producing exceptionally beautiful models is concerned.

However, evolvement in style and fashion have made some hiring companies place focus down south, although no company ever considers Costa Rica to be blessed with hot and beautiful ladies that can be worked on to become models.

A lot of people always have their minds on Argentina and Brazil when considering models from Latin America, however, this article has been designed from numerous research works to prove to you that there are indeed hotties down south, and they aren’t Mexican or Brazilians, in here are images of the top 10 hottest and most endowed Costa Rican models of the present day south side.

Their beautiful skin or exotic looks does not make them outstanding, but the fire of creativity and adventure that keeps burning inside them.

Truthfully, Latina women are a blend of fiery passionate and sizzling hot, but they are no match for Costa Rican women when it comes to hotness in physique and body shape.

They’re always on their feet, elegantly standing for what they believe in, they don’t cave in or cower!

While many people may not agree with the order, the taste and uniqueness are what matter the most. The image links to each of these models have been included, and so if you feel attracted to any of the hotties, feel free to check their portfolio!

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