3 Tips to Find a Good Apartment to Rent in the Dominican Republic

Are you thinking to travel to this beautiful country Dominican Republic know as well as DR, a place rich in greats views, beaches, and tourist places that you would like to know.

It’s not causality that people in this country said that DR has it all, whatever you are looking to enjoy in your vacations maybe you would find in this country.

If you already have visited and felt in love with this country, or maybe you know some friends that tell you about it and now you’re thinking to travel and spend some time there but don’t know how to find an apartment or other kind of property where you can stay for a while, don’t worry I below I’ll show you have to find a good apartment in DR with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Check in Local Listing and Properties Browsers

It does not matter in the country or city where you are, you will always find real estate search engines on the internet that makes it easier for you to search for properties by different characteristics, these tools are very useful when conducting specific searches and help you prepare a list of options in a way easy.

In this case, I would recommend BigBanRe.Com if you are looking for places to stay for a long time like you can find apartments to buy or just for rent. Also, you can find villa, hotels, and other places searching on this page, but it doesn’t have too many options for hotels you can look moreover in websites as Trivago.

Step 2: Look for news and blog pages about the area

This is important if you’re thinking to stay for some time in places near of mountains or not very near of the city.

It may seem silly but you may be surprised by the amount of information you can find on the internet about areas and sectors that may have particular situations that may affect your stay in that place, it may be crime, electricity or water problems, lack of public transport, and much more.

Step 3: Make contact with someone from the same neighborhood

No reference is better than someone who is already living in the place, ask people who live in the area and tell you their experience in the sector. Avoid asking the person who makes the sale or rental directly to you, since obviously they are looking for you to rent and will not necessarily tell you all the problems that the property or area may have.

Find recommendations of people that you already know and can give contact with someone that lives in the country and help you find a good place to vacations or live for a while.

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