Do Danish Women Like Black Men?

If you’re interested in traveling to Denmark, then you are probably wondering what women in Denmark think of black men.

Watch This Video to Discover What Danish Women Think About Black Men

Surprisingly, most of the brothas I’ve talked to have very positive things to say about Northern Europe in general. It’s very clean, generally safe and a great place to meet women. The only major negative I heard about was the weather. However, if you visit during the warmer seasons, then you can avoid the brutal cold climate.

Some Danish Women Are Very Interested in Black Men

When it comes to European women, she is usually either really into black men or just not that interested. There is a highly polarized opinion of brothas all throughout Europe. Hate us or Love us is the general rule. If you talk to a Danish women, then you will know right away whether she likes you or not. Just look for the usual signs of interest and you will be fine.

Remember, there aren’t so many black men in Denmark so you will have an exotic factor going for you during your trip. Danish women will make their interest known so it’s up to you to get the conversation going, get her details and follow up with her. Just assume the sale, be cool and keep things light and fun. This is the easiest way to attract a hot Danish woman and keep her interested.

My Experiences with Danish Women

I’ve met a couple women from Denmark and they were very open and friendly with me. I met most of them during my travels through Asia so this is a relatively small sample.

Northern European women are quite different from White American girls so I advise you to let go of any negative cultural biases and opinions. Danish women are very curious about black men and you will know right away if you have an opportunity to date her and take things further.

You don’t really need much game either. You will always need to dress clean, smell good and carry yourself like a man of means. The good thing is Danish women often speak great English so the language barrier is small to non-existent. Language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles when dealing with European women. Luckily, English is spoken widely through Denmark to make things easier for you.

Tips for Meeting Danish Women

  • Visit Denmark – Consider taking a trip to Denmark and pipelining women in advance. There are several dating sites in Denmark where you can meet women before your trip.
  • Dress Clean – Make sure your clothing and attire is clean, fresh and on point. You want to come across as the hip, cool brotha that will show her a good time. Fashion is extremely important in Europe so don’t show up looking like a fool
  • Assume the Sale – Many brothas have such bad experiences with white American women that you miss out on a lot of decent European women. Keep a positive attitude and realize Danish women are not like the women across the pond.
  • Tone Down Your Game – Northern European women don’t need a ton of game. Being black and cool is usually enough to gain their interest. No advanced level game is needed when you are in heavy demand.
  • Get Your Money Right – Don’t go to Denmark in financial trouble. Always keep your finances strong and tight. If you need help, check out Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and fix your finances before your trip. Financial problems will cause too many problems on your trip.

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  1. I you want have fun with European women. Travell to tourist places like Ibiza or isles in greece. They let go of all inhibitions when on holiday. Last place to visit Swedish women or danish women is there home country. Women have become very scare to let loose in there home country’s cause all the rape that have come with immigration.

  2. hi, I’m a black man from NYC, and plan on visiting Denmark Copenhagen next year, can you tell me roughly how much American money I will need for 2 weeks? please include roundtrip flight fare, hotel stay, and pocket spending money, I want to go out and have a good time, experience and enjoy the nightlife and the pretty ladies. and I would like to visit in the summertime, when is that? — also, can I exchange my American dollar once I get there? — Thank you!

  3. Is the girl in the pic above from Denmark or is it just a stock photo to get guys attention?

    Anyway, it is more likely women from Denmark would meet black men from Africa than African-America since they are all over Europe. Though I would like to see more black men from America travel to Europe I figure it is a small percentage that will travel to the country.

    As for the African men they are doing well with the European women especially with dances like Kizomba (look it up).

    • Finally, a Euro article. Nice article, Tarik. it’s time black men stop putting so much more effort than non-black men put into attracting beautiful women here in America. It’s so much more easy for non-black men to date attractive white American women because these women seem to be so much more open to every other race of men all while excluding only black men.
      Have you noticed that it’s almost always “black men” that they’re “just not into?” You’re only dateable if their is a condition. That condition being exceptionally high status, drugs, money. And notice how no other race of men have to have these excessive qualities/requirements just to be dateable.

      Life’s too short guys. Take action and stop being afraid to go after what your want. Every other race is doing it in right in front of you everyday. If you’re a black man and you’ve got standards, then get yourself a passport, start an online business, and leave this country for a while.