Do Latinas Like Black Men?

I received a very interesting comment about my previous article called “10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Colombia“.

It basically stated that 80% of Latinas in America prefer not to date black men and even respond with racial slurs or insults at times. He was extremely skeptical that Colombian women are different from Latinas living in the United States.

Foreign Latinas Outside of USA Will Treat You Like Gold

Brazilian Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fellas, this is why I created this website and have been saying for years that you need to add international travel to your lifestyle. Of course, women will always be women. They like confident men with money and status. If you have swagger, then many women will throw themselves at you. Looks and height are a big plus. Those things will never change, but I can guarantee you that culture and upbringing make a huge effect on your social and dating life.

First off, let’s discuss many of the common problems brothas have when dealing with Latinas in America:

  • Family against dating outside of Latino bachelor pool
  • Cultural barrier
  • Racism & Prejudice
  • Women against interracial dating
  • Nasty behavior
  • etc

Now, take a look at the list above and think to yourself: many American men, regardless of race, have the same complaints about American women in general. America has a very thick racist and cultural divide that’s been going on for decades. Every one is separated by income levels, race, age, political affinity, gender, etc.

Latinas in USA

Latinas in America will behave like any other American woman because they adapt to American culture and treat so-called “outsiders” with hostility and anger. If you aren’t Latino or rich, then your chances with a Latina in America are very low.

It’s simply a cultural divide and sickness. You cannot take everything personally, especially when it comes to American women who are conditioned to act disgusting and wicked through the media.

Also, many Latinas in America come from some of the most impoverished countries in Central America like Guatemala and Honduras. The best-looking Latinas come from South America in my opinion so you are missing out on millions of potential ladies by limiting yourself to mostly Central American immigrants.

Latinas outside of America

On the other hand, Latinas outside of America do not carry the same hatred and prejudice that American women have. I have visited many Latin countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, etc. Women were extremely kind, gentle, and very compassionate. Want to know why? Because that is how they treat most men in their culture. You aren’t judged by your skin color in Latin America. You are judged based on how you carry yourself and your personality.

Trust me, I am no Denzel Washinton or Lebron James. I am of average height with average social skills yet have no problems meeting sweet and kind Latinas outside of the USA.

A Quick Story about Kindness and Femininity in Latinas Outside of USA

Costa Rica women

I was recently in Panama last year and just dropped my bags off at my hotel room. I noticed a quite beautiful girl working at a smoothie stand across the street. She greeted me with a smile and asked me what I wanted to order. Normally, most sales girls are just kind because it is their job, but this girl showed me a different level of kindness and respect.

After I ordered my drink, we started talking about relationships and she told me her dream was to get married and have a good family. She was only working the job to make money but really wanted a husband and family. She was only 24 years old yet never lost sight of her ultimate goal: marriage and kids.

She even asked if I was interested in marriage. I smiled and asked her for her number. She wrote her number on the back of the smoothie shop card and told me to call her when I was ready for marriage.

Femininity and Kindness is Becoming Extinct in America

What shocked me most about this girl is that she was playing zero games and completely honest about her intentions. If she lived in the United States, I guarantee her behavior and attitude would be a stark contrast.

Is it me or have American women become so rude and nasty that they forgot how to be sweet and gentle? Opposites attract and American guys do not understand that Foreign Latinas are so much nicer and attractive than their American counterparts.

I blame American TV for portraying women as tough and super confident. Sure, it’s nice to be strong and smart, but we miss a woman’s warmth and kindness. It’s really sad how things have gotten nowadays. Dealing with Americanized Latinas is a problem I don’t want to have.

If you are involved with American women without experiencing at least 1 foreign latina woman, then I really feel sorry for you bro because you are missing out!

Things You’ll Need on your First Trip to Latin America

Dominican Republic Women
Dominican Republic Ladies

Now, you are ready to experience Latin America to the fullest. Before you head off, I want to share some very important things for your trip.

1 – Learn some Spanish (Portuguese if you are heading to Brazil)

This is huge! You don’t have to be fluent, but a little Spanish/Portuguese will help you so much. It shows you care about her culture and have above average intelligence. Most people in America only speak 1 language so learning a 2nd will give you a big confidence boost and advantage with Latinas. Every single time I speak Spanish to a Latina, I see her eyes light up with excitement. They are shocked to see a brotha who speaks Spanish. Check out my previous article about Best Spanish Language Resources to step yo’ game up!

2 – Be Honest and Straightforward

Playing games is something American women do because too many men are chasing them. In Latin America, it’s the exact opposite. The women are chasing you! No games are needed. Keep it 100% and you will soon enough find your dream Latina GF or maybe even wife!

3 – Leave the Matrix USA BS at Home

This is another huge tip, fellas. Once you step outside of the USA, you are in a completely different part of the world with a different climates, food, etc. All the BS we put up within the USA is orchestrated by women for their own personal enjoyment. Latinas outside of America simply don’t have time for all the crap you get in the states. So no need to be over aggressive or try-hard. Just keep it smooth and you will have many girlfriends!

That’s it! My advice is to start off with a simple 1-week trip. 7 days is all you need to get started. I promise you that you will find the money & time to visit Latin American again.

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  1. Hello I beg to differ all black men are not such ass wholes I’m a strong black men who would very much love to date outside my race especially a latino woman I’m not an a bad man to be honest some white and latino men are way worse then us I’ve think they have some black men out there that just give a nice good black man like me a bad name cause I wanna get to know the female first and see what’s on her mind and future why try to have sex when u have plenty time for that sex isnt everything I mean it a help but if u really want and like someone well I’m not trying to get between your legs I’d rather make love to you just by talking to u to see where your head at that’s more important especially if your very attractive and your someone who I want to have a relationship with and show to my family so to all yall latino females I’m a black man who is good and would love to date yall and take care and pamper you like to have u as a queen…… my thing is I just love thick woman to hopefully that’s not asking to much and see also I have different views then most black men cause I was raised around women staying in the house with mom and sisters so I think very differently from others…..💯💯💯💯

  2. This article makes sense. I’ve experienced this in Southern CA. From my experience, most Mexican women prefer their own, or a ‘blue eye, green eye person.’ I’m not saying all are like that, but that’s what I’ve seen. It sucks. You could be responsible, polite, decent looking, speak intelligently and because of your skin, they will avoid you. Even if you don’t have some of the typical black features ( extended nose, lip sizes, etc,.) Because your skin is darker, they avoid you. Ive even attempted communicating with Many Mexican women that have kids. To be totally honest, with them having children, most guys in general would look past them. I approach them like anyone else, respect and dignity. The results: nothing. Why, because they want their own, or some white boy. Many are afraid of what their parents will say. And it’s true, many parents are short-minded and base black men off of the media. What cracks me up is that when you really break it down, the white man had dominated and oppressed blacks and Mexicans throughout history. Considering that, why would many Mexican women prefer to date them? If a black man had dreads, and sags, OMG he’s not dating material because he’s a black! Her parents wouldnt approve. If a white man sags his pants, it’s okay. He’s white. Even though he dominated their race for centuries, having that white skin is good for her parents and dating. I can’t tell you how many times on various date sites I’ve read, ‘I prefer Caucasians’ or ‘ I typically date white men’ or ‘ blue/ green eyes make me melt!’ Again, not all circumstances go this way. Not all Mexican women date based on color. I’m just EMPHASIZING that in my experience and viewing thousands of profiles, many Mexican women prefer their own, or white boys. It would be nice if one day people dared based on character and appearance. Yes skin tones are incredibly sexy and a turn on. However, when a person excludes EVERYONE from that culture that’s the racist part. Fyi, blacks come in all shades of light and dark. Considering that, it makes no sense for a women to ‘prefer everyone else sense blacks can appear like everyone else. For those that think I’m incorrect, please indulge me. Describe an area in So Cal where a non white man can have equal opportunity to date a Mexican. Also, an area where Mexican women are potentially open to dating anyone. Oh, one more thing. For those that thing someone in their own race will make better husbands, providers, more in commoners, that’s total bullshit. Being a husband/ father is from within, not color based. Just because I can’t speak fluent Spanish like Jose or are white like Shane, doesn’t mean I’m any less of a provider or husband. I can raise respectful kids just like them. I can cherish your Mexican parents like them. In other words, I can be just as suitable as them without the Spanish and white skin. And yes, I didn’t proofread this or crammed check. It’s late and I’m tired.

    • You’re right that there are many Hispanic families that prefer their kids “stick to their own kind” because that’s their comfort zone… not necessarily because of racism. Personally, race and skin tone are not a problem for me. (Am originally from SoCal & of Mexican decent.) If a Mexican girl is what you’re attracted to, you can surely find her, and as long as you’re both compatible and on the same wavelength, it will work out. Honoring her culture, her family & learning Spanish is a plus!

  3. It’s actually quite the opposite , in my experience Latinas love black men , since they’re so tied down to their own race , because past generation of Latinos are very strict and racist , they grew up with Spanish speaking people in their country and grew up thinking any other race is bad ! The Latina’s that grew up in America actually date outside their race because they grow up to outside that race doesn’t matter dice American is diverse. The issue is with her family or his family , 97% will not approve.

  4. As a Brazilian girl, allow me tell you a thing about women in my country: yes, there is girls who just want a green card, but many of us just want to have fun with a ‘gringo’. Some women here want white man because it’s uncommon skin tone in some parts of Brazil, and others do want black man thanks to fetishzation (Black man= big cock).

  5. Tarik is right about finding real, sincere, and sexy Latin women in South America plus Panama and Costa Rica (both Central American countries).

    I am not really interested in most American women regardless of their races anyway.

    I imagine going to Brazil or Panama, approaching a beautiful woman, asking her for a hug, and feeling like I am in heaven. This would never happen in United States…

  6. it depends, there types of latinas, some latinas are kind of white mixed like argentinas and they are very racist, will never even see a black guy. Chilenas who are white and very friendly but they wont let you go far.
    Other latinas are indigenas, like native americans, like in mexico, peru, etc. they are tollerant with black people but they dont like to mix with them. And there are black latin people like in colombia, hondura, haiti, puerto rico, this are latinas with very strong black blood so they will be just more easygoing with black dudes.

  7. I do not like how women are commodified in this article. Pictures of half-naked women, meekly smiling Latinas, all lined up in a group in front of the viewer, as if in a brothel line-up. Women, whether Latina or otherwise, are individuals, and if the men seeking out this sort of information (Whether or not they can have better luck with overseas Latinas) are having trouble securing relationships, it probably has less to do with the women’s ethnic background or geographical location, and more to do with 1. the men’s fetishization of Latin women (i.e. – WHY are you specifically seeking out Latinas, as though we are some kind of monolithic group with some kind of particularly desirable characteristics over other women) and 2. the men’s overall view of women as being passive objects to pursue rather than individual human beings who may or may not even be a) available b) straight c) interested in YOU in particular, regardless of race.

    I found this article via Google, because as a Latina I am TIRED of being fetishized and constantly pursued by men in general, and by black men in particular, who make up the bulk of the harassment I experience on a daily basis. The only men who have ever tried to touch me inappropriately in public, and most of the men who have sexually harassed me in the street, have been black men. It’s incredibly invasive, not to mention illegal. Meanwhile, I look around, and I don’t see my white girlfriends being harassed this way. So I googled “Are black men obsessed with Latina women?” and I found this sad article encouraging further fetishization.

    And I don’t doubt the information provided here either — people (including women, including Latinas) in developing countries, are on the whole, friendlier to Americans of any color who are perceived as having wealth or being able to confer advantage on them. Don’t confuse that with their being better people or more suitable mates. If you are being rejected in the US consistently (and I’m not saying racism does not exist; I’ve experienced it myself), perhaps your own behavior is contributing to the issue. If you approach a woman in the US as though she somehow owes you her attention, she is right to reject you. Women owe strange men nothing, thank you very much. Also, if you are only looking for Latin women and you aren’t even Latin yourself, that is very strange and fetishistic, and you need to ask yourself why you are so full of self-hate that you won’t consider your own ethnic group, or so racist that you won’t consider others.

    Please, black men (or ANY men), stop looking at women’s race and start approaching women as human beings and individuals. Do not fetishize certain races/ethnicities of women because we are NOT monolithic groups. And if a woman of any race is not interested, just move on. Obviously your approach, or YOU, weren’t right for her. Just be a good person, stop being a fetishist, and in general, stop worrying so much about hooking up, for pete’s sake. Stop CHASING people who don’t want to be chased. There are more important things in life than sex/marriage — and sex/marriage are easy to secure if you are an attractive person (and attractive includes intelligence, drive, honesty, kindness, etc). So just make yourself a better catch, and stop chasing sex. Imagine if the great leaders/artists/inventors of the world were as obsessed with finding a mate or sex as you are? Where would we be as a civilization? Focus on contributing to society and your own personal success. That will attract all of the men/women/whatever you are looking for, MUCH faster than going to a foreign country and trying to take advantage of poor, uneducated & disadvantaged women looking for a US Visa.

    Trust me. The only men I have ever been attracted to, were those who weren’t constantly chasing & hitting on women, and who also treated me like a friend, instead of immediately jumping to trying to get my phone number or date me upon first meeting. My life partner of ten years (and no I don’t use “husband and wife” because it has negative connotations: I work, pay half the bills, am just as educated as he is, and I’d risk my life to save his; we are partners), never once flirted with me, nor anyone else as far as I could tell, in the first 9 months of knowing me. Instead he just worked hard at his career, was a good friend to me, and lived a clean life. So when, at the point where we were nearly best friends at work, he politely asked me if I was interested in more, it was as though he had read my mind! Do you think I cared about his race?? A man like that doesn’t need to go chase women across the globe. A man like that can take his pick! So DO YOU and the women/men/whatever will come, no matter where you are located, if you are patient and have good intentions. (And this goes for the sexually aggressive ladies as well — can we all stop being so desperate, please? This is why the US is lagging behind other developed nations in academic achievement. We are more worried about hitting that booty than hitting the books lol).

    Good luck, and thanks for reading.

    • I think women like you are full of shit. Basically black men are the only ones that aren’t allowed to have any preferences in women, but other races of men can? Would this same crap your spewing go for white guys that go to Asian countries like China and Japan looking for women to be with? Probably not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats wrong with a black man wanting a woman that is kind and non-confrontational. This whole “strong woman” bs is going one of the main reasons why a lot black dudes don’t want to settle down with women like you.

      • What are you talking about. Black men could have any woman he wants. That why you have black and white and Asians woman. When it comes to Latina and Hispanic woman we are look down by blacks and whites in America. So I think it is hard for some of us to love you guys. Some blacks and whites men don’t even like Hispanics in general. So why should their woman be Available to black and white men. You blacks side with whites above your own peoples. And you wonder why you are not love by some Hispanics woman or Latinas.

        • You are right men whether they’re black or whatever should be open to any race and not just go for a specific race the other guy that replied to you Eugene is kind of right as well, it seems like other people are allowed to have a preference, allowed to date someone of another race but when blacks do it, it is looked down upon even by other black people, and you say that black people look down upon Latinas maybe in your experience but in my experience and what I have seen from others your people don’t even give us a chance, and I’m lightskin, only 25 percent black, but in my experience and what I have seen from others your people are the ones looking down upon blacks you’ll settle with a Hispanic asshole before you do with a nice black person, sometimes I feel our men should not be available for your people.

  8. I don’t care about this. I don’t like black men they are ugly anyways. I find them overrated just like white men. I don’t deal with black or white from Americans they are full of shit.

    • Wow that’s not true there are some good guys hey Italians look at y’all as black and trash so if that is the case why don’t we stick together and stop fighting because you all not to far from being black those guys hold there dick more than us lol but it’s all good I still love y’all my ex was 100 percent bonicqa I know I spelled that wrong lol but she was beautiful inside and out

  9. Hey Tarik…I’m really happy to have stumbled across this article today because after reading a recent post,from another brother about he was mistreated down in Peru,I was starting to get skeptical about my whole Colombia plan for this spring.I’m following your advice bro and just hitting the ground for 10-14 days with a bit of online pipelining beforehand and leaving all my pre-conceived paranoia and fears at the airport.Awesome site my man,keep us inspired!

  10. sou brasileiro e posso falar sobre isso aqui tem sim muito racismo basicamente todo mundo julga pela cor de pele ou pelo modo de se vestir, mas o diferente aqui é as pessoas ficam quietas não falam muito o que pensa, mas tem sim aquela coisa, exemplo se você for negro as pessoas olham diferente para você pensa que é um bandido ou algo assim. Aqui as raças se mistura mas não tipo uma mulher muito branca com um cara muito negro, tipo não é com muita diferença de cor exemplo eu sou moreno mas namoro com uma branca, mas se eu fosse negro acho que eu não namoraria com ela e sim uma morena. Então não venha para a América latina achando que não existe racismo só porque existe mistura de raças tem sim um muito em regiões onde os brancos predominam como o sul do brasil onde 90% são brancos muitos de lá apoia até mesmo o nazismo e isso não é somente no Brasil e sim em toda a América

  11. Another thing is although black men are not the first option theoretically for latinas in the u.s when you starting breaking things down like income physical appearence personality often times latin women will choose black men. Also if we are talking just having sex or marriage this is also another thing that needs to be considered.

    Great Article and also Great website as well. Been a fan for a while thi is just my first time commenting. Commenting on actual blog posts are a lost are nowadays.

  12. Hello, Tarik. I am glad you wrote about this. I live in the US and have experienced coldness and very ugly blatant racism and hatred from the Latínas here. It is refreshing to hear that the Latínas down there aren’t filled with malice, distrust and hatred for brothas like they are here. Wow.

    • I dont agree with this really. I find that money trumps everything. Latinas in my experience treat African Americans slightly different than theydo the black people that are apart of that country.

      Also it depends on what shade you are as well. Lighter skin African Americans alot of times can do better than darker skin. Thats if we are not gonna take the money off the table.

      Also we are comparing to how latinas treat black men in particular in the U.s. which is usually better as well.

      But everyones experience is different so.

    • I feel the same about black men. Black men Always talking shit about Spanish woman. I am not surprised. Black men are rude as hell and they don’t known how too love a woman. Maybe a black or white woman. But when it come to Spanish woman they talk mad shit about us and they only want sex. So why watse your time with a player or a men that only cares about getting his dick wet and that it. Spanish woman can careless about a black men. You black men talk so much shit thinking u known so much about us. If black men don’t like Spanish woman then that fine just keeps us out of your mouths and do what you black men do best stay with your black and white woman.

      • Right! I was born in America. The men here are racist. The whites and blacks men are very hostile and hateful. It’s funny when they go overseas and get a woman from they. Well you known what happeneds they leave their ass flat. I hear a lot of stories about blacks that don’t like Hispanics woman tho. So maybe that could play apart why Hispanics woman don’t even look for blacks men. Just saying. But I never been with a black or white men. I am respectful to them but I don’t try to date them. Blacks date blacks and whites date whites. But I Noticed blacks men date blacks and whites and Asians woman the most. Latina and Hispanic woman are not really exposed to them. Even the U.S Hispanics are not exposed to them as much as these other races of woman. Which is fine. Born and rasie in Boston. But for the most part I feel like some Hispanics woman or latinas don’t date them too much anyways. Not because they don’t like them and not all of them are racist. A lot of them never been with a black or white men. I just don’t understand how it makes them racist. When they never been with a black men or white men. It’s not they fault. A lot of Hispanics woman don’t care about who dating who or nothing like that. As long as you happy.

      • Your people talk a lot of shit too not all blacks are bad, your people will complain about men saying none of them are real but as soon as a nice black guy comes you’ll go for a hispanic asshole instead not saying all Hispanics are bad because they’re not but your people cause a lot of problems as well