Do Indian Women Like Black Men?

Are you interested in dating and meeting Indian women? Over the last couple of years, I’ve been hearing more brothas show interest in Indian women as India grows as an economic powers and presents herself to the world.

Indian Women Come in Many Different Shapes and Shades

Indian women are unique women when it comes to Asia. They often have darker skin and more exotic features than most women in countries like Thailand, China and Japan. However, not all Indian women have dark skin. You can find northern Indian women with much lighter features while the dark skinned women live mostly in the southern part of India.

I’ve met and dated a few Indian women in my life and I didn’t experience any problems dealing with them because I was black. However, some black men may experience difficultly when it comes to approaching Indian women in general.

Tips on Meeting Indian Women

It’s important to be clean and financially stable if you are serious about getting into a relationship with an Asian woman. Take good care of yourself and make sure you are independent and can provide for yourself and a potential family.

Another important thing to do is travel to India if you are really serious about meeting an Indian woman. Most Indian women in western societies are socially conditioned to prefer white men in a society like American and/or Canada where they make up the majority of the population. Traveling to India is the best way to easily meet Indian women who aren’t brainwashed by white mainstream media’s archetype of masculinity and attractiveness.

If you want a more traditional Indian GF/wife, then plan a trip to India for a week and see what happens. Try using online dating before your trip to get some experience chatting with Asian women.

13 thoughts on “Do Indian Women Like Black Men?”

  1. I disagree with your brainwash comment. Indians are prejudice towards each other based on skin color. I have Indian people tell me that they’ve been treated either nicer or worse because of their skin tone. Like everywhere else, they associate skin tone to wealth. Just because Indian women in India aren’t as westernized as the ones in western countries does not mean that they will treat you a lot different.

    • I’ve met black men that visited India and they didn’t talk a lot about racism. Actually, they complained more about the weather and pollution than racism.

      • More anti white propaganda, stop hating white people, indian women come in white, tan and dark, even white, they are free to choose whatever race they want.
        Black/african people just want to use the term racist and expect to get everything they want like a child crying for a lollipop.
        Don’t forget white people gave you your rights, fought for your freedom and fed your starving children in your 3rd world country’s. So stop being racist against white people and respect all races.

        • Indian women are not white. Indian women come in different shades of brown. You cannot choose what race you want. Their ethnicity is Indian.

        • OMG. Dude are you serious. White people gave us our rights? Those pigs came to the shores of the African continent and stole kings and queens because they were too lazy to build their own country that was stolen from the native American. Please, go drink some battery acid.

        • if it wasn’t for white people we wouldn’t have to worry about being enslaved in America and so called set free and given rights. Fuck out of here. White people still find a way to be racist in America for no apparent reason.

        • This is actually extremely racist and targeted. Whites took away the rights of blacks from their own civilizations, so to claim they endowed them with rights is ludicrous. I can also understand how you would feel that minorities “cry racism”, as I assume you’re a white male and haven’t had the pleasure of being discriminated upon by most of society.

  2. How can you generalise about 1.2 billion people? That’s the population of all of Africa. Can you make some stupid comments like Africans are beautiful, ugly, racist, kind, mean .. etc? Its ridiculous. You will find all of that and all across the spectrum in Africa and similarly in India.
    /Indian who has lived in Africa

  3. Don’t generalize one entire side of the country… that is not a good way to start off the topic. Indian women are quite literally just Indian women and come in different shades of brown irrespective of what area they come from. “Traveling to India is the best way to easily meet Indian women who aren’t brainwashed”… the entire world is brainwashed, don’t stereotype please.

  4. African people still sulking in America should go back to Africa to get peace. White is and will be the superior race. Even black people want to be white, that is why they want to date and marry in other races – so that their future generation becomes whiter.

  5. Dude! Unless you are super rich. Indian women are not into dating. India has a culture of arrange marriage. Dating is mostly non sexual and often between ppl who know each other from years.

    One night stand etc in India are mostly paid. If you want to date an Indian women as black you are better off in USA than India.

    The culture is more open there and Indians in India are more racist than American Indians. Because American Indians know what racism is.

    Indian racism is not kind of like looking down on you but it’s more like ignorance.


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