Top 6 Most Curvy Ethiopian Women With Stunning Figures

Lola Monroe Curvy Ethiopian Woman

Any time you think about beautiful and most curvetous women in Africa, Ethiopia tops the list. As a country it has beautiful women who are embodied with a perfect color balance between dark and white complexions and perfect facial features and skin tones.

This list comprises of top Most Curvy Ethiopian Women. Let’s see who tops the list.

6. Etsehiwot Abebe

Etsehiwot Abebe

She gets to the list as the top ten curviest Ethiopian woman. Etsehiwot Abebe was born in Ethiopia, she is an Ethiopian actress and a family lady who is dedicated to her marriage. She has a well maintained body shape despite having given birth several times. Instagram: @etsehiwot_etsei 

5. Lola Monroe

Lola Monroe Curvy Ethiopian Woman

Her real name is Fershgenet Melaku, a staunch Ethiopian rapper, model and film actress. She is 32 years of age. Instagram: @iam_queenroe

4. Helen Getachew

Helen Getachew

Beauty and a good body makes her the Ethiopian Beauty pageant title holder at 29 years of age. 

3. Mhadere Tigabe

Mhadere Tigabe

She was born in Ethiopia in 1992. She is a model and was crowned miss universe in 2013 

2. Amleset Muche

Amleset Muchie

She was born in Ethiopia and studied filmmaking at New York Film Academy. She is an actress and model. She is married to a singer Teddy Afro. Instragram: @amlesetmuchie

1. Adisalem Getaneh

Adisalem Getaneh

She is an Ethiopian film actress born in Ethiopia in 1996. She is ranked in the list of popular celebrities. Instragram: @addisalem_getaneh

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