Do Brazilian Women Like Black American Men?

Is it true? Do Brazilian women go crazy for Black American men? I was determined to find out for myself after watch the movie “Frustrated” by Al Greeze. This film was the motivation that I needed to travel to Brazil for the first time!

When I first arrived at the airport, I got my first taste of Rio de Janeiro: a super hot Brazilian girl who started talking to me while leaving the GIG airport. LOL. I was in shock. Maybe some of the rumors were true. I had an Ah Ha moment.

The Truth About Brazilian Women

Aside all the hype, you probably want to know if you will attract Brazilian women and be success. I’m here to tell you that Brazilian women are at least 50% easier than American chicks. They are more affectionate, flirtatious and emotional than your typical Western female. I even have video proof of the difference between Brazilian and American women (hehe).

This makes it really easy for brothas to have instant success in Brazil. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you want the top tier Brazilian model looking girls, then you need to dress sharp, speak Portuguese and look the part. You won’t date the hottest Brazilian girls if you look like the stereotypical tourist. Portuguese really opens a lot of doors for you and learning it is so important to success in Brazil.

If I hadn’t learned Portuguese, I would have been limited only to the English Speaking Brazilian girls who are sometimes not that attractive. In my experience, the fatter the girl, the more likely she speaks English. No joke.

Learn Portuguese, brothas. Increase your options by becoming bilingual. It’s very important.

Do Black American Guys get lots of love in Brazil?

For one, Brazil is full of black people so you won’t have any problems getting props from your South American brothas & sistas. I was shown lots of love in Brazil that I never received in the USA. There is less fighting, hostility, and general chaos in places like Rio for the black man.

Yes, there are problems with poverty and racial discrimination, but it’s nothing like the Matrix USA where civilians have access to high powered weapons and illegal drugs.

Brazilian women are more thirsty than American women because competition for men is really high. I remember a scene in a nightclub where I watched 3 girls fight over a Brazilian guy while 2 Brazilian girls fought for my attention.

I think the warm weather does something to the women that makes them crazy. Of course, I’ve heard that social media sites like Facebook have had a negative impact on the dating scene.

However, you won’t experience the same impact in Brazil like you do in western societies. Facebook & Tinder won’t have as big of an impact there. Don’t worry. Brazil is a still a tropical paradise if you know what’s up.

If you are already in a committed relationship, then do not come to Brazil. Your marriage/relationship is too important to risk because Brazil will have you wondering:

Can I do better than her?

LOL Come and see for yourself.

Is Brazil worth the hype?

Country hype is usually spot on because brothas are spending thousands of dollars to travel overseas. You want to make sure you get a good return on your investment.

It’s much cheaper to live in Brazil right now because of the US dollar’s strength over the reals. We don’t know how much longer the US dollar will stay strong so I recommend visiting Brazil while the currency exchange is in your favor.

Brazil is a magical place and I think Rio de Janeiro may be my favorite city in the Western Hemisphere. The food is good, the women are beautiful and the weather is on point.

What Next?

Create a free account on BrazilCupid and start messaging these women before you come to Brazil. Get your passport in order, book your flight and book a cheap room using AirBNB.

See you in paradise!

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  1. I wanna see y’all making all these articles giving your OPINIONS, Show and PROVE it. Talk is cheap, but coming from the horse’s mouth is more believable… Or at least SEEING the dynamic.. I don’t wanna read a 1 sided point of view and read y’all speaking FOR them. Where THEY at?

  2. Just Wondering I’m into the fitness Physique Athletic Brasileiras! Are they acceptable to African American men who already work out and are fit like Myself but not like Ronnie will the professional looking hot athletic Brazilian want a gentleman like me?! Just asking I hope someone will answer?!