Do Japanese Women Like Black Men?

Is it possible to date Japanese women? Can a black man get Japanese women to date him?

Nah, never going to happen mate..never..


I mean, come on now. Next you’ll be saying if it’s possible for black men to date Japanese women and dress up in those cultural Japanese clothes…

Black man and Japanese woman in traditional clothing

You’ll go crazy thinking like that and start imagining stuff like, a black guy, sitting and snuggling with his wife who is Japanese….

Black Japanese couple married

Then you’re so crazy to even imagine some guy named Mook and he marries a Japanese girl called Shizauka; who also takes his name and calls herself Shizuka Mook.

Black American and Japanese woman

AND you see them snuggling together taking selfies, which by the way is never, ever going to happen in this world…

You need to leave the internet and get out often and travel. I see this all over the world and it’s people’s own perception that holds them back.

Yes, you may need to change things, like get a job, look healthy, maybe learn a language, do things to open more resources for you.

Because these things do help you to get out more, travel and open your mind as well.

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  1. YES! They do….so do many Korean women…also… J owever, no women like a man that’s useless, ignorant, stupid, foolish, or financially insecure…and men like that vome in all colors…Bkack white, and all the colorsc in betewern, nlack w nd white.