Do Women in the Philippines (Filipinas) Like Black Men?

I can still remember my first night in Manila when I got curious smiles from local Filipino girls as I arrived in the city.

Filipino women are extremely curious and shy around black men. There is a lot of pressure on local women to conform and do what society says.

Many filipino women are attracted to black men, but are afraid of being shamed by society. Black men are seen as aggressive and inimidating so many Filipino girls never get to experience a relationship with a black man.

I’ve dated Filipino women before who said I was nothing like they imagined. Their perspection of black men comes from the media and portrayals of black men on TV.

If you take the time to talk to the women in the Philippines, you will find they are like most women around the world.

Many Filipino women are interested in marrying black men to escape the hassles & realities of life in the Philippines. You can find a wife in the Philippines with no game needed.

Black men from western countries have larger salaries and earn more money than the locals do. As long as you are financially secure, Filipinos will judge you on an individual basis.

As far as racism, I felt most of the racism coming from Filipino men who possibly felt threatened by my presence.

An older Filipino taxi driver told me people are frightened by black people because of our hair.

Overall, you will find it easier to meet a Filipina girl if you are white, but there are plenty of Filipinas interested in black men.

Tips for Meeting Filipinas in Public

Always look for eye contact and be sure to make the first move. If you are in a crowded public space, you can try slipping her your number on a piece of paper so she doesn’t feel like people are watching both of you in public.

Tips for Meeting Filipinas Online

Online dating is probably the easiest way to meet Filipino women. You can create a profile and start sending messages before you visit the Philippines.

PinaLove, FilipinoCupid and DateinAsia are the best dating sites for meeting pinays online. If you start messaging women a month before your trip, you can have a beautiful lady waiting for you at the airport!

What was your experience with women in the Philippines? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

14 thoughts on “Do Women in the Philippines (Filipinas) Like Black Men?”

  1. I been to the Philippines twice. Once in Manila and Angeles City in 2007 and I went to the island of Cebu. First of all, like all other Asian countries, Asians are just flat-out racists against so-called Negroes or so-called African Americans. The white man goes to all those Asian countries and tell the Asian women that all so-called Black American men are thugs, gangsters, criminals, everything that the American Jewish media exploits our like this. I’m originally from Compton, California. I lived in many countries, the best were Australia, Mexico, Denmark and the Netherlands. All beautiful countries and the white women love Black men in those countries, especially we so-called Black Americans. Filipina treat white men 100 times better than they do so-called Black American men. I know from perience. They look at us so-called Black American men as walking ATM Machines. All they care about is taking your money. I had to put one of these gold-digging Filipina women in her place. The parents of these Filipina girls are extremely racists, they smile in your face when you’re giving them money but once you leave, they’ll call you a Nigga behind your back. They don’t want nothing to do with the Black Negritoes Aborigines of the Philippine Islands. They act like they just don’t exist. Here in Hawaii, we have the majority population of Asians and they hate Black People here, including Filipinas. That negative portrayals of movie stereotypes of ignorant Negroes is stuck in their minds. I literally had to cuss these gooks out and put them in their place. Letting them know you’re not gone come to my country and treat me like you treat other Blacks in your racist Third-World Go Go Bar nations of cheap two-dollar sluts. They shut up real quick let me tell you. There is a very small population of us so-called Negroes here in Hawaii and they wonder why their Asian countries constantly get slammed by supertyphoons and deadly tsunamis. The south Koreans here are the worst of the 🐟 face hooks living here. I hate it here. Thats why I’m moving either to Australia or New Zealand next year. These two countries can’t stand Asians. They call it the Asian Invasion. But as for us so-called Black Americans thé racism in those two countries are very very low. I was married to a white Australian woman her entirely family was cool with me being so-called Black as well as other Black Americans that married Aussie wives. My advise to Black Americans that want to travel to Asia, except for North Korea. That’s the only Asian country that respects and admire Black American men because they of daily struggle with racism in white Jewish America. This is why white jewish American media demonized North Korea because they don’t bend over backwards to America like sellout south Korea. I love North Koreans. North Korea the only place I advise brothers to visit. The North Korean President invited NBA Basketball star Dennis Rodman and other Black NBA Players to visit him and play against their basketball teams plenty of times. They never got mistreated. But when I was in the Philippines twice, it is the filipino men that mainly hate us and I almost got into a fight with one of those gooks from starring at me because I was with a Filipina woman. They are ashamed to be with us out in public that’s why I’m never going back there again…
    Maleek Ysrayl

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience Maleek Ysrayl

    My experience (31 Dec 17 to 18 Jan 2018)
    I spent almost 3 weeks in the Philippines. I just got back to the US getting off the plane here in Atlanta before heading back to Alabama. I had the opposite experience.

    I arrived in Manila. My friend picked me up from the airport (she is Filipina). I met her on Date in Asia.. I had been talking to her for over a year. She actually works in Brunei but is originally from San Fernando, Philippines. So she was visiting as well. She has a great job and makes money. So she picked me up by taxi and paid for all my transportation while I was there.

    Maybe the fact she is educated and moved away from the Philippines made it a great experience for me. I had no real issues outside of the taxi cab drivers trying to charge me more because Im American. She got in a fight with 3 taxi cab drivers while I was there. LOL. Arguing about the price.

    I stayed almost 2 weeks in Angeles City, Clark, and Oligapo area. They absolutely love black men. One thing I did.. was have her negotiate all the deals to ensure I didnt get ripped off before I paid for anything. I never kept alot of cash on me. I would only take one credit card for big purchases and some cash while locking up all of my valuable items in my safe.

    One thing is evident there are several old old white men running around the Philippines. You will see quite a few disgusting looking white men with beautiful Pinays. They are fine.. but didnt have any problems with the white men.. but they act like all of Asia is for them only. LOL. In Angeles City there are hundreds of black men everywhere with Filipinas. Very safe. But be careful on “Walking Street” for pick-pockets the little kids running around begging for money.

    Manila is super dangerous. Not my favorite place definitely prefer Angeles City or Baguiao where you have hundreds of black men living there and will put you on game. The local Filipino men are very jealous and will stare at you. But overall a great experience.

    Moral of the Story:
    Only talk to educated Pinays your experience will be much different. If you talk to the gutter females well your story may be different.

    If you vett these females before you get there. You may not have to worry as much of women trying to get over on you. Stay away from the Prostitutes.. most of them are drop dead gorgeous and are required by law to get routine weekly checks for STDs. They looooovvvvee black men and dont care if they see you with another girl. They will still try and get with you. Very bold.

    Also ladie boys are a thing in the Philippines saw several white men with them. Be careful because some of them really look like girls. Also if you like women with booty then you dont want to go there because most of them dont have one. LOL.

    I’ll be back in the Philippines in 3 to 6 months.

    Im out

  3. Hi Maleek, I’m planning to go to the Philippines real soon, sometime in September, and I’ve been wanting to know how I can expect to be treated there. I’m going to Davao City. I’m well aware most Asians hate black people, I’m not going to even sugarcoat it. However, even here in the United States, Southern California to be precise, the Filipinos are the one group of Asians I see black people getting along with the best. I haven’t had a lot of romantic experience with Asian women, but the few I’ve had have been mostly Filipinos. That’s what made me think it may be a good fit in the Philippines. If Philippine women are willing to get with brothers and racist United States, where many of these Filipino women actually have great nursing jobs, it can only get better and the Philippines where they’re broke and I’m perceived to have lots of money! At least that was my reasoning. I’m also very curious to know how you were treated in Denmark and Australia. Those countries have definitely been on my radar. I think the women are very pretty, and would have no problem with a natural blonde on my arm! LOL. The only issue I have with those two countries is they are extremely expensive, so you’re back to being just another regular broke guy, just like here in California. LOL. Any comments or suggestions?

  4. Hey Maleek, I wanted to ask you one other thing. You mentioned you had a good time with the ladies in Mexico. Being from Southern California, I am accustomed to Mexicans not really liking blacks. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated a lot of Mexican girls in Southern California, but it was always a bit of a struggle and it seem to be the ones who generally act black, who I generally hate. What was your experience in Mexico and what cities were you at when you were there?

  5. lol I read this post and laughed my ass off. I go to Angeles City in the Philippines all the time. I dont get any of the hate you mentioned but the women will flat out tell me that a lot of them dont want to date black men because they are afraid of our dick size. No lie, they seriously say that right to my face. I have dated educated girls there, girls from the bar area and less educated girls who work in the malls and shopping area. The biggest problem I have always had is making time for everyone and shuttling them in and out of my hotel room in time for my next apppt. Seriously my brother was with 17 girls on our last trip there and we were only there for a week. So is there racism there? Yes of course, are there enough women all over the place where it doesnt matter? ABSOLUTELY. I go there twice a year and once a year to Pattaya in thailand. The ladies in the Philippines are the sweetest most caring women I have ever met. I think maybe the OP was a little jaded, I got nothing but love when I was there. I ignored the ones that ignored me and had a ball with the rest.

  6. For the brother curious about Mexico Reed. I can tell you from first hand experience that Mexicans girls physically living in Mexico. Love black guys. I have had girls say like I really like your skin. I think you are really cool. I have never been with a black guy but always been curious(legit model) I have only been in Mexico city. But I have met girls form Monterrey and Guadalajara and the same seems to be true. One women I met form Monterrey straight up boldly tried to vixen her way to me when i was clearly with my date. Of course she was sexier and hotter then my friend, but I was cool and just got her Facebook. Later we hung out, but I havent sealed the deal with her yet. Shes a hot chick so you know how they can be, but that aside I’m sure once i reach out to her again and the timing is right. She will be bedded.

    Overall Great experience with the Mexican chicas. My advice is to come with some Spanish. I have left plenty of opportunity and pussy on the table by not knowing Spanish. Also it’s not a one off experience for me. All my black bro I have met out here have similar experiences or better. I have been here for a year today actually and hooked up 14 girls. the first 9 came in my first 3 months. I literally had a new girl in my bedroom every week. Then i slowed down and started focusing on working some and got in a few mini relationships. with a one night stand in the middle.

    You could very well be swimming in pussy like guys do in Brazil or the Philippines, but even if your numbers aren’t like many or others who had more success. You will certainly be treated with more respect and will not fill the tension and craziness of the “hood Mexican chicks” in the U.S. or the other madness we as brothers are acustomed to in the states.

  7. “The ladies in the Philippines are the sweetest most caring women I have ever met.”

    I can see that..I had limited involvement with them in Okinawa a long time ago, as well as some co-workers. They have a very pleasant demeanor, as well as a submissive one. Personally, they are too skinny for me, but if I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t turn it down. I tend to find Vietnamese women very beautiful..

  8. Filipinays are a curious sort. They’re the only Southeast Asian women over-represented in porn (most of the homemade/amateur porn is made by white male sex tourists in the Philippines). Because there is so much endemic poverty in the Philippines and the national economy is so weak, with many families relying on remittances from OFW relatives for basic needs, it can be surmised that many poor, under-educated Filipinays allow themselves to be subjected to sexual objectification and exploitation as a matter of survival and don’t expect to achieve any real progress in life. Local Filipino men may feel hostility, sometimes racial, towards foreign black and white men, because they don’t have the financial means to attract their own beautiful women. Now there is the problem of Filipinay single motherhood whose mixed children have been abandoned by mostly white foreign men, usually Australian.

    To Geo:
    What do you mean by booty?? Filipinay’s have very nicely shaped proportional backsides.

  9. It’s a obviously noticeable fact that the complexions and colours of black/Africans and Asians (particularly Southeast) blend naturally while with white/Europeans it looks rather odd.

  10. Filipinas are beautiful girls. I have to admit that many many of them are attracted to black American guys. They mist majority of young girls are. But not about relationship, just about sex.


    Don’t be tricked or fooled by Maleek.

    He’s a white troll that’s using a fake name to spread lies and dis-information.
    To discourage YOU- Black Men from going to the Philippines.

    This is what they do. They go around and troll black sites…
    Here’s the TRUTH. Here’s the FACTS…
    Filipinas LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Men…period.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Eddie. I will take a look at Maleek’s comments and decide whether or not to delete them. I do agree with you about the trolls posting lies and misinformation. It’s one of the reasons I started this site to keep things real and protect the black male travel community.


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